Tips on How to Market Games on Facebook


Tips on How to Market Games on Facebook

How many of us ordinary folks spend our time playing games to momentarily get away from a busy day at work? Many people can agree to this – no matter what their age is. From the young to the old, playing online games can brighten up spirits and offer a bit of a time out session to highly stressful situations at school or the office. Turn the tables around and what do we have here? We have plenty of companies designing and creating new games everyday enticing random people to indulge in them. Some think it’s real easy especially if they think their game has all the right stuff or the best of features.

However, if your marketing skills aren’t being challenged today, then we’ve got a real problem here. Because of this problem, many have failed along the way and have chosen to give up. Fortunately, there is an answer if you are one of those who are far from giving up. Here are a few tips you can gather on how to market games especially on a social platform such as Facebook.


Tip #1 – Create a Fan Page for Your Brand

This is the first step when it comes to marketing any game on Facebook. It is extremely important if you haven’t done this yet especially for new players in the competitive market. If you want your Facebook Fan Page Marketing to succeed, you should spend sufficient time updating and posting relevant content that are related in boosting your company’s image.


Also, when you’ve created a fan page on Facebook, don’t assume that it will have a life of its own. You still have to really work hard in promoting your brand and getting it out there for all the gamers to see. Who knows? Your game could take the world by storm and this, my friends, is where it generates revenue for the company. More players who are hooked on your game are likely to invite other friends or spread the word that the game is really happening. Ka-ching!

So, what we’re telling you is to go and work on that Facebook Fan Page Marketing so that one day, it will eventually do magic for you! Putting a lot of effort is guaranteed to yield in great results. This way, you can gain more followers. You may not see it right now, but you will definitely see the favorable results within a span of time. Without exerting any effort, your Facebook Fan Page Marketing is one short ride to Doomsville.


Tip #2 – Low Number of Facebook Fans? No problem! Buy Facebook Fans online!

If you’re not satisfied with the number of fans or followers that you have on Facebook, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Many of us think that with so much more, everything can be done better. In this case, it is very true. Many companies start with low numbers but with the right kind of marketing strategies, it can balloon up to great heights.

Don’t be ashamed because many up and coming companies have admitted to doing this in order to gain credibility. Yes, you’ve heard right! There’s nothing wrong with doing this. It will save you a lot of time and plenty of money. If you had to sit around and wait, exhausting all your marketing strategies to reel in a steady number of followers, we can tell you that it will take too much time. As they say, time is gold because time is crucial when it comes to building your company. One of the best time savers is to buy Facebook fans.


Many companies (especially start up ones) choose to do this, go out and buy Facebook fans because this will enhance their overall image and build their online reputation. Once Facebook picks up on this, it means that the company is that one to watch out for. If you want to become the next best thing and more, don’t think twice about this – make sure it is in your list to buy Facebook fans. By doing so, you will totally see the difference compared to the days when you hadn’t considered the idea of buying fans on Facebook.


Tip #3 – Increase Your Social Functionality Features

You may have witnessed this feature in the best and popular games. Admit it, no one wants to be left out with something that is “so yesterday”. As human beings, we have an unquenchable thirst for being on the hunt of new things and this would definitely apply to online games. If you’ve observed, many games come with the ‘Facebook Connect’ option or see the Facebook icon somewhere in the menu. By clicking on this, you have the choice to chat with friends while playing the game, challenge other players to a game, make new friends online who are also playing the game, and even view scores of which you have to beat.

facebook connect

Now that we’ve come to the end of this article, why not go out and apply a strategy or two to get more people hooked on your newly released games. In no time, you will have a growing number of enthusiasts that will enjoy your brand and on what you have to offer them. If you have other techniques that have worked out for you and your brand, why not share them here so that other up and coming companies can follow your lead.


After all, sharing first-hand knowledge is essential nowadays in order to live in this modern age where competition is soaring crazily high. What you do now can make the ultimate difference tomorrow. It can become a real game changer. Your mistakes can become obstacles only if you want them to be. For others, these mistakes or obstacles are mere learnings that can be taken in, avoided and worked around in order to produce fruitful results. If your company’s brand is at stake, what will it take? Seize the moment now and you will be eternally grateful that you sprang into action.


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