Ufone Launches Video Messaging Service


Ufone Launches Video Messaging Service

Ufone has launched its video messaging service that will allow users with 3G and video call enabled smartphones to send and receive Video SMS.

According to this latest service, users will be able to send a video message via making a video call. This service functions through a simple mechanism; once the user dials 44 before the desired number, he/she is routed to a video portal where menu is presented to user to record the video message which is then sent to the desired number.

User will be charged Re.1+Tax/min to send the Video Message.

The desired number to whom the video message is to be sent can be both Ufone as well as any other Telecom Operator in Pakistan.

The other party would then receive the message ready to be played. However, in case he/she does not receive the call or does not have a video call enabled smartphone, an SMS containing a URL will be sent that can later be used to view the video message.

Ufone users can also access the video message by making a video call by dialing 44 before their own mobile number. It can also be dialed to record a video that can be sent in the form of a message after the submission of user at the receiving end.

“In an era of technological advance, Ufone maintains a competitive edge by introducing new product and service offerings to its valuable customer base. With the facility of video messaging we will be able to further penetrate into the market and strengthen loyalty,” said Syed Sherjeel Bin Hassan, Head of VAS at Ufone. As a result of the regular enhancement of it’s functional capabilities, the cellular service has become renowned among both rural and urban customers alike.

This service being available for both prepaid and postpaid numbers offers great accessibility to customers.


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