Samsung To Unveil The Galaxy S6 On March 1


Samsung To Unveil The Galaxy S6 On March 1

It’s February, which means Samsung is back in tease mode as it prepares to introduce the latest smartphone in its flagship Galaxy S family. That device looks like it will be unveiled March 1 in Barcelona, at the same time as Mobile World Congress, the telecom industry’s big trade show in Spain.

What’s interesting about Samsung’s event invite (above) is that it hints that the next Galaxy could be curved. The undulating line in the teaser is reminiscent of the curved edge of the Galaxy Note Edge, a variant of the Galaxy Note 4 which Samsung released last year, as below.

Samsung To Unveil The Galaxy S6

It seems unlikely that Samsung will give the Galaxy S6, as we assume its next flagship will be monikered, a feature that has yet to be proven among consumers — but perhaps it will unveil an ‘Edge’ version of the device alongside the main version? That certainly seems possible considering Samsung filed for a patent showing a curved design on both sides of the screen, as Sam Mobile recently reported.

One notable factoid about the Galaxy S6 is that it will run on a Samsung chip rather than one from Qualcomm as usual. Qualcomm seemed to confirm rumors of the change — which is apparently due to overheating of the firm’s latest chipset — and we don’t have long to wait until we see how that affects the final product and user experience.

Samsung just reported its first annual profit dip for three years, so it is fair to say that there’s a lot riding on its next Galaxy S smartphone, that family of devices has traditionally been its most successful in terms of sales and generating awareness among consumers.


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