Telenor Pakistan Announces 2015 Edition of its Summer Internship Program


Telenor Pakistan Announces 2015 Edition of its Summer Internship Program

As part of its past practice each year, Telenor has formally announced and advertised its much popular and awaited Summer Internship Program. This paid internship program for bright individuals from Pakistan allows interns to become skilled professionals in their fields of interest courtesy of the hand-on experience.

The areas of interest include: Customer Relations, Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Financial Operations, Financial Services, Human Resources, Marketing, Networking Engineering, Products & Services, Software Engineering and Technology Operations. Be informed that the internship lasts 8 weeks and candidates are duly compensated for their efforts.

If you are in your last year, a graduate or a post-graduate, you can apply for the program

Experience from this wide pool of departments empowers interns with career building skills that potential employers actively seek. It is a well known fact that thoeretical knowledge holds little merit on its own, until it is complemented with relevant work experience. Thus, this program could not only provide you a breakthrough in the industry by enhancing your CV but actually contribute to your knowledge about the industry and how the organizations function within it.

As far as the duties as an intern are concerned, you will be required to gather relevant data for analysis, prepare reports, contribute to idea generation as well as take active part in meetings and assigned projects. Naturally, these responsibilities will put your communication, presentation and leadership skills to test.

Only those individuals who are presently enrolled in or have already cleared a graduate (Bachelor’s) or post-graduate (Master’s) program can apply for the program. It is open to all major cities of Pakistan. In case you wish to take part, you must create a profile on the official website and apply to the program by the deadline (April 12th) here.


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