How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone


How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone

Ubuntu is a popular operating system from Linux and is used by over 20 million users on their PCs. The OS is simple, fast, stable and looks great. While some users are still trying to install the Ubuntu OS on their Windows based PCs, others have already installed the OS on their Android smartphones. Yes, you can now install the full Ubuntu platform on your Android smartphone and get the openness of Ubuntu that you won’t find in any other OS.

Follow this guide to learn more.


Firstly, you need root access and without it, you won’t be able to install Ubuntu on your Android device. You will also need support for loop devices on your Android phone. The latest Android phones do come with this so if you’re using a smartphone from even a year earlier, you should be fine.

Step 1

Download the Ubuntu firmware on your PC. You can get the firmware through this link. The file size is over 600 MB so you might want to do something else while the file is downloading.

Step 2

Next, install Android SDK on your PC if you don’t have it installed. You can get the SDK installer through this link. Once downloaded, you can install Android SDK like any other PC app. Also, if you haven’t installed drivers for your Android device, you need to install them as well. You can download the drivers using this link.

Step 3

Enable USB Debugging on your Android device. You can do this by going to the Settings app, tapping on Developer options and checking on USB Debugging.


Step 4

Now, connect your Android device to your PC via a micro USB cable.

Step 5

Unzip the Ubuntu firmware file the you downloaded earlier and copy the Ubuntu folder to the root directory of your SD card.

Step 6

Open Command Prompt on your PC and go to the Android SDK Tools directory. This might depend on where you installed the SDK but most users will find this in sdktools. In order to go to the directory in CMD, type this command or any other command if you have SDK installed somewhere else.

cd sdktools

How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone step 6

Step 7

In order to check whether your device is connected and recognized, type this command in CMD:

adb devices

If you get a message with some numbers and digits, then you’re good to go.

How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone step7

Step 8

Now, type these 4 commands in CMD. After typing each command, make sure that you hit the enter key.

adb shell


cd /sdcard

cd /ubuntu

How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone step8



Step 9

Next, type this command


This will run a script through CMD and it might take a while. You might also get several errors while the script is running. Don’t worry about them and just let the script load.

How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone step9

Step 10

Ubuntu is now ready to run on your Android device. In order to start it on your Android device, type this in CMD:


That’s it! Your Android device should now be running the full Ubuntu operating system.

 How To Install Ubuntu On Android Phone step10

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