QMobile Pakisan Blatantly Copies OPPO R5 Ad Campaign


QMobile Pakisan Blatantly Copies OPPO R5 Ad Campaign

QMobile has recently added a new smartphone to its Noir series, dubbed the Z7. The key selling point of Noir Z7 is its thinness and stylish design. The company is busy promoting this smartphone on TV, print and digital media.

A key visual posted on QMobile’s Facebook account shows the thin frame and claims to be world’s sexiest and slimmest phone, which is just 5.1mm thick.

QMobile Pakisan Blatantly Copies OPPO R5 Ad Campaign

The gold color design gives it a convincing premium look, but there are several problems with this campaign:

  • Z7 isn’t world’s slimmest smartphone
  • The ad campaign and artwork has been copied from OPPO
  • The key visual tries to deceive potential customers by stating 1.8mm thickness of screen glass

Last year in October, OPPO the announced world’s thinnest smartphone R5 (at that time, the record has been broken by ‘Coolpad Ivvi K1 Mini’ since then). The company has also launched a special gilded version of R5 in certain markets with Pakistan to follow in March.

Oppo-R5-World thinness phone
Oppo-R5-World thinness phone

The artwork QMobile has copied was used to promote the gold version of R5, which focuses on the meticulous sleek design. It seems like QMobile’s creative agency ran out of ideas so they blatantly copied the design and tried to play smart by labeling it world’s slimmest phone, which it definitely isn’t.


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