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The convenience and flexibility of Google Drive has helped organizations increase productivity and improve collaborative processes, but many users aren’t using the platform to its full potential. This collection of tips will help business pros discover the most efficient ways of getting their work done.

From the ebook: 

The world isn’t yet entirely digital. The organizations I work with still deal with plenty of paper documents in the form of letters, documentation, articles, photos, or reference material. While many of these organizations used Google Drive and G Suite, most scanned documents to a local computer or server.

Recently, though, these organizations have moved to scan-to-cloud storage setups. Scanned documents now go directly to Google Drive. Unlike locally stored files, documents on Google Drive are simple to share, accessible from anywhere, and easy to find with Cloud Search, which delivers keyword search (like Google search, but for your organization’s G Suite data).

To enable the ability to scan directly to Google Drive you’ll need a network-connected scanner—or a multi-function printer/scanner—that supports a Google Drive connection. For example, I’ve configured both Brother and HP printers to scan directly to Google Drive. You’ll also need access to both a web browser and the Google account where you want to store scanned items. Follow the steps below to connect your scanner to Google Drive….

Source: Tech Pro Search


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