The Oldest Azan of Makkah about 500 years – Video


The Oldest Azan of Makkah about 500 years – Video

Every Muslim would love to hear the oldest ever Azan recited in Makkah, the Holiest City of Muslims. Azan was recited in Makkah City for the first time in the history of Islam and companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Hazrat Bilal Habshi (R.A) was the first person to give Azan to gather Muslims.

The calling of Azan began in the early days of Islam when the last messenger of Allah Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was preaching citizens of Makkah. In early days of Islam, it was very difficult and risky for the Muslims to perform this duty publicly because Non-Muslims did not like the calling of Azan at all.

Once companions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrated to Medina then Muslims never faced any hurdles in calling of Azan. Hazrat Bilal Habshi (R.A) performed this pious duty till the death of Prophet (PBUH) and he was the only person who performed this duty when Muslims entered in Makkah as victories.

The usage of speaker in Makkah City for the calling of Azan began in early 20th century and the recording in the second decade of 20th century. At that time Makkah was very simple city and Muslims travelled on foot or on camels to perform Hajj. There was no air port for the visitors to visit the city.

The calling of Azan in early years of 20th century was amazing and only those persons allowed performing this duty that had good voices. A rare recording of recitation of Azan is still available and the Muslims would definitely like it as it will give them so much pleasure.

The Azan was recorded with five hundred years old pictures of Makkah City and Medina as well. It will give you the right idea how simple the city was at that time and definitely the wish of visiting the Holiest city for Hajj will be increased.

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