List of Android Devices Code Names (All Manufacturers)


List of Android Devices Code Names (All Manufacturers)

All Android devices have a codename. You must have seen them listed in some custom ROM, TWRP recovery and CF-Auto-Root archives. Ever wanted to know what’s the codename of the device you own? Below, we have listed thousands of Android phones and tablets from all major manufacturers for the sake of easy reference. The code names have been taken from the Google Play Developer Console.

All devices names listed below have been arranged alphabetically.

List of Android Devices Code Names




Device Name



A1-713 acer_aprilia
A1-811 mango
A1-830 ducati
A110 a110
A200 picasso_e
A211 picasso_e2
A3-A10 zara
A3-A20FHD acer_harleyfhd
A510 picasso_m
A701 picasso_mf
Acer E320-orange C6
Aspire A3 aa3-600
AT390 T2
B1-710 B1-710
B1-711 B1-711
B1-720 b1-720
B1-721 b1-721
B1-730 vespatn
B1-A71 B1-A71
CloudMobile S500 a9
DA221HQL da1
DA222HQL da2
DA222HQLA da222hqla
DA223HQL da3
DA245HQL da245hql
E120 K2
E130 K3
E140 k4
E210 k5
E310 c4
E310 C4R
E330 C7
E350 C8
E350 C8n
G1-715 G1-715
G100W maya
Icona One 7 vespa
Iconia One 7 G1-725
Iconia One 7 vespa2
Iconia One 8 vespa8
Iconia Tab 10 acer_harley
Iconia Tab 7 acer_apriliahd
Iconia Tab 8 ducati2hd3g
Iconia Tab 8 ducati2fhd
Iconia Tab 8 ducati2hd
Iconia Tab A100 (VanGogh) vangogh
Iconia TalkTab 7 acer_a1_724
Liquid a1
Liquid C1 I1
Liquid E2 C11
Liquid E3 acer_e3
Liquid E3 acer_e3n
Liquid E600 e600
Liquid E700 acer_e39
Liquid Jade acer_S55
Liquid Jade S acer_S56
Liquid Metal a4
Liquid S2 a12
Liquid X1 s3
Liquid Z200 acer_z200
Liquid Z205 acer_z205
Liquid Z205 acer_z205p
Liquid Z3 acer_ZXR
Liquid Z3 ZX
Liquid Z4 acer_Z6
Liquid Z410 acer_z410
Liquid Z5 acer_ZXL
Liquid Z500 acer_Z500
Liquid Z520 acer_z520
Picasso picasso
Picasso ventana
S300 a5
Stream a3
TA272HUL ta2
Tab 7 td070va1
TD600 T603T
V360 C10
Z110 Z1
Z120 Z


ASUS Fonepad 7 K01F
ASUS Fonepad 7 LTE K00Y
ASUS Fonepad 8 K016_2
ASUS Fonepad 8 K016_3
ASUS Fonepad 8 K016_4
ASUS Fonepad 8(FE380CG) K016_1
ASUS Fonepad ME371MG ME371MG
Asus Fonepad Note 6 K00G
Asus MeMo Pad 7 K012_2
ASUS MeMO Pad 7 (ME572CL) K00R
ASUS MeMo Pad ME302C ME302C
ASUS MeMO Pad Smart 10 ME301T
Asus Pad TF303CL K014
ASUS Transformer AiO P1801 P1801-T
ASUS Transformer AiO P1802 P1802-T
ASUS Transformer Book Trio TX201LA
ASUS Transformer Pad K010_1
ASUS Transformer Pad K010
Asus Transformer Pad K018
ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700KL
ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T TF300T
ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TG TF300TG
ASUS Transformer Pad TF300TL TF300TL
ASUS Transformer Pad TF502T TF502T
ASUS Transformer Pad TF600T TF600T
ASUS ZenWatch anthias
Eee Pad EeePad
Eee Pad Slider SL101
Eee Pad TF101 TF101
Eee Pad TF101-WiMAX TF101-WiMAX
Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201
Fonepad 7 K01N_2
Fonepad 7 K00Z
Fonepad 7 K01N_1
Fonepad 7 K012
Fonepad 7 (FE375CG) K019_1
Fonepad 7 (FE375CXG) K019_4
Fonepad 7 (FE375CXG) K019_3
Fonepad 7 LTE K01Q
Fonepad 7(FE375CXG) K019_2
Fonepad HD7 K00E
Garmin-Asus A10 a10
K00F K00F
K00L K00L
ME171 EP71
ME173X ME173X
MeMO PAD me172v
MeMO Pad 7 K013C
Memo Pad 7 K01U_1
Memo Pad 7 K01U_2
MeMO Pad 7 K01A
MeMO Pad 7 K013_1
MeMO Pad 7 K017
MeMO Pad 7 K013
MeMO Pad 7 LTE K00X
MeMO Pad 7 ME572C K007
MeMO Pad 8 K011
MeMO Pad 8 K011_1
MeMO pad 8 ME581C K01H
MeMO pad 8 ME581CL K015
MeMo Pad HD 7 K00U
Memo Pad HD7 Dual SIM ASUS-K00S
MeMO Pad ME103K K01E_2
MeMO Pad ME103K K01E_1
Nuvifone a50
PadFone PadFone
PadFone 2 A68
PadFone E ASUS-T008
PadFone Infinity Lite ASUS-A80
PadFone mini ASUS_T00E
PadFone mini ASUS-T00C
Padfone mini ASUS-T00S
PadFone S ASUS_T00N
PadFone T004 ASUS-A86
Padfone X ASUS-T00D
T101TA T10xTA
T50 ASUS_X002
TF700T TF700T
Transformer 10(TF103CE) K010E
Transformer Pad K010_3
Transformer Pad Infinity K00C
Transformer Pad TF303K K01B
Transformer TF101G TF101G
ZenFone 4 ASUS_T00Q
ZenFone 4 ASUS_T00I
ZenFone 5 ASUS_T00J1
ZenFone 5 ASUS_T00J
ZenFone 5 ASUS_T00F1
ZenFone 5 ASUS_T00F
ZenFone 5 ASUS_T00K
ZenFone 5 LTE ASUS_T00P
ZenFone 6 ASUS_Z002
ZenFone 6 ASUS_T00G
ZenFone C ASUS_Z007


101DL streakpro
Cloud Connect capri_wyse
Dell Aero Dell_Grappa
Dell Streak qsd8250_surf
Dell Streak 10 Pro Streak10Pro
Dell Streak 7 streak7
Dell Venue venue
Streak streak
Venue 7 LW
Venue 7 thunderbird
Venue 7 Venue7
Venue 8 BB
Venue 8 yellowtail
Venue 8 Venue8


Nuvi 3595 scorpio
Monterra monterra


Galaxy Nexus toro
Nexus 10 manta
Nexus 4 mako
Nexus 5 hammerhead
Nexus 6 shamu
Nexus 7 flo
Nexus 7 (2012) grouper
Nexus 7 (2012) tilapia
Nexus 7 (2013) deb
Nexus 9 flounder
Nexus Player fugu
Nexus S crespo4g
Nexus S crespo


10 spruce
10 Plus torsa
7 G2 redwood
7 Plus Ilex
7 Plus G2 deschutes
7 Tablet Mesquite
7 Voice Tab klondike
7 VoiceTab yukon
7.1 Holly
8 Fir
8 G2 maple
HP Slate 7 pine
HP SlateBook 10 x2 PC 3645
Pro Slate 12 dane
Pro Slate 8 malamute
Slate 10 Plus linkplus
Slate 17 franky
Slate 21 Pro ranger
Slate 6 Voice Tab pomegranate
Slate 6 Voice Tab II avocado
Slate 6 VoiceTab Plus mekong
Slate 7 Beats Special Edition fairfax
Slate 7 Extreme olive
Slate 7 HD bonsai10
Slate 7 HD bonsai7
Slate 7 VoiceTab Ultra charm
Slate 8 Plus vogue
Slate 8 Pro dogwood
Slate21 phobos
Slate7 Plus birch
Slate8 Pro fig
SlateBook 14 200a
Tablet 10 balsa
Voice Tab 7 almond


ADR6325 lexikon
ADR6330VW blissc
ADR6425LVW vigor
Aria liberty
Butterfly S dlxpul
Chacha chacha
Desire bravo
Desire bravoc
Desire 510 htc_a11ul8x26
Desire 516 dual sim htc_v2_dcg
Desire 626 htc_a32dcgl
Desire D820mini htc_a31dtul
Desire HD ace
Desire L by HTC cp2u
Desire S saga
Desire VC primodd
Droid Eris desirec
Droid Incredible inc
EVO 3D shooter
Evo 4G supersonic
EVO Shift 4G speedy
Flyer flyer
G1 trout
G1 dream
G2 vision
Hero heroc
HTC 0P9C8 htc_a5dwgl
HTC 619d zarawl
HTC 710C htc_a5chl
HTC 8060 t6dug
HTC 8088 t6tl
HTC 809d t6dwg
HTC 8160 t6uhl
HTC 9088 dlpdtu
HTC Butterfly dlxub1
HTC Butterfly dlxu
HTC Butterfly 2 htc_b2ul
HTC Butterfly s 9060 dlpdug
HTC D316d htc_v2_c
HTC D610t htc_a3tl
HTC D816d htc_a5dwg
HTC D816e htc_a5dugl
HTC D816t htc_a5tl
HTC Desire 200 gtou
HTC Desire 210 dual sim htc_v0_dug
HTC Desire 300 g3u
HTC Desire 310 htc_v1_u
HTC Desire 310 htc_v1_dug
HTC Desire 320 htc_v01_u
htc desire 400 dual sim cp2dug
HTC Desire 500 z4u
HTC Desire 500 dual sim z4dug
HTC Desire 501 htc_csnu
HTC Desire 501 dual sim csndug
HTC Desire 5088 z4td
HTC Desire 510 htc_a11ul
HTC Desire 510 htc_a11chl
HTC Desire 516 htc_v2_dtg
HTC Desire 516 dual sim htc_v2_dug
HTC Desire 526G+ dual sim htc_v02_dug
HTC Desire 600 Dual SIM cp3dug
HTC Desire 600c Dual SIM cp3dcg
HTC Desire 601 zaracl
HTC Desire 601 dual sim zaradug
HTC desire 608t cp3dtg
HTC Desire 610 htc_a3ul
HTC Desire 610 htc_a3qhdul
HTC Desire 616 dual sim htc_v3_dug
HTC Desire 620 htc_a31ul
HTC Desire 620G dual sim htc_a31mg_dug
HTC Desire 700 dual sim cp5dwg
HTC Desire 700 dual sim cp5dug
HTC Desire 7088 cp5dtu
HTC Desire 816 htc_a5ul
HTC Desire 816 dual sim htc_a5dug
HTC Desire 816G dual htc_a5mgp_dug
HTC Desire 816G dual sim htc_a5mg_dug
HTC Desire 820 htc_a51ul
HTC Desire 820s htc_a50ml_dtul
HTC Desire 826 htc_a52dtul
HTC Desire C golfu
HTC Desire C golfc
HTC Desire D626w htc_a32ml_dtul
HTC Desire EYE htc_eyeul
HTC Desire Eye htc_eyeul_att
HTC Desire EYE htc_eyetuhl
HTC Desire P magniu
HTC Desire SV magnids
HTC Desire V primods
HTC Desire X protou
HTC Desire X dual sim protodug
HTC Desire XC dual sim protodcg
HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE fireball
HTC EVO 3D ISW12HT shooterk
HTC EVO 3D X515m shooteru
HTC EVO 4G LTE jewel
HTC Explorer A310e pico
HTC first mystul
HTC Flyer express
HTC Hero hero
HTC Incredible E S715e tagh
HTC J Butterfly dlxj
HTC J One m7wlj
HTC J Z321e valentewxc9
HTC M8t htc_m8tl
HTC One m7cdug
HTC One m7cdtu
HTC One m7
HTC One m7wlv
HTC One m7wls
HTC One (E8) htc_mecul
HTC One (E8) htc_mecwhl
HTC One (E8) htc_mectl
HTC One (E8) dual sim htc_mecdwg
HTC One (E8) dual sim htc_mecdug
HTC One (M8) htc_m8
HTC One (M8) htc_m8wl
HTC One (M8) htc_m8dwg
HTC One (M8) htc_m8whl
HTC One (M8) htc_m8dug
HTC One Dual 802d m7cdwg
HTC One M8 eye 4G LTE 移动定制版 htc_melstuhl
HTC One M8 eye 4G LTE联通版 htc_melsuhl
HTC One max t6whl
HTC One max t6ul
HTC One mini htc_m4
HTC One mini 2 htc_memul
HTC One remix htc_memwl
HTC One S villec2
HTC One S ville
HTC One S Special Edition villeplus
HTC One SC cp2dcg
HTC One SV k2ul
HTC One SV k2plccl
HTC One SV k2cl
HTC One V primoc
HTC One V primou
HTC One VX totemc2
HTC One X endeavoru
HTC One X+ enrc2b
HTC One X+ evitareul
HTC One XL evita
HTC One XL evitautl
HTC One_E8 htc_mecul_emea
HTC Rhyme S510b bliss
HTC Salsa C510e icong
HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio X315e runnymede
HTC Velocity 4G holiday
HTC Wildfire S A515c marvelc
HTC_Amaze_4G ruby
HTC_D820f htc_a51tuhl
HTC_D820u htc_a51dtul
HTC_P515E expresskt
HTC_X515E rider
HTC909d dlpdwg
HTCDesire612VZW htc_a3qhdcl
HTCEVODesign4G kingdom
HTCOneMaxVZW t6wl
HTL23 htc_b2wlj
Incredible 2 vivow
Incredible S vivo
ISW13HT valentewx
KDDI Infobar A02 imnj
Legend legend
myTouch 3G sapphire
myTouch 3G Slide espresso
myTouch 4G glacier
myTouch 4G Slide doubleshot
Nexus One passion
Puccini puccinilte
Sensation 4G pyramid
Thunderbolt mecha
Touch Viva opal
Wildfire buzz
Wildfire CDMA bee
Wildfire S marvel


004HW msm7227
007HW hwu8850
201HW hwu9201L
A01HW hwS7-901w
A199 hwa199
Ascend D hwu9500
B199 hwB199
C8500 hwc8500
C8512 hwc8512
C8600 hwc8600
C8600 C8600
C8650 hwc8650
C8800 hwc8800
C8813DQ hwC8813DQ
C8815 hwC8815
C8816 hwC8816
C8816D hwC8816D
C8817D hwC8817D
C8817E hwC8817E
C8817L hwC8817L
C8860V hwc8860V
Che1-CL20 Che1
Che2-UL00 hwChe2
CHT8000 CHT8000
CM980 hwcm980
CM990 hwCM990
d-01G d-01G
D2 hwD2-6070
dtab01 dtab01
eH811 hweH811
ES8100 hwes8100
G350 hwg350
G350 HWG350
G506 hwG506-U151
G510 hwG510-0010
G510 hwG510-0100
G520 hwG520-5000
G521-L076 HWG521-L
G526 hwG526-L33
G526 hwG526-L11
G526 hwG526-L22
G527 hwG527-U081
G535-L11 hwG535-L11
G6 hwG6-T00
G6-C00 hwG6-C00
G6-L11 hwG6-L11
G6-L22 hwG6-L22
G6-L33 hwG6-L33
G6-U00 hwG6-U00
G6-U10 hwG6-U10
G6-U251 hwG6-U251
G6-U34 hwG6-U34
G606 HWG606
G610 hwG610-T00
G610 hwG610-U30
G610 hwG610-U00
G610-T01 hwG610-T01
G610-T11 hwG610-T11
G610-U15 hwG610-U15
G610-U20 hwG610-U20
G610C hwG610-C00
G615-U10 hwG615-U10
G616-L076 HWG616-L
G620-L72 hwG620-L72
G620-L75 hwG620-L75
G620S-L01 hwG620S-L01
G620S-L02 hwG620S-L02
G620S-L03 hwG620S-L03
G620S-UL00 hwG620S-UL00
G621-TL00M hwG621-TL00
G628-TL00 HWG628-TL
G630-U00 hwG630-U00
G630-U10 hwG630-U10
G630-U20 hwG630-U20
G630-U251 hwG630-U251
G660-L075 hwG660-L075
G7-L03 hwG7-L03
G7-TL00 hwG7-TL00
G700 hwG700-U00
G700 hwG700-T00
G700-T01 hwG700-T01
G700-U10 hwG700-U10
G700-U20 hwG700-U20
G716 hwG716-L070
G718 hwg718
G730 hwG730-T00
G730 hwG730-C00
G730 hwG730-U00
G730-L075 hwG730-L075
G730-U10 hwG730-U10
G730-U251 hwG730-U251
G730-U27 hwG730-U27
G730-U30 hwG730-U30
G740 hwG740-L00
G750-T00 hwG750-T00
G750-T01 hwG750-T01
G750-T01M hwG750-T01M
G750-T20 hwG750-T20
G750-U10 hwG750-U10
G7500 HWG7500
GL07S hwu9700L
GS02 hwu8860
GS03 hwu9200-92
H30-C00 hwH30-C00
H30-L02 hwH30
H30-T00 hwH30-T00
H60-J1 hwH60
H60-L21 hwH60-L21
H866C hwh866c
H882L hwh882l
Hol-T00 HWHol-T
Hol-U10 HWHol-U
Honor3 hwH30-U10
Honor3 hwhn3-u00
Honor3 hwH30-T10
Honor3 hwhn3-u01
HUAWEI C199 hwC199
HUAWEI C8650+ hwc8650e
HUAWEI C8655 hwc8655
HUAWEI C8810 hwc8810
HUAWEI C8812 hwc8812
HUAWEI C8812E hwc8812E
HUAWEI C8813 hwc8813
HUAWEI C8813Q hwC8813Q
HUAWEI C8825D hwc8825D
HUAWEI C8826D hwc8826D
HUAWEI C8860E hwc8860E
HUAWEI C8860E hwC8860E
HUAWEI C8950D hwc8950D
HUAWEI D2-2010 hwD2-2010
HUAWEI G510-0251 hwG510-0251
HUAWEI G520-T10 hwG520-T10
HUAWEI G525-U00 hwG525-U00
HUAWEI G630 hwG630-T00
HUAWEI G7-L01 hwG7-L01
HUAWEI G7-UL20 hwG7-UL20
HUAWEI H868C hwh868c
HUAWEI H871G hwh871g
HUAWEI H881C hwh881c
HUAWEI MediaPad hws7300u
HUAWEI MediaPad hws7300w
HUAWEI MediaPad hws7300c
HUAWEI MediaPad 10 Link+ hws10231l
HUAWEI MediaPad 7 Youth2 hws7721u
HUAWEI MediaPad M1 8.0 hws8301l
HUAWEI MediaPad X1 7.0 hw7d501l
HUAWEI MT1-U06 hwmt1-u06
HUAWEI P2-0000 hwp2-0000
HUAWEI P2-6011 hwp2-6011
HUAWEI P6 hwp6-u06
HUAWEI T8300 T8300
HUAWEI T8600 T8600
HUAWEI T8808D hwT8808D
HUAWEI T8828 T8828
HUAWEI T8833 hwt8833
HUAWEI T8950 hwt8950
HUAWEI T8950N hwt8950N
HUAWEI T8951 hwt8951
HUAWEI U8661 hwu8661
HUAWEI U8666E hwu8666e
HUAWEI U8666E-51 hwu8666e-51
HUAWEI U8666N hwu8666n
HUAWEI U8681 hwu8681
Huawei U8800-51 hwu8800-51
HUAWEI U8825-1 hwu8825-1
HUAWEI U8825D hwu8825D
HUAWEI U8950-1 hwu8950-1
HUAWEI U8950-51 hwu8950-51
HUAWEI U8950D hwu8950D
HUAWEI U8950N-1 hwu8950N-1
HUAWEI U8950N-51 hwu8950N-51
HUAWEI U9508 hwu9508
HUAWEI U9510 hwu9510
HUAWEI U9510E hwu9510e
HUAWEI Y 220T hwy220t
HUAWEI Y210-0010 hwy210-0010
HUAWEI Y210-0100 hwy210-0100
HUAWEI Y210-0151 hwy210-0151
HUAWEI Y210-0251 hwy210-0251
HUAWEI Y210-2010 hwy210-2010
HUAWEI Y536-A1 hwY536A1
HUAWEI-C8850 hwc8850
Huawei-H867G hwh867g
HUAWEI-M860 hwm860
HUAWEI-M920 hwm920
HUAWEI-M931 hwm931
Huawei-U8652 hwu8652
Huawei-U8665 hwu8665
HUAWEI-U9000 hwu9000
HuaweiES8500 hwes8500
HW-01E hwu9501L
HW-03E HW-03E
hw204HW hw204HW
Ice-Twist Ice-Twist
IDEOS u8150
Ideos S7 qsd8k_s7
IDEOS S7 Slim qsd8k_slim
IDEOS X5 msm7230
Leopard MF808 hwy210-0200
Luno Luno
M220 hwmediaqm220
M310 hwsingleboxm310w
M620 M620
M650 hwm650
M660 hwm660
M835 hwm835
M860 M860
M860 msm7625
M865 hwm865
M865C hwm865c
M866 hwm866
M868 hwm868
m881 hwm881
M886 hwm886
Mate hwmt1-t00
Mate2 hwmt2-c00
MediaPad 10 FHD hws10101w
MediaPad 10 FHD hws10101u
MediaPad 10 LINK hws10201u
MediaPad 7 Lite hws7930w
MediaPad 7 Lite hws7930u
MediaPad 7 Youth 2 hws7721g
MediaPad Vogue hws7601u
MediaPad Youth hws7701w
MediaPad7 hws7601us
MT2-L01 hwmt2-l01
MT2-L02 hwmt2-l02
MT2-L03 hwMT2L03
MT2-L05 hwmt2-l05
MT7-TL10 hwmt7
MTC Viva hwu8816
MTS-SP101 hwc8511
Netphone 501 hwu8180
Orange Daytona hwG510-0200
ORINOQUIA C8688V orinoquiac8688V
P2 hwp2-6070
P6 hwp6-c00
P6 hwp6-t00
P6S hwP6s-l04
P6S-L04 hwp6s-l04
P6S-U06 hwp6s-u06
P7 mini hwP7Mini
P7-L12 hwp7
Prism hwu8651
Prism II hwu8686
Pulse Pulse
RBM2 rbm2
S10 hws10201l
S10 hws10103l
S42HW hwS42HW
S7 hws7601c
S7 hws7701u
S7 hws7961w
S7 hws7601w
S7 hws7951w
SONIC hwu8660
T-Mobile myTouch hwu8680
T-Mobile myTouch Q hwu8730
T-Mobile Pulse u8220
T-Mobile Pulse u8230
T-Mobile Pulse U8100
t1_8p0 hws8701
T101 hwt101
T102 hwt102
T801 hwt801
T802 hwt802
T8620 hwt8620
T8830 hwt8830
T8830Pro hwT8830Pro
T9200 hwt9200
T9510E hwt9510e
TSP21 U8110
U8120 U8120
U8180 HuaweiU8180
U8185 hwu8185
U8186 hwu8186
U8220 U8220
U8230 msm7201a
U8230 U8230
U8230 hwu8230
U8300 U8300
U8350 hwu8350
U8500 msm7225
U8500 hwu8500
U8510 hwu8510
U8520 hwu8520
U8600 hwu8600
U8650 hwu8650
U8652-51 hwu8652-51
U8655-1 hwu8655
U8666-51 hwu8666
U8666-51 hwu8666-51
U8667 hwu8667
U8687 hwu8687
u8800 hwu8800
u8800 u8800
U8800Pro hwu8800Pro
U8812D hwu8812D
U8815 hwu8815
U8815N hwu8815n
U8818 hwu8818
U8820 hwu8820
U8832D hwu8832D
U8836D hwu8836D
U8867Z hwu8867Z
U9200 hwu9200
U9200E hwu9200E
U9202L-1 hwU9202L
UM840 hwum840
V858 hwu8160
Y210 oay210
Y220 HWY220-U
Y220-T10 hwy220-t10
Y221-U22 HWY221-U
Y300 hwY300-0151
Y300 hwY300-0100
Y300-0000 hwY300-0000
Y301A1 hwY301A1
Y301A2 hwY301A2
Y320 hwy320-c00
Y320-T00 HWY320-T00
Y320-U01 HWY320
Y320-U10 HWY320-U
Y321 HWY321-U
Y321 hwy321-c00
Y325-T00 HWY325-T
Y330 hwY330-U05
Y330-C00 hwY330-C00
Y330-U01 hwY330-U01
Y330-U07 hwY330-U07
Y330-U08 hwY330-U08
Y330-U11 hwY330-U11
Y330-U15 hwY330-U15
Y330-U17 hwY330-U17
Y336-A1 hwY336-A1
Y340-U081 hwY340-U081
Y360-U03 HWY360-U
Y511-T00 HWY511-T
Y511-U10 HWY511-U
Y516- HWY516-T
Y518-T00 HWY518-T
Y520-U12 HWY520-U
Y523-L176 HWY523
Y530 hwY530-U00
Y530-U051 hwY530-U051
Y535 HWY535-C00
Y535D-C00 HWY535D-C00
Y540-U01 HWY540-U
Y550-L01 hwY550-L01
Y550-L02 hwY550-L02
Y550-L03 hwY550-L03
Y600 HWY600-U
Y600D-C00 HWY600D-C00
Y625-U03 KVY625-U
Y625-U13 HWY625-U


AQ710A Salitpa
AZ210A noonhill
Orange avec Intel Inside AZ210B
Orange San Diego AZ210A
SP-A20i SP-A20i
SurfTab xintron i 7.0 st70408_4_coho
Xolo_X900 blackbay
Yolo zeeyabeach


070 touch w3voip
Ally aloha
F60 e2nac
F60 e2
F60 e2ds
F60 e2nam
F60 e2nas
F60 e2nav
F60 e2n
G Pad 10.1 e9wifin
G Pad 10.1 e9wifi
G Pad 10.1 LTE e9lte
G Pad 7.0 e7wifi
G Pad 8.0 e8wifi
G pad 8.0 LTE e8lte
G Pro Lite luv90nfc
G Pro Lite luv90ds
G Pro Lite luv90ss
G Pro2 b1
G Pro2 b1w
G Vista b2l
G Vista b2lds
G Vista x10
G Watch dory
G2 MINI g2mss
G2 MINI g2mds
G2 MINI g2m
G2 mini 4G LTE g2mv
G3 Beat jagdsnm
G3 Beat jagn
G3 S jag3gds
G3 S jag3gss
G3 S jagnm
G3 Screen liger
G3 Stylus b2lss
G3 Stylus b2lssn
G3 Stylus b2ldsn
G3 Vigor jagc
Gx2 b2ln
Intuition batman_vzw
KU9500 ku9500
L Bello luv80ds
L Fino l70p
L Fino l70pds
L Fino l70pn
L20 luv20ds
L20 luv20ss
L20 luv20ts
L30 Sporty luv30ds
L30 Sporty luv30ss
L45 lo_2
L45 lo_2_ds
L50 Sporty luv50ssn
L50 Sporty luv50ds
L50 Sporty luv50ss
L60 lo_1
L65 w55n
L65 w55ds
L65 w55
L70 w5
L70 w5c
L70 w5ts
L70 w5ds
L70 w5n
L90 w7n
L90 w7ds
L90 w7
L90 Dual w7dsn
LBello luv80ss
LG Connect 4G cayman
LG Enlighten VS700
LG Esteem MS910
LG F70 f70n
LG F70 f70
LG G Flex zee
LG G Flex2 z2
LG G Pad 8.3 awifi
LG G Pad 8.3 Google Play Edition palman
LG G Pad 8.3 homeBoy awifi070u
LG G Pad 8.3 LTE altev
LG G2 g2
LG G3 g3
LG G3 A tigers
LG G3 Cat.6 tiger6
LG Gx omegar
LG Gx omega
LG L39C l4ii_cdma
LG L80 Dual w6ds
LG L80 Single w6
LG Lucid 2 l1v
LG Mach™ l2s
LG Motion 4G l0
LG Optimus 3D cosmopolitan
LG Optimus Elite m3s
LG Optimus F3Q fx3q
LG Optimus F7 fx1
LG Optimus G geehdc
LG Optimus G geeb
LG Optimus G geehrc4g
LG Optimus G geehrc
LG Optimus G Pro geefhd4g
LG Optimus G Pro geefhd
LG Optimus HUB univa_arb-xx
LG Optimus HUB univa_tur-xx
LG Optimus HUB univa_222-01
LG Optimus HUB univa_cis-xxx
LG Optimus HUB univa_esa-xx
LG Optimus HUB univa_eur-xx
LG Optimus HUB univa_open-eu
LG optimus it L-05D l_dcm
LG optimus it L-05E L05E
LG Optimus L1II v1
LG Optimus L1II v1ts
LG Optimus L1II v1ds
LG Optimus L3 e0_open_eur
LG Optimus L3 e0
LG Optimus L3 Dual e1
LG Optimus L3 II vee3e
LG Optimus L3 II vee3ds
LG Optimus L4 II vee4ss
LG Optimus L4 II Dual vee4ds
LG Optimus L4 II Tri vee4ts
LG Optimus L5 Dual m4ds
LG Optimus L5 II vee5nfc
LG Optimus L5 II vee5ss
LG Optimus L5 II vee5ds
LG Optimus L7 u0
LG Optimus L7 II vee7e
LG Optimus L7II vee7ds
LG Optimus L9 u2
LG Optimus L9 II l9ii
LG Optimus LTE Tag lge_120_kt
LG Optimus LTE Tag lge_120_skt
LG optimus LTE2 d1lu
LG optimus LTE2 d1lkt
LG optimus LTE2 d1lsk
LG Optimus LTE3 fx1sk
LG OPTIMUS M+ m3_mpcs_us
LG Optimus One thunderg
LG Optimus Zone 2 w3c
LG Pecan pecan
LG Revolution bryce
LG Spectrum VS920
LG Spirit my70
LG Spirit 4G LTE c70n
LG Volt my70ds
LG Volt x5
LG-AS855 AS855
LG-C710h alohag_302-220
LG-D150 w35
LG-D157f w35ds
LG-E510 univa_525-05
LG-E510 univa_neu-xx
LG-E510 univa_525-01
LG-E510 univa_bal-xxx
LG-E510 univa_228-01
LG-E510 univa_454-xx
LG-E510 univa_open_cn
LG-E510 univa_tmo-gr
LG-E510 univa_vdf-es
LG-E510f univa_tha-xx
LG-E510f e510_724-XX
LG-E510g univa_722-34
LG-E720 alessi
LG-E985T gvarfhd
LG-KU8800 x2_450-08
LG-L95G l95g
LG-LS700 ls700
LG-LU3000 hub
LG-LU3100 lu3100
LG-LU6200 msm8660_surf
LG-P690 gelato_460-xx
LG-P690 gelato_win-it
LG-P690 gelato_sgp-xx
LG-P690 gelato_are-xx
LG-P690 gelato_hkg-xx
LG-P690 gelato_262-xx
LG-P690 gelato_bal-xx
LG-P690 gelato_ngr-xx
LG-P690 gelato_tur-xx
LG-P690 gelato_mor-xx
LG-P690 gelato_tmb-sk
LG-P690f gelato_425-02
LG-P692 gelato_nfc_tim-it
LG-P692 gelato_nfc_530-24
LG-P692 gelato_nfc_234-10
LG-P698 gelatods_bal-xxx
LG-P698 gelatods_open-xx
LG-P698 gelatods_ngr-xxx
LG-P698f gelatods_tha-xxx
LG-P920 cosmo_ESA-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_MOR-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_VDF-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_OPEN-CN
LG-P920 cosmo_CIS-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_OPT-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_TMO-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_268-06
LG-P920 cosmo_466-92
LG-P920 cosmo_454-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_515-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_505-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_525-05
LG-P920 cosmo_H3G-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_BAL-XXX
LG-P920 cosmo_525-01
LG-P920h cosmo_724-02
LG-P920h cosmo_724-05
LG-P920h cosmo_viv-br
LG-P920h cosmo_724-xxx
LG-P920h cosmo_tcl-mx
LG-P925g cosmo_302-720
LG-P925g p925g
LG-P940 p940
LG-P970 bproj_BAL-xxx
LG-P970 bproj_454-xxx
LG-P970 LGP970
LG-P970 bproj_231-01
LG-P970 bproj_222-88
LG-P970 bproj_228-03
LG-P970 bproj_OPEN-CN
LG-P970 bproj_VDF-XXX
LG-P970 bproj_234-33
LG-P970 bproj_260-03
LG-P970 bproj_530-XXX
LG-P970 bproj_232-05
LG-P970 bproj_226-10
LG-P970 bproj_214-07
LG-P990 p990_525-01
LG-P990 p990_466-92
LG-P990 p990_BAL-xxx
LG-P990 p990_214-01
LG-P990 p990_219-10
LG-P990 p990_525-05
LG-P990 p990_esa-xxx
LG-P990 p990_262-02
LG-P990 p990_505-xxx
LG-P990 p990_466-xxx
LG-P990 p990_234-xx
LG-P990 p990_226-01
LG-P990 p990_208-10
LG-P990 p990_454-xxx
LG-P990 p990_228-01
LG-P990h p990h_724-05
LG-P990h p990h_730-03
LG-P990h p990h_716-10
LG-P990h p990h_CTM-xxx
LG-P990h p990h_730-01
LG-P990h p990h_722-34
LG-P990h p990h_SSV-xxx
LG-P990h p990h_334-020
LG-P990h p990h
LG-P990hN star
LG-P993 p993
LG-V900 v900aus
LG-V901 v901twn
LU2300 lu2300
Marquee LG855
Marquee L-07C
Marquee bproj_CIS-xxx
Marquee LS855
My touch 4G e739
Optiimus Black bproj_208-01
Optimus 2 as680
Optimus 2X p990_EUR-xx
Optimus 2X p999
Optimus 2X p990hN
Optimus 2X su660
Optimus 2X p990_262-xx
Optimus 2X p990
Optimus 2X star_450-05
Optimus 2X p990_CIS-xxx
Optimus 3D su760
Optimus 3D cosmo_450-05
Optimus 3D p920
Optimus 3D cosmo_MEA-XXX
Optimus 3D cosmo_EUR-XXX
Optimus 3D MAX cx2
Optimus 4X HD x3
Optimus Big justin
Optimus Big lu6800
Optimus Black bproj_724-xxx
Optimus Black bproj_302-220
Optimus Black bproj_sea-xxx
Optimus Black ku5900
Optimus Black bproj_EUR-XXX
Optimus Black bproj_214-03
Optimus Black bproj_334-020
Optimus Black black
Optimus Black blackg
Optimus Black bproj_ARE-XXX
Optimus Black lgp970
Optimus Black LGL85C
Optimus Black bproj_262-XXX
Optimus Chat hazel
Optimus chat elini
Optimus EX x2_450-05
Optimus EX x2
Optimus F3 fx3
Optimus F5 l1e
Optimus F6 f6
Optimus G Pro geevl04e
Optimus GK gvfhd
Optimus Hub univa_viv-br
Optimus Hub lgc800g
Optimus Hub univa_ctm-xxx
Optimus Hub univa_730-01
Optimus Hub univa_214-04
Optimus Hub univa_tcl-mx
Optimus Hub univa_ssv-xxx
Optimus Hub univa_ufn-mx
Optimus Hub univa_tlf-es
Optimus Hub univa_740-01
Optimus Hub univa_usc-mx
Optimus Hub univa_730-03
Optimus Hub univa_ent-cl
Optimus Hub univa_724-05
Optimus Hub univa_clr-br
Optimus Hub univa_open-de
Optimus Hub univa_open-br
Optimus Hub lgc800
Optimus L40 w3ds
Optimus L40 w3
Optimus L40 w3ts
Optimus L5 m4
Optimus LIFE l1_dcm
Optimus LTE i_u
Optimus LTE lgp935
Optimus LTE l1a
Optimus LTE lgp930
Optimus LTE i_skt
Optimus LTE iproj
Optimus LTE i_dcm
Optimus Mach lu3000
Optimus Mach LU3000
Optimus Net gelato_302-610
Optimus Net lgl45c
Optimus Net gelato_cis-xx
Optimus Net gelato_sea-xx
Optimus Net Dual gelatods_cis-xxx
Optimus Net Dual gelatods_open-br
Optimus Net Dual gelatods_ind-xxx
Optimus Net Dual gelatods_sea-xxx
Optimus Net Dual gelatods_are-xxx
Optimus One ku3700
Optimus One thunder_kor-08
Optimus One thunderc
Optimus One lu3700
Optimus One su370
Optimus One thunder_kor-05
Optimus Pad v901kr
Optimus Pad v909
Optimus Pad v905r
Optimus Pad v901ar
Optimus Pad v901tr
Optimus Pad v900
Optimus Pad l06c
Optimus Pad v909mkt
Optimus Pad v900asia
Optimus Plus m3_acg_us
Optimus Pro muscat
Optimus Q lgl55c
Optimus Q2 bssq
Optimus Q2 bssq_450-06
Optimus Slider VM701
Optimus Sol victor
Optimus Spirit gelato_eur-xx
Optimus Spirit gelato_505-01
Optimus Vu 325
Optimus Vu batman
Optimus Vu batman_dcm
Optimus Vu batman_skt
Optimus Vu batman_lgu
Optimus Vu vu10
Optimus Vu lge_325_skt
Optimus Vu2 vu2u
Optimus Vu2 vu2kt
Optimus Vu2 vu2sk
Optimus Z su950
Optimus Zone e0v
PecanV pecanV
PRADA 3.0 p2
Shine Plus with Google alohag
Spectrum i_vzw
Spectrum 2 d1lv
Spirit 4G l1m
Splendor u0_cdma
Spray e2jps
Swift swift
TBD aka
Thrill 4G p925
Thrill 4G cosmo_310-410
USCC-US760 envt2
USCC-US855 US855
VU3 vu3
Wine Smart vfp


A1_07 A1_07
A10 A10
A1000 A1000F
A1000-G A1000G
A1000L A1000LF
A208t A208t
A2107A A2107A-H
A2107A-H lenovo75_a2_att_ics
A218t A218t
A269 A269
A269i A269i
A278t A278t
A3000 A3000
A305E A305e
A308t A308t
A30t A30t
A318t A318t
A369 A369
A369i A369i
A370e A370e
A375e A375e
A376 A376
A378t A378t
A390t A390t
A398t A398t
A516 A516
A516 A516_ROW
A630 A630e
A656 A656
A658T A658t
A66t T702T
A670t A670t
A678t A678t
A706 armani
A706_ROW armani_row
A720e andorrap
A750e athenae
A760 audi
A766 A766
A770e athenaep
A820 A820
A820e andorra
A830 A830
A850 A850_ROW
A860e artini
B6000-H B6000
B8000-H B8000
E4002 E4002
IdeaTab A1010 A1010T
IdeaTab A1020 A1020T
IdeaTab A2107A-F a2_wifi_row
IdeaTab A2107A-H lenovo75_a2_ics
IdeaTab A2107A-H a2_3g_data
IdeaTab A5000 A5000E
IdeaTab K2110A-F K2110A-F
IdeaTab S6000 S6000
IdeaTabA2109A A2109A
IdeaTabA2207A-H A2207A-H
IdeaTabS2109A-F S2109A
IdeaTabS2110AH msm8960
IdeaTabV2007A sanpaolo
IdeaTabV2010A santiago
ideatv S31 ideatv_S31
ideatvK82 60LX750A 52LX750A 46LX750A 60LX850A 70LX850A 80LX850A ideatv_K82
Indigo Indigo
K800 K800
K900 K900_ROW
K900 K900
K910 kitonw
LaVieTab PC-TE508S1W/LaVieTab PC-TE508S1L PC-TE508S1_nec
LaVieTab PC-TE510S1L PC-TE510S1_nec
Lenovo A3500F
Lenovo A708t
Lenovo A880
Lenovo A1-32AB0 amazon_w
Lenovo A2105 Lenovo_A2105
Lenovo A228t A228t
Lenovo A238t A238t
Lenovo A288t A288t
Lenovo A298t A298t
Lenovo A300 austin
Lenovo A300t A300t
Lenovo A316 A316
Lenovo A316i A316i
Lenovo A319 A319
Lenovo A320t A320t
Lenovo A326 a326
Lenovo A328 A328
Lenovo A328t A328t
Lenovo A3300 A3300-T
Lenovo A3300 A3300-HV
Lenovo A3300 A3300-GV
Lenovo A3300 A3300-H
Lenovo A330e A330e
Lenovo A338t A338t
Lenovo A3500 A3500HV
Lenovo A3500-FL A3500FL
Lenovo A3500-H A3500H
Lenovo A355e A355e
Lenovo A358t A358t
Lenovo A360 a360
Lenovo A3600-D A3600-d
Lenovo A360e A360e
Lenovo A360t A360t
Lenovo A366t lenovo13_td
Lenovo A368t A368t
Lenovo A370 a370
Lenovo A3800-D A3800-d
Lenovo A380e A380e
Lenovo A380t A380t
Lenovo A385e A385e
Lenovo A388t A388t
Lenovo A390 A390
Lenovo A390e msm7627_ea95
Lenovo A395e A395e
Lenovo A396 A396
Lenovo A396 A396_TY
Lenovo A398t+ A398tp
Lenovo A399 Aiken
Lenovo A500 a59wg
Lenovo A5000 A5000
Lenovo A505e A505e
Lenovo A520 lenovo73_gb
Lenovo A520GRAY a520_gray
Lenovo A526 A526
Lenovo A529 A529
Lenovo A530 A530_msm7627a_alps
Lenovo A536 A536
Lenovo A5500-F A5500-F
Lenovo A5500-H A5500-H
Lenovo A5500-HV A5500-HV
Lenovo A560 A560_msm8610
Lenovo A560 A560_msm8212
Lenovo A580 A580
Lenovo A5800-D A5800-D
Lenovo A588t LenovoA588t
Lenovo A60 lenovo73_cu
Lenovo A60 a60id_tel
Lenovo A60 a60tw
Lenovo A60 a60os
Lenovo A60 a60_campus
Lenovo A60+ Android
Lenovo A60+ A60plus
Lenovo A6000 Kraft-A6000
Lenovo A6000-l Kraft-A6000-l
Lenovo A606 A606
Lenovo A616 A616
Lenovo A628t A628t
Lenovo A630 A630
Lenovo A65 a65cu
Lenovo A65 a65
Lenovo A65 a65_ph_id_vn
Lenovo A660 A660
Lenovo A668t A668t
Lenovo A680 A680
Lenovo A688t A688t
Lenovo A690 A690
Lenovo A690e A690e
Lenovo A698t lenovo15_td_ics
Lenovo A7-30GC A7-30GC
Lenovo A7-30H A7-30H
Lenovo A7-60HC A760HC
Lenovo A700e A700e
Lenovo A710e A710e_msm7627a
Lenovo A750 lenovo75_cu_gb
Lenovo A750 lenovo75_cu_ics
Lenovo A7600-F A7600-F
Lenovo A7600-H A7600-H
Lenovo A7600-HV A7600-HV
Lenovo A765e aruba
Lenovo A768t airplayt
Lenovo A780 A780_msm7627a
Lenovo A780 msm7627a_ha99
Lenovo A780e A780e
Lenovo A785e A785e
Lenovo A788t A788t
Lenovo A789 A789
Lenovo A798t A798t
Lenovo A806 A806
Lenovo A808t A808t
Lenovo A808t-i A808t-i
Lenovo A816 airplayw
Lenovo A820t A820t
Lenovo A828 A858
Lenovo A828t A828t
Lenovo A850 A850
Lenovo A850+ A850p
Lenovo A858t A858t
Lenovo A859 A859_ROW
Lenovo A889 A889
Lenovo A890e airbuse
Lenovo A916 A916
Lenovo A936 A936
Lenovo B8080 B8080
Lenovo K2 apollohd_w
Lenovo K30-T Kraft-T
Lenovo K30-W Kraft-W
Lenovo K800 mfld_pr2
Lenovo K80M K80M
Lenovo K860 stuttgart_row
Lenovo K860 stuttgart
Lenovo K860i K860i
Lenovo K910 kiton
Lenovo K910e kitone
Lenovo K910L K910L
Lenovo K920/VIBE Z2 kingdom_row
Lenovo K920/VIBE Z2 Pro kingdomt
Lenovo N300 Lindos2
Lenovo N308 SmartAIO
Lenovo P70 P70-A
Lenovo P70 P70-t
Lenovo P700 p700_ph
Lenovo P700 p700
Lenovo P700i P700i
Lenovo P770 P770
Lenovo P90 P90
Lenovo S2-38AH0 apollo_wg
Lenovo S2-38AH0 Lenovo_S2
Lenovo S2-38AT0 apollo_td
Lenovo S560 S560
Lenovo S580 S580
Lenovo S60 sisleylt
Lenovo S60 sisleylw
Lenovo S650 S650
Lenovo S650_ROW S650_ROW
Lenovo S658t S658t
Lenovo S660 S660
Lenovo S668t S668t
Lenovo S696 sicily
Lenovo S760 apollozero_w
Lenovo S810t shellt
Lenovo S820 S820_AMX_ROW
Lenovo S850 S850
Lenovo S850t S850t
Lenovo S856 shellr_s
Lenovo S856 shellw
Lenovo S856 shellr
Lenovo S856 shellamx
Lenovo S858t Selected
Lenovo S860 S860
Lenovo S860e shelle
Lenovo S880 s880_row
Lenovo S880 s880
Lenovo S880i S880i
Lenovo S890 S890
Lenovo S898t+ S898tp
Lenovo S899t S899t
Lenovo S90 sisleye
Lenovo S90-T sisleyt
Lenovo S90-U sisleyw
Lenovo S920_ROW S920_ROW
Lenovo S930 S930
Lenovo S930_ROW S930_ROW
Lenovo S938t S938t
Lenovo S939 S939
Lenovo S960 S960_AMX_ROW
Lenovo S968t S968t
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-10F Tab2A7-10F
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30F A7-30F
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30HC A7-30HC
Lenovo TAB 2 A7-30TC A7-30TC
Lenovo TAB A10-80HC A10_80HC
Lenovo TAB S8-50F S8-50F
Lenovo TAB S8-50L S8-50L
Lenovo TAB S8-50LC S8-50LC
Lenovo X2 X2-EU
Lenovo X2 X2-AP
Lenovo X2-CU/VIBE X2 X2-CU
Lenovo X2-TO/VIBE X2 X2-TO
Lenovo X2-TR/VIBE X2 X2-TR
Lenovo YOGA Tablet Pro-830LC/Yoga Tablet 2 YT2
Lenovo Z2 z2r
Lenovo Z2 z2t
Lenovo Z2w z2w
LenovoTV 50S52;AQUOS LCD-50S1A bumblebee
Lenvo S960 S960_ROW
LNV-Lenovo A600e A600e_msm8625
LNV-Lenovo A790e msm7627a
LNV-Lenovo_A560e A560e_msm7627a
microstar E10319 E10319
P780 P780_ROW
P780 P780
PC- TS507N1S PC-TS507N1S
PC-508T1W 508T1W
PC-708T1W 708T1W
PC-TE510N1B LaVieTab
S2005A-H S2005A-H
S5000 S5000
S6000L S6000L
S61 ideatv_S61
S680 seoul
S686 Alaska
S720 S720
S750 S750
S820 S820_ROW
S820 S820
S820e applee
S850e sichuan
S868 S868t
S870e S870e
S898t S898t
S920 S920
S960 S960
SmartTabII7 SmartTabII7
Spice Mi-350 mi_350
ThinkPad Tablet 18382AU
ThinkVision28 ThinkVision28


A10 A10_sprout
Canvas A1 AQ4501_sprout
Dream Uno Mi-498_sprout
One H940_sprout
Sparkle V Sparkle_V_sprout


A110 s9081
A111 A111
A116 A116
A210 A210
A240 A240
A27 A27
A44 tinnoes13_s7050
A45 tinnoes73_s8030_2g
A50 kpt73_gb
A54 A54
A56 A56
A57 A57
A72 A72
A73 A73
A75 A75
A78 Micromax
A84 A84
A87 A87
A88 A88
A89 A89
A91 A91
CANVAS 2 PLUS s9086b
CANVAS 4 s9111b
CANVAS DOODLE 3 MicromaxA102
P275 P275
P300 crane-M701C_mmx


MZ505 Graham
101T  MEDIAS NEC-101
A1680 umts_lucky
Atrix olympus
Backflip motus
Casio G’zOne Commando C771
CASIO G’zOne Commando 4G LTE C811
Charm umts_basil
Citrus cdma_ciena
CLIQ morrison
Cliq-XT zeppelin
D000-000002-W01 LT-W1_1
Defy umts_jordan
Defy Mini tinboost_umts
Defy Mini TinBoost
Defy Pro XT560
Disney Mobile on docomoN-03E N-03E
Droid umts_sholes
Droid miler
Droid sholes
Droid 4 cdma_maserati
Droid Bionic cdma_targa
Droid II cdma_droid2we
Droid II cdma_droid2
Droid MAXX obake-maxx
Droid Mini obakem
Droid Pro cdma_venus2
DROID RAZR cdma_spyder
DROID RAZR HD vanquish
DROID RAZR HD vanquish_u
DROID RAZR M scorpion_mini
Droid Razr M scorpion_mini_t
DROID Turbo quark
Droid Ultra obake
Droid X cdma_shadow
Droid X2 daytona
Electrify M solstice
Flipout umts_ruth
G’z One IS11CA IS11CA
G’zOne CA-201L CA201L
Glam XT800 titanium
i867 destino
i940 fawnridge
Iron Rock umts_irock
LifeTouch B LTB019G
LifeTouch B LTB013
LifeTouch B LTB018
LifeTouch B LTB028
LifeTouch B LTB019W
LifeTouch L LTTLA16
LifeTouch L D000000039
LifeTouch L D000000023
LifeTouch L D000000035
LifeTouch L LTTLA32
LifeTouch Note D000000010N
LifeTouch Note D000000011N
LifeTouch Note LTNA7
LifeTouch Note LTNA7F
LifeTouch S LifeTouch_D7
LifeTouch S LifeTouch_D1
LifeTouch W LifeTouch_W1
LifeTouch W LT-W1_2
MB200 morr
MB501 zepp
MB508 umts_sage
MB520 umts_kobe
MB611 umts_begonia
MB612 cdma_kronos
MB865 edison
ME632 umts_elway
ME863 umts_solana
MEDIAS NE-202 NE-202
Milestone A853
Milestone2 umts_milestone2
MILESTONE3 cdma_solana
Moto 360 minnow
Moto Defy XT tinboostplus_umts
Moto Defy XT tinboostplus_cdma
Moto Defy XT XT535
Moto E condor_udstv
Moto E condor_umtsds
Moto E condor_cdma
MOTO E condor_umts
Moto G falcon_cdma
Moto G titan_udstv
Moto G falcon_umtsds
MOTO G titan_umts
Moto G titan_umtsds
Moto G falcon_umts
Moto G w/4G LTE peregrine
Moto MAXX quark_umts
Moto X ghost
Moto X victara
Motoluxe XT615
Motoluxe ironmaxct_cdma
Motoluxe ironmax_umts
Motoluxe XT611
Motoluxe ironmaxtv_umts
Motoluxe XT682
Motoroi sholest
Motorola Atrix HD qinara
Motorola Master Touch umts_primus
Motorola Photon asanti_c
Motorola RAZR M smq
Motorola Razr V umts_yangtze
Motosmart silversmart_umts
Motosmart XT390
Motosmart argonmini_umts
Motosmart XT389
MOTWX435KT Triumph
MZ505 graham_wifi
MZ616 pasteur
NE-201 NE-201
NEC909e NEC909e
Opus One rubicon
Photon 4G sunfire
Quench XT3 XT502
RAZR D1 hawk35_umts
RAZR D3 hawk40_umts
Spice sesame
XOOM umts_everest
XOOM umts_hubble
XOOM wifi_hubble
XOOM stingray
XOOM wingray
XOOM 2 ME fleming
XT311 XT311
XT316 XT316
XT316 dominoq_umts
XT317 XT317
XT319 XT319
XT530 XT530
XT531 XT531
XT532 XT532
XT550 ArgonSpin
XT550 argonspin_umts
XT560 tinq_umts
XT603 cdma_pax
XT605 umts_jorian
XT610 umts_venus2
XT701 choles
XT711 choi
XT800+ cg_tita2
XT800W ttu_skt
XT806 qilin
XT882 swordfish
XT905 smq_u
XT905 scorpion_mini_u
XT910 umts_spyder


Shield roth
Shield Tablet shieldtablet
TegraNote tegranote
TegraNote tegranote7c


N1 N1
OPPO Ulike2 Ulike2
R2001 R2001
R8007 R8007
R809T R809T
R815 R815
R815T R815T
R815W R815W
R819 R819
R819T R819T
R820 R820
R821 R821
R821T R821T
R823T R823T
R827 R827
R827T R827T
R829 R829
R829T R829T
R830 R830
R831 R831
R831T R831T
R833T OPPO82_13067
R850 R850
U707 U707
U707T U707T
Ulike2 U705W
X9007 X9007
X909 FIND5


Absolute GT-B9120
Acclaim SCH-R880
Admire SCH-R720
Baffin baffinltelgt
Behold II SGH_T939
Behold II sgh-t939
Captivate Glide SGH-I927
China Telecom kylevectc
Conquer SPH-D600
DoubleTime SGH-I857
Droid Charge SCH-I510
EK-KC120K gd1ltektt
Europa GT-I5500L
Europa GT-I5500B
Europa GT-I5500M
Europa GT-I5510L
Europa GT-I5503T
Exhibit SGH-T759
Galaxy gt-i7500
Galaxy (China) GT-B9062
Galaxy 070 hendrix
Galaxy A archer
Galaxy A3 a3ltechn
Galaxy A3 a3ltezh
Galaxy A3 a3ulte
Galaxy A3 a33g
Galaxy A3 a3lte
Galaxy A3 a3ltectc
Galaxy A5 a5ltezh
Galaxy A5 a5ltezt
Galaxy A5 a5ulteskt
Galaxy A5 a5lte
Galaxy A5 a5ultektt
Galaxy A5 a5ltectc
Galaxy A5 a5ultelgt
Galaxy A5 a53g
Galaxy A5 a5ltechn
Galaxy A7 a7alte
Galaxy A7 a7ltektt
Galaxy A7 a7ltelgt
Galaxy A7 a7lteskt
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830T
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830
Galaxy Ace heat3gou
Galaxy Ace GT-S5839i
Galaxy Ace heatlte
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830L
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830C
Galaxy Ace GT-S6358
Galaxy Ace SHW-M240S
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830B
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830G
Galaxy Ace GT-S5838
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830F
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i
Galaxy Ace SCH-I619
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830D
Galaxy Ace GT-S5831i
Galaxy Ace GT-S5830M
Galaxy Ace 4 vivaltods5m
Galaxy Ace 4 Lite vivalto3g
Galaxy Ace Advance GT-S6800
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i589
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I589
Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6802B
Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6352
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-i579
Galaxy Ace Duos SCH-I579
Galaxy Ace Duos GT-S6802
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7508
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500L
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500W
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500T
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500
Galaxy Ace Q SGH-I827D
Galaxy Ace Style heat3gtfnvzw
Galaxy Ace Style heatnfc3g
Galaxy Ace Style heatqlte
Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160L
Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160
Galaxy Ace2 GT-I8160P
Galaxy Ace2 X kylessopen
Galaxy Ace3 logan
Galaxy Ace3 logands
Galaxy Ace3 loganlte
Galaxy Ace3 loganrelte
Galaxy Ace3 logan3gcmcc
Galaxy Ace3 Duos loganu3gcmcc
Galaxy Ace3 Duos loganlite3g
Galaxy Ace3 Duos TV logandsdtv
Galaxy Ace4 vivaltonfc3g
Galaxy Ace4 vivaltolte
Galaxy Ace4 vivalto5mve3g
Galaxy Ace4 Lite vivalto
Galaxy Ace4 Neo vivalto3mve3gltn
Galaxy Admire SCH-R820
Galaxy Admire 2 goghcri
Galaxy Alpha sltechn
Galaxy Alpha sltecan
Galaxy Alpha slte
Galaxy Alpha slteskt
Galaxy Alpha sltektt
Galaxy Alpha slteatt
Galaxy Alpha sltelgt
Galaxy Amp kyleatt
Galaxy Apollo GT-I5800
Galaxy Apollo GT-I5801
Galaxy Apollo GT-I5800D
Galaxy Appeal SGH-I827
Galaxy Attain SCH-R920
Galaxy Avant afyonltetmo
Galaxy Axiom infiniteusc
Galaxy Beam GT-I8530
Galaxy Beam GT-I8250
Galaxy Camera gd1
Galaxy Camera gd1att
Galaxy Camera u0lte
Galaxy Camera gd1ktt
Galaxy Camera gd1can
Galaxy Camera gd1wifiany
Galaxy Camera gd1wifi
Galaxy Camera gd1skt
Galaxy Camera gd1ltelgt
Galaxy Camera gd1ltevzw
Galaxy Camera gd1lteskt
Galaxy Camera 2 sf2wifi
Galaxy Centura amazing3gtrf
Galaxy Chat zanin
Galaxy Core afyonlteMetroPCS
Galaxy Core arubaslim
Galaxy Core afyonltecan
Galaxy Core Advance cane3gskt
Galaxy Core Advance cane3g
Galaxy Core Lite victorlte
Galaxy Core LTE cs03lte
Galaxy Core LTE afyonlte
Galaxy Core Max kleoslte
Galaxy Core Plus cs02
Galaxy Core Plus cs023g
Galaxy Core Plus cs02ve3gdtv
Galaxy Core Plus cs02ve3gss
Galaxy Core Prime rossalte
Galaxy Core Prime rossaltexsa
Galaxy Core Prime rossaltectc
Galaxy Core Prime core33g
Galaxy Core Prime coreprimelte
Galaxy Core Safe arubaslimss
Galaxy Core2 kanas3gcmcc
Galaxy Core2 kanas3gnfc
Galaxy Core2 kanas3g
Galaxy Core2 kanas
Galaxy Core2 kanas3gctc
Galaxy Discover amazingtrfcd
Galaxy Discover amazing3gcri
Galaxy Duos aruba3gcmcc
Galaxy E7 e7lte
Galaxy Europa GT-I5500
Galaxy Europa GT-I5510
Galaxy Europa GT-I5508
Galaxy Europa GT-I5503
Galaxy Exhibit codinavid
Galaxy Exhibit codinatmo
Galaxy Exhibit codinaMetroPCS
Galaxy Exhibit2 SGH-T679
Galaxy Exhilarate SGH-I577
Galaxy Express expresslte
Galaxy Express expressziglteatt
Galaxy Express expressatt
Galaxy Express2 wilcoxlte
Galaxy Fame nevisds
Galaxy Fame nevisp
Galaxy Fame nevis3g
Galaxy Fame nevisvess
Galaxy Fame nevis3gcmcc
Galaxy Fame nevis
Galaxy Fame nevisnvess
Galaxy Fame SCH-I629
Galaxy Fame Lite Duos nevisw
Galaxy Fit GT-S5670
Galaxy Fit GT-S5670L
Galaxy Fit GT-S5670B
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660L
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660M
Galaxy Gio SHW-M290K
Galaxy Gio SHW-M290S
Galaxy Gio SCH-i569
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660B
Galaxy Gio GT-S5660V
Galaxy Golden ks02lte
Galaxy Golden ks02ltektt
Galaxy Golden ks02lteskt
Galaxy Golden 2 pateklte
Galaxy Grand baffinvetd3g
Galaxy Grand baffinvektt
Galaxy Grand baffinltektt
Galaxy Grand baffinss
Galaxy Grand baffinrd
Galaxy Grand baffinveskt
Galaxy Grand baffinlteskt
Galaxy Grand baffin3gduosctc
Galaxy Grand baffincmcc
Galaxy Grand duos baffin
Galaxy Grand Max grandmaxltechn
Galaxy Grand Neo baffinlitedtv
Galaxy Grand Neo baffinq3g
Galaxy Grand Neo baffinlite
Galaxy Grand Neo Plus grandneove3g
Galaxy Grand Neo+ baffinq3gduosctc
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunaltectc
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunalte
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunaltezh
Galaxy Grand Prime fortuna3gdtv
Galaxy Grand Prime fortuna3g
Galaxy Grand Prime fortunaltezt
Galaxy Grand Prime grandprimelte
Galaxy Grand-Max grandmaxltekx
Galaxy Grand2 ms013g
Galaxy Grand2 ms01lte
Galaxy Grand2 ms01ltelgt
Galaxy Grand2 ms013gdtv
Galaxy Grand2 ms013gss
Galaxy Grand2 ms01lteskt
Galaxy Grand2 ms01ltektt
Galaxy Indulge SCH-R915
Galaxy Indulge SCH-R910
Galaxy Infinite infinite3gduosctc
Galaxy J hltejs01tw
Galaxy J1 j13g
Galaxy K SHW-M130K
Galaxy K Zoom m2altecan
Galaxy K Zoom m2a3g
Galaxy K Zoom m2altelgt
Galaxy K Zoom m2alte
Galaxy M Pro2 lucas
Galaxy M Style vastoicmcc
Galaxy M Style SHW-M340L
Galaxy M Style SHW-M340S
Galaxy Mega 2 mega23g
Galaxy Mega 5.8 crater3gctc
Galaxy Mega 5.8 craterss
Galaxy Mega 5.8 crater
Galaxy Mega 5.8 cratertd3g
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltecan
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslte
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteatt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 melius3g
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteskt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltektt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltelgt
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliusltespr
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteusc
Galaxy Mega 6.3 melius3gduosctc
Galaxy Mega 6.3 meliuslteMetroPCS
Galaxy Mega Plus craterq3g
Galaxy Mega Plus megapluslte
Galaxy Mega2 mega2lteatt
Galaxy Mega2 mega2lte
Galaxy Mega2 vastaltezh
Galaxy Mega2 vastalte
Galaxy Mega2 vasta3g
Galaxy Mini SGH-T499
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570
Galaxy Mini SGH-T499Y
Galaxy Mini SGH-T499V
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570B
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570L
Galaxy Mini GT-S5570I
Galaxy Mini GT-S5578
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500D
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500T
Galaxy Mini2 GT-S6500L
Galaxy Music ivoryss
Galaxy Music Duos ivory
Galaxy Neo SHW-M220L
Galaxy Nexus maguro
Galaxy Nexus toroplus
Galaxy Note SHV-E160S
Galaxy Note GT-I9220
Galaxy Note SHV-E160K
Galaxy Note SGH-I717D
Galaxy Note GT-I9228
Galaxy Note SGH-I717R
Galaxy Note SCH-i889
Galaxy Note SC-05D
Galaxy Note SGH-I717
Galaxy Note GT-N7005
Galaxy Note GT-N7000
Galaxy Note SGH-I717M
Galaxy Note SHV-E160L
Galaxy Note SGH-T879
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifi43241any
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt03lteskt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifiktt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltespr
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifiany
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifi
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notelteskt
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt033g
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltektt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notewifiww
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt03ltelgt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notelte
Galaxy Note 10.1 lt03ltektt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4notelteusc
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noterfktt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltevzw
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noteltelgt
Galaxy Note 10.1 p4noterf
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03lte
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03wifikx
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03wifiue
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03ltevzw
Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition lt03wifi
Galaxy Note 8 konalteatt
Galaxy Note 8.0 kona3g
Galaxy Note 8.0 konalte
Galaxy Note 8.0 konawifiany
Galaxy Note 8.0 konaltecan
Galaxy Note 8.0 konawifi
Galaxy Note Edge tbltetmo
Galaxy Note Edge tbelteskt
Galaxy Note Edge tblteusc
Galaxy Note Edge tbltespr
Galaxy Note Edge tbeltektt
Galaxy Note Edge tbltecan
Galaxy Note Edge tbltevzw
Galaxy Note Edge tblteatt
Galaxy Note Edge tbeltelgt
Galaxy Note Edge tbltechn
Galaxy Note Edge SCL24
Galaxy Note Edge tblte
Galaxy Note II t03g
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 v1awifi
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennaltekx
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 v1awifikx
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennaltevzw
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 v1a3g
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennalte
Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 viennalteatt
Galaxy Note2 t03gchnduos
Galaxy Note2 SC-02E
Galaxy Note2 t03gcuduos
Galaxy Note2 t0lte
Galaxy Note2 t0ltetmo
Galaxy Note2 t0lteatt
Galaxy Note2 t0ltespr
Galaxy Note2 t03gchn
Galaxy Note2 t0ltevzw
Galaxy Note2 t0lteskt
Galaxy Note2 t0ltelgt
Galaxy Note2 t03gcmcc
Galaxy Note2 t0ltecmcc
Galaxy Note2 t03gctc
Galaxy Note2 t0lteusc
Galaxy Note2 t0ltedcm
Galaxy Note2 t0ltecan
Galaxy Note2 t0ltektt
Galaxy Note3 SCL22
Galaxy Note3 hltevzw
Galaxy Note3 SC-02F
Galaxy Note3 hlteskt
Galaxy Note3 ha3g
Galaxy Note3 hltektt
Galaxy Note3 hlteusc
Galaxy Note3 hltecan
Galaxy Note3 hltetmo
Galaxy Note3 hltespr
Galaxy Note3 hltelgt
Galaxy Note3 hlteatt
Galaxy Note3 hlte
Galaxy Note3 Neo frescoltelgt
Galaxy Note3 Neo frescolteskt
Galaxy Note3 Neo hllte
Galaxy Note3 Neo hl3g
Galaxy Note3 Neo frescoltektt
Galaxy Note3 Neo hl3gds
Galaxy Note4 trltevzw
Galaxy Note4 trhplte
Galaxy Note4 trlteusc
Galaxy Note4 tre3g
Galaxy Note4 tre3caltelgt
Galaxy Note4 trltecan
Galaxy Note4 treltektt
Galaxy Note4 trltetmo
Galaxy Note4 trelteskt
Galaxy Note4 treltelgt
Galaxy Note4 tre3caltektt
Galaxy Note4 trltechn
Galaxy Note4 trelte
Galaxy Note4 trlte
Galaxy Note4 trltespr
Galaxy Note4 tre3calteskt
Galaxy Note4 trltechnzh
Galaxy Note4 trlteatt
Galaxy NX u0lteue
Galaxy Player YP-GB70
Galaxy Player 3.6 YP-GS1
Galaxy Player 4 YP-GB1
Galaxy Player 4.0 YP-G1
Galaxy Player 4.2 YP-GI1
Galaxy Player 5 YP-G70
Galaxy Player 5.8 harrisonkrlgt
Galaxy Player 5.8 harrisonkrktt
Galaxy Player 5.8 harrison
Galaxy Player 50 YP-G50
Galaxy player 70 Plus YP-GB70D
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5302
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300L
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300B
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5300
Galaxy Pocket GT-S5302B
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsicass
Galaxy Pocket Neo d2aio
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsica
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsicaveds3gvj
Galaxy Pocket Neo corsicave3g
Galaxy Pocket Plus coriplus
Galaxy Pocket2 pocket2ss3g
Galaxy Pocket2 pocket23g
Galaxy Pop superiorlteskt
Galaxy Pop (CDMA) SCH-i559
Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C
Galaxy Premier superiorcmcc
Galaxy Premier superior
Galaxy Prevail SPH-M820
Galaxy Prevail2 raybst
Galaxy Pro GT-B7510
Galaxy Pro GT-B7510B
Galaxy Pro GT-B7510L
Galaxy Proclaim SCH-S720C
Galaxy Q SGH-T589W
Galaxy Q SGH-T589R
Galaxy Q SGH-T589
Galaxy R-Style jaguarl
Galaxy R-Style jaguark
Galaxy R-Style jaguars
Galaxy Reverb iconvmu
Galaxy Round flteskt
Galaxy Rugby comanchecan
Galaxy Rugby Pro comancheatt
Galaxy Rush prevail2spr
Galaxy S SGH-T959V
Galaxy S GT-I9003
Galaxy S SHW-M190S
Galaxy S SGH-I897
Galaxy S GT-I9018
Galaxy S GT-I9050
Galaxy S SCH-S950C
Galaxy S SC-02B
Galaxy S GT-I9000T
Galaxy S GT-I9008L
Galaxy S SCH-i909
Galaxy S GT-I9000B
Galaxy S GT-I9010
Galaxy S GT-I9000M
Galaxy S SHW-M110S
Galaxy S SCH-I500
Galaxy S GT-I9003L
Galaxy S SGH-T959W
Galaxy S SPH-D700
Galaxy S GT-I9000
Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070
Galaxy S Advance GT-I9070P
Galaxy S Aviator SCH-R930
Galaxy S Blaze SGH-T769
Galaxy S BlazeQ apexqtmo
Galaxy S Captivate SGH-I896
Galaxy S Continuum SCH-I400
Galaxy S DUOS kyleopen
Galaxy S Duos kylechn
Galaxy S Duos kyletdcmcc
Galaxy S Duos2 kyleprods
Galaxy S Duos3 vivalto3gvn
Galaxy S Fascinate SGH-T959P
Galaxy S Glide SGH-I927R
Galaxy S Lightray SCH-R940
Galaxy S Plus GT-I9001
Galaxy S Stratosphere SCH-I405
Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959
Galaxy S Vibrant SGH-T959D
Galaxy S2 SC-02C
Galaxy S2 SGH-T989
Galaxy S2 GT-I9108
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250S
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250L
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100M
Galaxy S2 SHW-M250K
Galaxy S2 GT-I9210T
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100
Galaxy S2 t1cmcc
Galaxy S2 GT-I9103
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100P
Galaxy S2 SGH-I777
Galaxy S2 SHV-E110S
Galaxy S2 GT-I9100T
Galaxy S2 SGH-S959G
Galaxy S2 SCH-R760X
Galaxy S2 Duos SCH-i929
Galaxy S2 Epic SCH-R760
Galaxy S2 Epic SPH-D710VMUB
Galaxy S2 Epic SPH-D710BST
Galaxy S2 Epic SPH-D710
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120S
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120K
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SHV-E120L
Galaxy S2 HD LTE SGH-I757M
Galaxy S2 LTE SC-03D
Galaxy S2 LTE SGH-I727R
Galaxy S2 LTE GT-I9210
Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9100G
Galaxy S2 Plus s2vep
Galaxy S2 Plus s2ve
Galaxy S2 Skyrocket SGH-I727
Galaxy S2 Wimax ISW11SC
Galaxy S2 X SGH-T989D
Galaxy S3 d2tmo
Galaxy S3 m0
Galaxy S3 d2cri
Galaxy S3 d2usc
Galaxy S3 m0skt
Galaxy S3 d2can
Galaxy S3 SC-03E
Galaxy S3 m0ctc
Galaxy S3 d2ltetmo
Galaxy S3 d2mtr
Galaxy S3 d2spr
Galaxy S3 m3dcm
Galaxy S3 d2vzw
Galaxy S3 d2att
Galaxy S3 d2tfnvzw
Galaxy S3 m0chn
Galaxy S3 m0apt
Galaxy S3 m3
Galaxy S3 d2xar
Galaxy S3 m0cmcc
Galaxy S3 m0ctcduos
Galaxy S3 c1lgt
Galaxy S3 c1ktt
Galaxy S3 d2dcm
Galaxy S3 d2lteMetroPCS
Galaxy S3 d2spi
Galaxy S3 d2vmu
Galaxy S3 c1skt
Galaxy S3 c1att
Galaxy S3 d2tfnspr
Galaxy S3 d2lterefreshspr
Galaxy S3 Mini goldenltebmc
Galaxy S3 Mini goldenltevzw
Galaxy S3 Mini golden
Galaxy S3 Mini goldenlteatt
Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition goldenve3g
Galaxy S3 Mini Value Edition goldenvess3g
Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3gdsdd
Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3gdd
Galaxy S3 Neo s3ve3gds
Galaxy S3 Neo Plus s3ve3g
Galaxy S3 Progre SCL21
Galaxy S4 jflteusc
Galaxy S4 jfltetfntmo
Galaxy S4 jfltevzw
Galaxy S4 jaltektt
Galaxy S4 jalteskt
Galaxy S4 SC-04E
Galaxy S4 jflteatt
Galaxy S4 ja3gduosctc
Galaxy S4 jflteaio
Galaxy S4 jaltelgt
Galaxy S4 ja3g
Galaxy S4 jfwifi
Galaxy S4 ks01ltektt
Galaxy S4 jfltecan
Galaxy S4 jfltetfnatt
Galaxy S4 jfltecsp
Galaxy S4 jflterefreshspr
Galaxy S4 jflte
Galaxy S4 jfltespr
Galaxy S4 jfvelte
Galaxy S4 jfltelra
Galaxy S4 ks01lte
Galaxy S4 ks01ltelgt
Galaxy S4 jfltetmo
Galaxy S4 jfltecri
Galaxy S4 jftdd
Galaxy S4 Active jactivelte
Galaxy S4 Active jactivelteatt
Galaxy S4 Active jactivelteskt
Galaxy S4 Duos ja3gchnduos
Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition jgedlte
Galaxy S4 LTE-A ks01lteskt
Galaxy S4 Mini serranove3g
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltelra
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltekx
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltevzw
Galaxy S4 Mini serranods
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltespr
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltebmc
Galaxy S4 Mini serranolteusc
Galaxy S4 Mini serranovelte
Galaxy S4 Mini serrano3g
Galaxy S4 Mini serranolte
Galaxy S4 Mini serranovolteatt
Galaxy S4 Mini serranoltektt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectlteskt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectltelgt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectlteatt
Galaxy S4 Zoom mproject3g
Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectqlte
Galaxy S5 kltespr
Galaxy S5 klteskt
Galaxy S5 klte
Galaxy S5 klteMetroPCS
Galaxy S5 klteatt
Galaxy S5 k3g
Galaxy S5 klteacg
Galaxy S5 SCL23
Galaxy S5 klteusc
Galaxy S5 lentisltektt
Galaxy S5 lentisltelgt
Galaxy S5 kltelra
Galaxy S5 klteaio
Galaxy S5 kwifi
Galaxy S5 kltecan
Galaxy S5 lentislteskt
Galaxy S5 kltevzw
Galaxy S5 kltetmo
Galaxy S5 kltelgt
Galaxy S5 klteduoszn
Galaxy S5 kltektt
Galaxy S5 Active klteactive
Galaxy S5 Active klteattactive
Galaxy S5 Active kltecanactive
Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition kgedlte
Galaxy S5 K Sport kltesprsports
Galaxy S5 LTE-A kccat6
Galaxy S5 mini kminilteatt
Galaxy S5 mini kminiwifi
Galaxy S5 Mini kmini3g
Galaxy S5 Mini kminilteusc
Galaxy S5 mini LTE kminilte
Galaxy Spica spica
Galaxy Spica GT-I5700L
Galaxy Spica GT-I5700
Galaxy Star mint
Galaxy Star mintss
Galaxy Star Plus logan2g
Galaxy Star Trios mintts
Galaxy Star2 Plus higgs2g
Galaxy Stellar jaspervzw
Galaxy Style Duos aruba3gduosctc
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180S
Galaxy Tab GT-P1010
Galaxy Tab SCH-I800
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000T
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180K
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000L
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000R
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180L
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000N
Galaxy Tab SGH-T849
Galaxy Tab GT-P1013
Galaxy Tab SHW-M180W
Galaxy Tab SMT-i9100
Galaxy Tab GT-P1000M
Galaxy Tab SC-01C
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M300W
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380S
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SCH-I905
Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500D
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380W
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SC-01D
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SHW-M380K
Galaxy Tab 10.1 SGH-T859
Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7503
Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500
Galaxy Tab 10.1 N GT-P7501
Galaxy Tab 10.1 N GT-P7511
Galaxy Tab 10.1 v p3
Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 milletwifikx
Galaxy Tab 7.0 SPH-P100
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SC-02D
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6201
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6211
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SHW-M430W
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus SGH-T869
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6200L
Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus GT-P6210
Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800
Galaxy Tab 7.7 SCH-I815
Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6810
Galaxy Tab 7.7 Plus SC-01E
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHV-E140K
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957D
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957M
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHV-E140S
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SCH-P739
Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7310
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHV-E140L
Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7320
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SGH-I957R
Galaxy Tab 8.9 SHW-M305W
Galaxy Tab 8.9 GT-P7300
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 picassowifi
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 picassolte
Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Chef Collection picassowificc
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 v2wifi
Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 v2lte
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 mondrianwifiue
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 mondrianlte
Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 mondrianwifikx
Galaxy Tab Q q7
Galaxy Tab S 10.5 chagallwifi
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 SC-03G
Galaxy Tab S 8.4 klimtltevzw
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10wifi
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10rf
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10spr
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10tmo
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10vzw
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10can
Galaxy Tab2 10.1 espresso10att
Galaxy Tab2 7.0 espressowifi
Galaxy Tab2 7.0 espressorf
Galaxy Tab2 7.0 espressovzw
Galaxy Tab3 lt01wifikx
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 santos10wifi
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 santos103g
Galaxy Tab3 10.1 santos10lte
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt023gdtv
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02lte
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02wifi
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02ltetmo
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02wifilgt
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02lteatt
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt023g
Galaxy Tab3 7.0 lt02ltespr
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt01wifi
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt01lte
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt013g
Galaxy Tab3 8.0 lt02lduwifi
Galaxy Tab3 Kids lt02kidswifi
Galaxy Tab3 Lite goyawifi
Galaxy Tab3 Lite goya3g
Galaxy Tab3V 7.0 goyavewifixtc
Galaxy Tab3V 7.0 goyave3gsea
Galaxy Tab4 matissewifigoogle
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisselte
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisseltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisse3g
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisselteatt
Galaxy Tab4 10.0 matisselteusc
Galaxy Tab4 10.1 matissewifi
Galaxy Tab4 10.1 matissewifikx
Galaxy Tab4 10.1 matissewifiue
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degas3g
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifiue
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifidtv
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 403SC
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifi
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaswifiopenbnn
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degaslte
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degasltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 7.0 degasltespr
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletlteatt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltevzw
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltetmo
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletwifiue
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletwifi
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltelgt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletltektt
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 milletlte
Galaxy Tab4 8.0 millet3g
Galaxy Tab4 Active rubenswifi
Galaxy Tab4 Active rubenslte
Galaxy Tab4 Nook 10.1 matissewifiopenbnn
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagalllteatt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallhltektt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltespr
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallhlteskt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallhltelgt
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltevzw
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagalllteusc
Galaxy TabS 10.5 SCT21
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltetmo
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallltecan
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagallwifikx
Galaxy TabS 10.5 chagalllte
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtlte
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtltecan
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtlteatt
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtwifi
Galaxy TabS 8.4 klimtwifikx
Galaxy Tap Pro 8.4 mondrianwifi
Galaxy Trend kyleve
Galaxy Trend kyleve3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend Duos kylepluschn
Galaxy Trend Duos kyleichn
Galaxy Trend Lite kylevess
Galaxy Trend Plus kylepro
Galaxy Trend2 garda3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend2 gardave3gcmcc
Galaxy Trend2 kyleplusctc
Galaxy Trend3 cs02ctc
Galaxy Trend3 cs02ve
Galaxy Trend3 cs02ve3g
Galaxy Trend3 cs02cmcc
Galaxy U SHW-M130L
Galaxy Victory goghvmu
Galaxy Victory goghspr
Galaxy W GT-I8150
Galaxy W GT-I8150T
Galaxy W GT-I8150B
Galaxy W SGH-T679M
Galaxy Win deloslteskt
Galaxy win delos3gss
Galaxy Win delos3geur
Galaxy Win delosltelgt
Galaxy Win delos3gduosctc
Galaxy Win delos3gcmcc
Galaxy Win Duos delos3gchn
Galaxy Win Pro wilcoxds
Galaxy Win Pro wilcoxctc
Galaxy Win Pro wilcox3g
Galaxy Win2 coreprimeltedtv
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690R
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690M
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690L
Galaxy Xcover GT-S5690
Galaxy Xcover2 skomer
Galaxy Y GT-S5368
Galaxy Y GT-S5360T
Galaxy Y GT-S5369
Galaxy Y SCH-i509
Galaxy Y SCH-I509
Galaxy Y GT-S5363
Galaxy Y GT-S5360B
Galaxy Y GT-S5360
Galaxy Y GT-S5360L
Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102B
Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102
Galaxy Y Duos GT-S6102E
Galaxy Y Plus coriplusds
Galaxy Y Pop GT-S6108
Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510B
Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510L
Galaxy Y Pro GT-B5510
Galaxy Y Pro Duos GT-B5512B
Galaxy Y Pro Duos GT-B5512
Galaxy Y TV GT-S5367
Galaxy Young roydtv
Galaxy Young royssdtv
Galaxy Young roy
Galaxy Young royssnfc
Galaxy Young royss
Galaxy Young2 young2nfc3g
Galaxy Young2 young23g
Galaxy Young2 young23gdtv
Galaxy Young2 young2ds2g
Garda gardalteMetroPCS
Gear Live sprat
Gem SCH-I100
GT-B9388 ironcmcc
GT-I5510M GT-I5510M
GT-I5510T GT-I5510T
GT-I5800L GT-I5800L
GT-I8262D aruba3gchn
GT-I9260 superiorchn
GT-N7000B GT-N7000B
GT-P3108 espressorfcmcc
GT-P7300B GT-P7300B
GT-P7320T GT-P7320T
GT-P7500M GT-P7500M
GT-P7500R GT-P7500R
GT-P7500V GT-P7500V
GT-S5698 GT-S5698
GT-S5820 GT-S5820
GT-S5830V GT-S5830V
Hennessy hennessy3gduosctc
Homesync spcwifi
IceTouch gokey
Illusion SCH-I110
Infuse SGH-I997
Infuse SGH-I997R
Moment sph-m900
Moment SPH-M900
Montblanc montblanc3gctc
olleh ik1
Replenish SPH-M580
Replenish SPH-M580BST
Repp SCH-R680
Roy VE DTV royvedtv
Roy VE DTV royssvedtv
Rugby Smart SGH-I847
Samsung Galaxy S4 jflteMetroPCS
Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom mprojectltektt
Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere2 aegis2vzw
Samsung Garda gardaltetmo
Samsung Homesync spcwifiany
SC-01F SC-01F
SC-01G SC-01G
SC-02G SC-02G
SC-04F SC-04F
SCH-I339 SCH-I339
SCH-I425 godivaltevzw
SCH-I519 SCH-I519
SCH-I559 SCH-I559
SCH-I659 SCH-I659
SCH-I699 SCH-I699
SCH-I779 SCH-I779
SCH-i809 SCH-i809
SCH-i919 SCH-i919
SCH-W2013 m0grandectc
SCH-W899 SCH-W899
SCH-W999 SCH-W999
SGH-I987 SGH-I987
SGH-S730G amazingtrf
SHW-M480S p4noterfskt
Sidekick SGH-T839
SM-N9007 htdlte
SM-P607T lt03ltetmo
SM-T255S q7lteskt
SPH-L500 stunnerltespr
Transfix SCH-R730
Transform SPH-M920
Transform Ultra SPH-M930
Transform Ultra SPH-M930BST
VinsQ SPH-M910


NW-F800 icx1227
NW-F880 Series icx1237
NW-ZX1 icx1240
NWZ-Z1000 icx1216
SmartWatch 3 tetra
Sony Tablet P nbx02
Tablet S nbx03
Xperia A2 SO-04F
Xperia C3 D2533
Xperia C3 Dual D2502
Xperia E3 D2202
Xperia E3 D2203
Xperia E3 D2206
Xperia E3 D2243
Xperia E3 Dual D2212
Xperia M2 Aqua D2406
Xperia M2 Aqua D2403
Xperia T2 Ultra D5316N
Xperia T3 D5102
Xperia T3 D5106
Xperia T3 D5103
Xperia Tablet S txs03
Xperia Z2 D6503
Xperia Z2 SO-03F
Xperia Z2 D6502
Xperia Z2 D6543
Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP512
Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP561
Xperia Z2 Tablet SOT21
Xperia Z2 Tablet SO-05F
Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP511
Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP551
Xperia Z2 Tablet SGP521
Xperia Z2a D6563
Xperia Z3 SOL26
Xperia Z3 D6653
Xperia Z3 401SO
Xperia Z3 D6643
Xperia Z3 D6603
Xperia Z3 D6616
Xperia Z3 SO-01G
Xperia Z3 Compact D5833
Xperia Z3 Compact D5803
Xperia Z3 Compact SO-02G
Xperia Z3 Dual D6633
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact SGP621
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact SGP641
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact SGP611
Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact SGP612
Xperia Z3v D6708
Xperia ZL2 SOL25
Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson

Live with Walkman WT19i
LT15a LT15a
WT18i WT18i
WT19a WT19a
X10 Xperia Mini robyn
Xperia A SO-04E
Xperia Acro IS11S
Xperia Acro SO-02C
Xperia acro HD IS12S
Xperia acro HD SO-03D
Xperia acro S LT26w
Xperia active ST17i
Xperia Arc SO-01C
Xperia Arc LT15i
Xperia arc S LT18a
Xperia arc S LT18i
Xperia AX SO-01E
Xperia C C2304
Xperia C S39h
Xperia C C2305
Xperia E C1505
Xperia E C1504
Xperia E dual C1604
Xperia E dual C1605
Xperia E1 D2005
Xperia E1 D2004
Xperia E1 D2114
Xperia E1 Dual D2105
Xperia E1 Dual D2104
Xperia Go ST27a
Xperia Go ST27i
Xperia GX SO-04D
Xperia ion LT28i
Xperia ion LT28h
Xperia ion LT28at
Xperia J ST26i
Xperia J ST26a
Xperia L C2105
Xperia L C2104
Xperia M C1905
Xperia M C1904
Xperia M dual C2004
Xperia M dual C2005
Xperia M2 D2303
Xperia M2 D2306
Xperia M2 D2305
Xperia M2 dual D2302
Xperia mini ST15a
Xperia mini S51SE
Xperia mini ST15i
Xperia mini pro SK17i
Xperia mini pro SK17a
Xperia Miro ST23i
Xperia miro ST23a
Xperia neo MT15a
Xperia Neo MT15i
Xperia neo L MT25i
Xperia neo V MT11a
Xperia neo V MT11i
Xperia P LT22i
Xperia PLAY R800at
Xperia PLAY SO-01D
Xperia Play Zeus
Xperia PLAY R800a
Xperia Play R800i
Xperia PLAY R800x
Xperia pro MK16i
Xperia pro MK16a
Xperia ray ST18i
Xperia ray SO-03C
Xperia ray ST18a
Xperia S LT26i
Xperia S SO-02D
Xperia SL LT26ii
Xperia sola MT27i
Xperia SP C5302
Xperia SP M35t
Xperia SP C5303
Xperia SP M35c
Xperia SP M35h
Xperia SX SO-05D
Xperia T LT30p
Xperia T LT30a
Xperia T LT30at
Xperia T2 Ultra D5306
Xperia T2 Ultra D5303
Xperia T2 Ultra D5322
Xperia T2 Ultra D5316
Xperia Tablet Z SO-03E
Xperia Tablet Z SGP312
Xperia Tablet Z SGP321
Xperia Tablet Z SGP311
Xperia Tablet Z SGP351
Xperia Tablet Z SGP341
Xperia Tipo ST21i
Xperia Tipo ST21i2
Xperia tipo ST21a
Xperia tipo dual ST21a2
Xperia TX LT29i
Xperia U ST25i
Xperia U ST25a
Xperia UL SOL22
Xperia V LT25c
Xperia V LT25i
Xperia VL SOL21
Xperia X10 X10i
Xperia X10 X10a
Xperia X10 SO-01B
Xperia X10 Mini E10i
Xperia X10 Mini SonyEricssonE10i
Xperia X10 Mini Pro U20i
Xperia X8 E15i
Xperia Z C6616
Xperia Z C6606
Xperia Z L36h
Xperia Z C6603
Xperia Z C6602
Xperia Z SO-02E
Xperia Z Ultra SGP412
Xperia Z Ultra XL39h
Xperia Z Ultra SOL24
Xperia Z Ultra C6806
Xperia Z Ultra C6833
Xperia Z Ultra C6843
Xperia Z Ultra C6802
Xperia Z1 L39t
Xperia Z1 C6902
Xperia Z1 SO-01F
Xperia Z1 C6903
Xperia Z1 C6906
Xperia Z1 SOL23
Xperia Z1 C6916
Xperia Z1 C6943
Xperia Z1 L39h
Xperia Z1 L39u
Xperia Z1 Compact D5503
Xperia Z1 Compact M51w
Xperia Z1f SO-02F
Xperia ZL C6506
Xperia ZL C6503
Xperia ZL C6502
Xperia ZR C5502
Xperia ZR C5306
Xperia ZR C5503


China casablanca
China braveheart
China HM2013023
HM 1SLTETD HM2014501
HM 1STD HM2014011
HM 2LTE-BR HM2014819
HM 2LTE-CMCC HM2014813
HM 2LTE-CT HM2014812
HM 2LTE-CU HM2014811
HM 2LTE-IN HM2014818
HM 2LTE-SA HM2014817
HM NOTE 1S CT gucci
HM NOTE 1TD lcsh92_wet_tdd
HM NOTE 1W lcsh92_wet_jb9
Hong Mi HM2013022
MI 2A taurus
MI 2S aries
MI 3 pisces
MI 3W cancro
MI PAD mocha
MiBOX2 dredd
MiTV2 entrapment


ZTE U795 U795
009Z bladeplus
402ZT ZTE-402ZT
A2 A2
Amazing A1 roamer2
Amazing p5_Lite V77
Android Edition Starnaute amigo
Android Edition StarText turies
Avea inTouch 4 msm8916_32
Baker ZTE-Baker
Blade blade
Blade G LTE oceanus
Blade S blade2
Bouygues Telecom Bs 402 P172G10
Cosmote Xplore Cosmote-Xplore
Cosmote Xplore Cosmote
D930 D930
Grand S Flex iris
Grand X P175A20
Grand X Pro P177A20
K75 crane-zte7
K97 K97
MS4A kiska
MS4A roundtop
Mtag 281 mooncake2
myPad P5 K78
N720 N720
N762 roamer
N765_APT N765
N800 nex
N8000_WHTE_CKT N8000
N8010_APT N8010_APT
N810 fluid
N8300_Reliance N8300_Reliance
N850 sean
N850L seanplus
N855D hope
N860 arthur
N861 warp2
N910 arthur4g
N9100 hayes
N9101 apollo
N9130 speed
N9180 N9180
N918St N918St
N9500 gordon
N9515 warp4
N9516 eridani
N9520 stormer
N958St N958St
N9810 quantum
N986D P188F10
NE501J NE501J
NX402 NX40X
NX403A NX403A
NX404H NX404H
NX405H NX405H
NX406E NX406E
NX40X NX402
NX501 NX501
NX503A NX503A
NX503J NX503J
NX505J NX505J
NX506J NX506J
NX507J NX507J
NX601J NX601J
Orange Hi 4G Orange_Hi_4G
Orange Reyo P172D10
Orange Rono Vec4G
QB7211 QB7211
Racer mooncake
RACERII racer2
S8Q MT8123
Skate4.3 H skateplus
SmartTab10 V11A
SmartTab7 V71A
soft stone P726N
T77 T77
tmn smart a7 sailboat
Turkcell Maxi Plus 5 nice
U880 U880
U9180 U9180
V55 V55
V6020_Claro V6020_Claro
V66 V66
V68 V68
V72C v72c
V72M eos
V8000_USA_Cricket V8000
V8100_Z55 V8100_Z55
V8110 V8110
V8200_EE_UK V8200_EE_UK
V8200-Memphis-orange-Slovakia V8200_OSK
V8200plus V8200plus
V8285 MT8382
V8300_Z39 V8300_Z39
V865M hct77_jb
V865M hct77_ics2
V9 v9
V9180 V9180
V961 whistler
V96A V96A
V9A v9plus
VF945 P727A
Vodafone 945 joe
X500_USA_General X500
X501_USA_OM X501
X9180 X9180
Z667 demi
Z667T bonnie
Z730 ada
Z740 metis
Z750C Z750C
Z752C eros
Z753G faerie
Z768G Z768G
Z777 betty
Z787 apus
Z792 giant
Z795G ZTE-Z795G
Z796C Z796C
Z797C carol
Z826 herculis
Z830 gruis
Z933 glaucus
Z936L gift
Z970 draconis
Z980L cygni
Z992 aviva
Z995 becky
ZTE A880 ZTE-A880
ZTE Blade C370 ZTE_Blade_C370
ZTE Blade G ZTE-Blade-G
ZTE Blade G LTE coeus
ZTE Blade G Lux P172F10
ZTE Blade HN ZTE_Blade_HN
ZTE Blade III Pro Blade-III-Pro
ZTE Blade L2 P182A10
ZTE Blade L3 P182A20
ZTE Blade Q Lux P632A10
ZTE Blade Q Mini P172G10_UK_VIRGIN
ZTE Blade V ZTE-Blade-V
ZTE Blade Vec P692S20_Q82
ZTE Blade Vec Pro P692S20_M92
ZTE C310 P172D04
ZTE G601U P172E02
ZTE G717C P692N30
ZTE G720T P839T30
ZTE G720T V_P839T30
ZTE GEEK II Pro ztexasp92_wet_jb9
ZTE Grand Era enterprise_HK
ZTE Grand Era enterprise_RU
ZTE Grand Memo LTE Grand-Memo
ZTE Grand S ZTE-Grand-S
ZTE Grand S Grand-S
ZTE Grand S II P541T50
ZTE Grand S II P897A21
ZTE Grand S II LTE msm8974
ZTE Grand X 2 P682F06
ZTE Grand X Quad Lite P188F07
ZTE Kis 3 ZTE-P821E10
ZTE Kis Q P172D02
ZTE LEO S2 V982M_Z64
ZTE M901C P692N60
ZTE N5L prmthus
ZTE N5S P189F10
ZTE N798+ ZTE_N798P
ZTE N798+ ZTE_N798
ZTE N807 ZTE-N807
ZTE N818 ZTE-N818
ZTE N900 ZTE-N900
ZTE N909 ZTE-N909
ZTE N9120 elden
ZTE N919 ZTE-N919
ZTE N970 dana
ZTE N980 ZTE-N980
ZTE N983 P177F03
ZTE N9835 chovar
ZTE N986 P188F02
ZTE N988 ZTE-N988
ZTE Q101T P810T10
ZTE Q201T P172T24
ZTE Q2S-T P826T50
ZTE Q301C APT_TW_P810N30
ZTE Q301C P810N30
ZTE Q501T P172T31
ZTE Q501U P172F04
ZTE Q503U P682V53
ZTE Q505T P826T20
ZTE Q507T P682T20
ZTE Q509T P632T31
ZTE Q7 P839V50
ZTE Q705U P682V60
ZTE Q801T P181L30
ZTE Q801U P826V30
ZTE Q802T P826T30
ZTE Q805T P120T55
ZTE R83 demeter
ZTE S118 P189S10
ZTE Switch X1 deepblue
ZTE T12 P173A30T
ZTE T28 bluetick
ZTE T760 P173A10T
ZTE T792 ZTE-T792
ZTE T81 iliamna
ZTE T82 frosty
ZTE U5 enterprise
ZTE U5S P188T51
ZTE U788 U788
ZTE U788+ z788
ZTE U790 U790
ZTE U791 P810T01
ZTE U793 P810T02
ZTE U795+ z795
ZTE U807 P117A11
ZTE U807N P117A13
ZTE U808 P825T10
ZTE U816 P988T20
ZTE U817 P117A20
ZTE U818 P172T21
ZTE U819 P188T20
ZTE U879 P172T30
ZTE U880E U880E
ZTE U880F ventana_U880F
ZTE U880F1 U880F1
ZTE U880s U880s
ZTE U880s2 P810A10
ZTE U885 U885
ZTE U887 P810A20
ZTE U889 P183T30
ZTE U930 ventana_U930
ZTE U935 P117A30
ZTE U950 enterprise_U950
ZTE U956 P188T10
ZTE U960D msm7630_zteu960
ZTE U960E P117T21
ZTE U960s2 U960s2
ZTE U960s3 U960s3
ZTE U968 P682T51
ZTE U969 P682T50
ZTE U9815 P945T20
ZTE U985 enterprise_U985
ZTE U988S pluto
ZTE V5S P189F13
ZTE V7073 V7073
ZTE V72 V72
ZTE V768 V768
ZTE V768 P253A20
ZTE V769M V769M
ZTE V791 P175A40
ZTE V792C P810D01
ZTE V793 P175A60
ZTE V795 P172D01
ZTE V797 P172D03
ZTE V807 P177E01
ZTE V808 P172E01
ZTE V809 P172A10
ZTE V811 ZTE-V811
ZTE V811C P810E01
ZTE V811W P821E10
ZTE V813W P172B20
ZTE V815W P172R10
ZTE V817 ZTE-V817
ZTE V818 P172F01
ZTE V829 P172A30
ZTE V880E atlas40
ZTE V887 P177A10
ZTE V889M P175A10
ZTE V9500 okmok
ZTE V955 ZTE-V955
ZTE V956 ZTE-V956
ZTE V965 P188F03
ZTE V969 P682F01
ZTE V975 redhookbay
ZTE V9820 ZTE-V9820
ZTE V983 P177A30
ZTE V985 enterprise_V985
ZTE V987 P188F04
ZTE V988 ZTE-V988
ZTE Z932L warplte
ZTE_LEO_Q1 hct72_wet_jb3
ZTE_N9511 hera
ZTE-C N780 banana
ZTE-C R750 r750
ZTE-C X500 X500MMB
ZTE-T T98 cardhu
ZTE-T U805 U805
ZTE-T U812 U812
ZTE-T U830 U830
ZTE-T U960s U960s
ZTE-U N721 N721
ZTE-U V760 ztenj73_gb
ZTE-U V760 p173a10
ZTE-U V857 V857
ZTE-U V857 zte_v857
ZTE-U V875m V875m
ZTE-U X876 P722G
ZTE-V6500 V6500
ZTE-V856 zte_v856
ZXY-ZTE N8300 N8300_CT
ZXY-ZTE_N8010 N8010_YM
ZXY-ZTE_N8010 N8010_CT
ZXY-ZTE_N8010 N8010_CT_BL
ZXY-ZTE_V6700 V6700


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