Mito 2 Stock Wallpapers HD


Mito 2 Stock Wallpapers HD

Whether you are an advanced user who keeps playing with 3rd party home launchers, custom mods and ROMs, or just an average user with little passion for your phone, you must be a person who loves wallpapers. As human beings, we got thirst for novelty and love of beauty. We all change the homescreen setup of our device with new wallpapers and widgets. Many people are fond of sharing their homescreen setup on the social media.

Wallpapers are among the easiest-to-get components of customization. You don’t have to root your phone or do anything geeky to apply new wallpapers and widgets. At DroidViews, we love sharing things that enhance your user experience and give a new look to your device. Though we already have a huge collections of wallpapers at the site, we never fail to share new packs as soon as we get them.

Many of you might not be familiar with Mito which is a Chinese manufacturer. Even I was not aware of the existence of this OEM a couple of weeks ago. Anyway, the company recently released the Mito 2 smartphone and today we have the stock wallpapers from the device. I got them at a Chinese forum and thought of sharing them because they really looked good.

Mito 2 comes with 38 wallpapers in HD quality. Actually, there are only 19 full-size wallpapers and the remaining 19 wallpapers are the portrait versions of the originals. The resolution of the Mito 2 stock wallpapers is 1440 x 1280 and 720 x 1280 respectively. If you like the wallpapers in the preview image and want to own them, just skip to the download link below.

Download File Size: 38.0 MiB | Downloaded: 450 times

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