Insufficient Storage Available Error Android Phone (Fixed)


Insufficient Storage Available Error Android Phone (Fixed)

You most likely arrived at this website to solve the error insufficient storage available Android phone. Most people don’t realize that a android phone is also a full-size computer. And just like computers, also android phones can have the same problems. Don’t panic, you chose the right place to solve this annoying problem. A lot of websites offer a whole range of solutions. But those solutions are most of the time to technical to solve for the common user.

Insufficient Storage Available Error Android Phone (Fixed)

You probably installed some apps and some music and pictures. But your android phone has probably 16 Gb or more storage. So this should be enough storage left on your android phone. The lack of a for instance insufficient storage available Google play, occurs normally only when you want to install something on your android phone. It also can happen when you want to update something in your phone.

I myself had the problem when updating a app. My android phone has 32 GB and I had about 10 GB of free space available. But still the storage error persists. The problem with the storage error is, that the operating system inside your android phone, that works similar to your Windows program in your PC, will not tell you what is wrong. In the past those kind of problems with storage where very common with big cell phones like the Galaxy S4. I expected and hoped that those problems with insufficient storage available would be solved by now with the new android phones. But as it turns out even the newest android phones still have these problems.

Insufficient storage available : two kind of storage

First we have to look at what kind of memory you have is it internal only without the use of SD card, these don’t have the option to extend your memory storage. In that case you have to hope that you have enough storage to work with.

Insufficient storage available Samsung Galaxy: USB and SD

Then there are the preferred android phones with internal as well as a USB and SD card. Always go for this system when buying a new android phone. Because with this system you can never overload your storage with music or other personal things you want to download and store on your phone. Music and photos can be stored on your memory card or other external storage through USB.


The storage problem lies always in the internal storage, where the apps are installed. As I also was the victim of this problem I searched the Internet for a solution. I found hundreds of solutions from simple to very technical. I will offer you all the solutions available on this website. On this page I will handle the simple solution and if is not works then you can always try the second one that I will handle in the second part of this page.

The easy fix for Insufficient storage available.

In the following instructions I will tell you step-by-step how to fix your storage problem on your android phone.

1st Step: You can download and install the lucky patcher with the file manager that you can find inside your android phone, download it below.


2ns Step: Go to troubleshooting inside the menu of Lucky patcher.

3rd Step: As shown on the picture below.

Insufficient Storage Available Error Android Phone (Fixed)

4th Step: To finish just restart your android phone and your insufficient storage available error is fixed.


In this part I will explain another method to get rid of the same error message.If you did not try the simple method in the beginning of this page then please go there first. But it’s still a strange phenomena that a popular device like this that makes millions of profits to the big companies, don’t offer a service like I am showing you on my website. The solutions are only as far as I know by private forums and websites. One should almost think that the money is more important than the service once a product is sold.

fixing_Android_insufficient_storage_availableOn the other hand it’s mostly the guy or girl in the street that is the specialist, and not the person that is employed by the producing companies that are hiring only people with the diploma.

But enough talking about what is wrong, let’s get some Androids right.

First Step: First try to download an app of something like 2MB, depending on your android it could be taking more space.

Delete a few things from your internal storage (not your SD card) if this causes problems.

Second Step: Download the App Cache Cleaner on your Google Play Store this is free and should go fine since you got some space.



Third Step: If this went fine then you’re past the difficult part. With that Cache Cleaner you can start scanning the Android. You can scan the internal caches one by one by entering the trashcan next to the individual cache.But it is also possible to go to the bottom of your screen and click the Clear button, the delete them all.


Fourth Step: And when you got more space after you cleaned the caches after you did step three, then you could try again to install the app you wanted to install before the message insufficient storage available.

Well done, you probably fixed your android error.

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