Infolinks Review – Make More Money from Ads


Infolinks Review – Make More Money from Ads

Hello HostPK readers! Today, I am  posting an Infolinks review. Infolinks is one of the biggest online ad networks today – in fact, they are “the second largest ad marketplace in the world with more than 120K websites”.  One of their most popular advertising options, are in-text ads. Traditionally, advertisements usually take place as a banner image or animation. Infolinks offer a many different forms of advertisements that help publishers get more clicks (and more money) and advertisers receive more sales/leads. Join below


Infolinks Ad Types

In this Infolinks review, I will talk about 4 different revolutionary types of ads that Infolinks offers:

  • InFold Ads
  • InText Ads
  • InFrame Ads
  • InTag Ads

InFold Ads

InFold ads appear above the fold, and it is shown as a banner on the bottom of the screen, which always stays above the fold as the user scrolls down. It is quite unobtrusive, as it moves down to a headline after a few seconds and it can also be closed (by clicking on the “x” on the upper right corner). According to the Infolinks website, InFold Ads can offer 30x the engagement of conventional ad units – which means you also get 30X the revenue! (maybe 25X in reality as the pay per click might be slightly lower.)


InText Ads

InText Ads are the most popular and well known of all the options Infolinks offers! These ads are relevant and one of its best parts are that it keeps the interface clean and neat. It automatically detects valuable and high-paying keywords in your page text, it double-underlines them. When the user moves their cursor over the word, it opens a small box which includes text and images and also a link that the user can click on. You can customize how the whole thing looks so the color scheme and fonts, etc. fit with your blog layout. The double-underline shows that this is not a normal link. InText ads are very effective and popular.


InTag Ads

InTag Ads shows a tag cloud in between paragraphs where each of the tags link to a specific advertisement. It can expose your readers to a wide variety of keywords, thus you might gain more clicks.


InFrame Ads

InFrame ads monetize the unutilized side margins of the website and display advertisements there to help you bring in more revenue. They are relevant and do not interfere with the basic site design.


Personally, I would recommend a combination between the must-have InText ads and high-earning InFold Ads, and maybe InTag/InFrame ads.

For more information about the different ads Infolinks offers, visit here.


Infolinks appears to have an active support staff that is fast to respond and helpful. I feel that they sincerely care about their customers, and will go lengths to help their customers solve problems. For example, a few months ago I published an article on Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives, where I listed Infolinks as one of them. Itai, a staff of Infolinks, popped over and left not one, but two comments (one replying to me). Wow! I don’t know of many companies that will do that (especially bigger ones! :P) This is one of the reasons that encouraged me to write this Infolinks review.


Infolinks offers a wide range of payment options – PayPal, Bank Wire, eCheck, Western Union, ACH (only for U.S. bank accounts) and Payoneer. The payment threshold is $50 or $100 for Bank Wire and Western Union Transfer. PayPal is the easiest and most secure way of withdrawing payment, so I’d recommend that. You get paid within 45 days of reaching the threshold. So, if you reached $50 on May, you’ll receive the payment mid-July.


There are several similar services to Infolinks in terms of in-text ads such as Kontera or Clicksor, though Infolinks is better than them.


Most bloggers either love or hate Google Adsense – love it because they are making lots of money with it (high CPC rates with Adsense), or hate it because they have tried to gain approval to the network but were declined and were forced to find alternatives. Infolinks works as a great alternative to Adsense or it can even be used with Adsense! Indeed, several blogs use Infolinks and Adsense at the same time.

Final Verdict – Infolinks Review

Infolinks is a great adsense alternative or an adsense companion, and it can also be used on it’s own. Offering high CTR (click through rates), Infolinks has 4 types of ads – InText, InFold, InTag, and InFrame. It has good support and a relatively low payment threshold.

Final Rating?


Hope you enjoyed this Infolinks Review!

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