Top 10 Ways To Get Top PageRank In One Month


Top 10 Ways To Get Top PageRank In One Month
Links from other sites to your site are basically ensures search engines you are trusted and you are a good resource for whatever your content is about. For every newbies, building back links is really a crucial job.If you want to attract loads of visitors and make money online.You should Start your own Blog or Website in a professional way.

In order to monetize your blog ,you should build enough natural back links that can show up your blog at first rank on Google Search engine.It’s really sounds nice that as a newbie blogger,you can create thousands of back links working very hard overnight but it may not be worthy for ranking and generating traffic to your sites .It’s a never-ending process and You have to learn overall process to link building.

You must be curious to know about the real techniques of how to build back links naturally,right?

-:Let Me Explain The Tricks Step By Step:-

Understand Good Links and Bad Links

Links from org., gov., edu. and some high quality sites are really worthy to rank your sites rapidly. It’s hard to get links from org., gov. and edu. sites but there are some blogs allows to html anchor text keywords base comments helps to earn links from these sites.

Links from dating sites, pornography sites,farmville,gaming sites, alcoholic sites, and illegal sites are less worthy and calls as spam links. Therefore you should be aware while links building form these sites. It can put negative impact on your page rank .

Make A Schedule

I have already noted that link building is constant process ,you have to make an effective links building schedule. If you are a beginner, it will be better to make a 5 weeks schedule and build some links daily basis.

1.Build links by Forums Signatures:

Community forums are best place to build back links in a natural way. If you search in the internet there are hundreds of high PR community forums available.You just need to participate.Of course,community sites allow for keywords base signatures links.It means you are able to generate from your every conversation with your signature links.

2.Build links by Guest blogging:

It is one of the best ways to earn high PR natural back links to your sites. You can post quality content as a guest blogger on guest blogging sites. You will get chance to includes some links on guest post.

Problogger, Daily Blog Tips, Comluv Network, Quick Online Tips, Digital Inspiration, Copy Blogger, Kikolani, KISSmetrics and CrazyEggs are PR 6 blogs for guest blogging.

3. Build links by Social Networking sites:

Social Networking sites are the most effective tools to promote your blog links.Most of the social networking sites are contributing to generate quality links as well as traffic. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + etc. You can include blog url link on profile and share url links with people across the globe.

4.Build links by Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social Bookmarking sites are the nice platform to earn high quality links by bookmarking your url pages links. The visitors also bookmarks your blog,if it’s valuable. You have to bookmark your every content.Reddit, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Digo, Findfriend, Tumblr, Google Bookmarks, Yahoo Bookmarks etc. are popular bookmarking sites and supports to generate quality links to your sites.

5.Build links by Blog comments:

Another common way to earn quality links is by leaving valuable comments on famous blogs.Really,the effect will be visible within 2-3 days. You can leave a comment with your url links as anchor text. There are many high PR blogs allow anchor text link on comment areas. It’s not hard work but you understand the topic very well before leaving a comment on blog posts.

6.Build links by Directories:

Directory submission is one of the fine task to link up your blog url with many directories.By directory submission,you can generate directory search traffics, increase links visibility and get backlinks.There are some high PR directories are really effective to earn natural links to your sites.

7.Build links from free blog sites:

If you browse in the internet you will come across several free blogging sites like,,, etc..You can publish quality content including your own blog links. You have to create account on this sites and get high PR back links.

8.Build links from Public profiles:

You can create your profile on several sites like Gravatar, LiveFyre, Disque etc. including your links. It helps to increase visibility of your blog .

9.Build links by Article Marketing:

Another good way to drag traffic and earn links is by writing and submitting some quality article on article marketing sites.E-zine, ArticleFactory are most popular article directory with PR 6.

10.Build links from Infographics:

You can create infographic visualize images and submit in image directories. People love to view inforgraphic images.It helps to reduce the page bounces rate and decrease the page loading time.

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