Top 8 Free Ad Posting Sites in 2020


2020 will be known as a challenging year for all of us. Numerous companies have been knocked down this year. They almost shut their work operation. A huge number of unemployment increased this year as people were thrown out from their respective jobs. Nevertheless, Some companies are still working at the most in this pandemic situation by using WFH (Work From Home) method. To improve their economy, they opt for online advertising to gain recognition among people as it will be useless to use other mediums to promote. 

There are free ad posting sites where these kinds of companies post about their company’s outlook. Before jumping on those best free advertising websites, you should know why big companies choose online advertising? And why is it so important in 2020?



Advertising has always been an effective method for a company to expand its business. Likewise, online advertising plays a vital role in reaching out to new customers and broadening their earnings procedure. 

Online advertising has turned out to be online marketing, which brings plenty of awareness among fresh customers. But before kicking off with online advertising, one should know what to advertise?. For instance, he should understand the kind of product or services customers want from them. Companies should go for those items which have not been produced yet. “Diversification in products attracts various new customers.” 

  • Why is it important in 2020?

 Online advertising became more essential in 2020. An enormous amount of companies are failing due to lack of promotion. So every company is selecting online marketing or internet marketing to maintain awareness and identification within people. 

The economy has been decreasing rapidly in this pandemic, which creates hassle in monetary terms. Therefore, businesses are now taking the route of WFH procedure and picking up online advertising, which helps them sustain good prestige. 

Here is the list of the top 8 free ad posting sites in 2020.



It is an American classified advertisements website with devoted subcategories such as jobs, housing, for sale, items wanted, services, and discussion forums. If we look at the current situation, this is the best platform where you can reach out to a wider audience scope. Because of its influential advertising platform, it becomes popular in most countries. To know more about the Craigslist Posting Software refer to this post by TechWhoop. It was founded in 1995, so its traits can seem obsolete, but it’s still considered a leading classified ad site. 



It focuses on local search for different services in India over the phone and online. It lets users book tickets for flights, shop online, hotels, movies, buses, and cabs. As it becomes difficult for us to go outside in this epidemic, companies can advertise their products on this site to grab attention from many customers. 

It gives exciting offers to businesses in placing free ads on such a classified advertising site. 

This site’s only drawback is that businesses that are out of India or which work internationally cannot use this site for free advertising. 

3. ebay 


A multinational e-commerce company that facilitates C2C and B2C sales through the internet and has become a notable success with its commendable advertising records worldwide.

This is used as an advertising site for goods and services both nationally and internationally. It has become the preferable free online advertising. 

It was founded on 3 September 19995 to provide benefits to companies and consumers as well.

It turned out to be a great platform for businesses to place their ads with absolutely cost-free benefits. It has a good social media presence and interactive port where it becomes more comfortable for businesses to advertise their product or services.



It is a British online classified advertisement, but now it has gained good recognition in different parts of the world. 

It offers classified ads either for free or paid, depending on the product category and geographical market.

It becomes more famous for advertising cars, flats and houses, job offers and many more.

If we look at today’s situation, then this turned out to be the best among all sites as people can interact online and can deal online instead of visiting each other’s place. 

It has an effective impact on sales that makes it the topmost picks for free advertising sites. 



Oodle is the largest classified clustering listings from sites like eBay,,, and also local listings from local newspapers and websites. 

It is very compatible with social media websites.

Oodle’s layout is well-organized, smooth operator, and quite basic, making it easier to navigate and operate without hassle.

One can link his/her middle account with a Facebook page to get daily updates about your listings. 

Oodle includes items like cars, jobs, merchandise, pets, tickets, and many more classifieds. 

This makes 2020 easier to work and to earn a good income. 



It is another most effective classified ad platform where you can enhance your listings worldwide. 

It has an immense amount of international reach where your ads can meet a large amount of audience and becomes beneficial for your business to reach out to maximum people and spread awareness about your product or services. 

It has a basic layout that can make your work more easy and accessible. 




Facebook has been the most used site among people, and this year, it has crossed every rating limit. 

Using Facebook as a marketplace can bring numerous benefits to your business. 

Facebook marketing has been upgrading its layout for a long period where you can enhance your selling in a wide place.



Hoobly has a broad range of ads displayed on sites. It also has a lot of security measures as this site takes care of a person’s safety, which reduces the chances of fraud and danger of spam. 


This includes every item like announcements of events, pets, electronics, jobs, etc. You speak of any item. A hobby can easily make you access that item.


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