Some Tech trends that will make headlines in this year


With each new year comes a fresh crop of tech stories. Here are Tom Merritt’s predictions about the five topics we’ll hear most about in 2018.

We’re heading into a new year 2018 and it’s always fun to think about what’s in store. But sometimes looking at what’s happening right now can help you get ready for what’s next.

Machine learning

What can it really do and what practical uses is it being put to? This year, watch for real advances to finally start pulling some of the publicity from marketing claims.

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Forget Bitcoin. Well, set it to the side for the moment. It may be the most famous use of a blockchain but the number of uses for blockchains are exploding. Watch for the first big success stories that don’t involve a cryptocurrency.

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Autonomous cars

A bus in Las Vegas, Waymo cars in Arizona, and shuttles in Singapore are all driverless realities right now. Be on the look out for the earliest opportunities for business uses.

Augmented reality

A number of companies from old timers like Meta to Apple are aiming for this market. Expect more and differentiated products for AR in the field and beyond.

Internet of Things

The chips are getting cheaper and with the advent of 5G the data is getting faster. And this will drive edge computing to the forefront of digital transformation.

Source: TechRepublic


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