Microsoft may be investing in Android mod maker Cyanogen


Microsoft may be investing in Android mod maker Cyanogen

The last year and a half has been big for Android mod community turned legit outlet Cyanogen — the company has raised a bunch of money, launched some official hardware, and made inroads in India. Now, it seems that Cyanogen is getting even more support from a highly unlikely source. According to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft of all companies may be putting some money into Cyanogen, becoming a minority investor. This is despite the fact that the company has no software, hardware, services, or anything that seems to be directly relevant to Microsoft, at least at first glance.

That said, Cyanogen has been on a mission as of late to do as much as it can to decoup the Android software from Google’s control — Kirt McMaster, Cyanogen’s CEO, is on record saying recently that his company is going to “take Android away from Google.” It’s a bold claim, but given the money the company is taking in — not to mention this rumored investment from Microsoft — it’s clear that many are taking Cyanogen seriously. We reached out to Cyanogen for a comment on this story, but they declined to speak about the rumor.


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