How to Install WHM Cpanel in Linux


How to Install WHM Cpanel in Linux

Please Note: New Purchased VPS always comes with Installation but if you doesn’t want to re-install or changing OS then kindly follow step 2

Step 1

If you ware on OpenVZ with SolusVM then you must log on to your account and Select OS you want to install for WHM i recommend CentOS 6 OR higher. You will get an Installation confirmation msg to your VPS Manager System you are ready to go to install WHM.

Step 2

You can either access your SSH Console through VPS Manager Control Panel OR Download Putty from here and user your IP address and once you login use your username as “root” & password provided by your hosting company to access your VPS.

Step 3

If you are not familiar with SSH Commands follow my other post to check for more details. Once you login your page will look like the image shown below

Install WHM

cd /home — Opens the directory /home (WHM Installation directory)

wget -N (this command will download the latest WHM release from cpanel)

sh latest (this command will run and install the WHM)

if you want to activate a copy of your WHM type following command


rebbot (this will restart your VPS)

Congrats, you will be amazed with success message and completed installation. Now Configure your WHM to run websites and install required php extensions and plugins.

Want to know more about WHM Configuration? Most Important part i about to start….

1. Setting up OR Registering Name Servers

2. Setting up PHP, MYSQL Version

3. Setting up Mail clients

4. Setting up Ports (FTP, HTTP, POP, IMAP, HTTPS)

5. Setting up SMTP Relay and bind domains for sending per hour mail (Stop Spamming)

6. Setting up EasyApache (to make sure all latest applications such as worpdress, magento, joomla, ecommerce websites will run without any extension errors.

7. Setting up security patches (prevent your WHM being hacked)

8. Setting up Success & Failed Login WHM notification

9. Auto Install Applications after creating domains (If you create a domain some applications or files wil automatically copied to the domain public_html. You can even copy wordpress, joomla, custom Coming Soon Pages, etc.)

10. Installing  Custom 404 Pages

11. Installing SSL Certificate to WHM/Cpanel/Webmail (Very important for Setting up VPS for Web Hosting)

12. Setting up WHM admin contact information

13. Setting up Backup of your entire VPS OR WHM Domains

14. Setting up Resellers Account

15. Adding Few Security Settings

You Done. How to install WHM is about to end…..


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