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windows live issue

Windows Live Issue Mail was a Microsoft freeware email client that allowed users to set up their email accounts and take advantage of the features for quick email communication. It’s simple to keep track of emails and send and receive messages.  However, Windows Live Like any other software program, Mail is prone to various faults. Errors frequently target it and display a variety of error messages.  One of the common problems with Windows is its Live mail not opening, solve the Windows Live Mail not opening error here. Even though Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Mail, consumers continue to use it because it is still available. You will be unable to contact the Microsoft support staff if the application displays an error. windows live issue

When using Windows Live Mail, many customers have reported receiving repeated errors. In this article, we’ve outlined the most common Windows Live Mail issues, as well as a practical approach for resolving them.

ERROR 3219:How to Resolve

A suitable way to fix this problem is to use Windows Live Mail to reconfigure the email servers.  Go to Accounts in Windows Live Mail. With the @ sign, click the ‘+’ icon. 

Following the instructions below, you may quickly remove and reconfigure the accounts:

  1. Fill in the user name and password fields with the correct information.
  2. Manually Configure Server Settings’ should be checked.
  3. Under Incoming Server Information, choose the server types.
  4. Type the server address and port number in Server Address.
  5. Check the box next to ‘Requires a secure connection SSL.’
  6. In the Outgoing Server Information section, type the server address, and in the Port Type area, type the port number.

Error  OX8007007A: Fixing Method

  1. Delete the message causing the problem, then send another message.
  2. Remove your Windows Live Mail account and reconfigure it.
  3. Send the photos/images as attachments.
  4. ‘Create photo email from photo attachments’ should be unchecked.
  5. You might resolve this issue if you examine these solutions.

0x800CCC0B Error in Authentication

Even though many email service providers do not require authentication for outgoing emails, Windows Live Mail may require additional authentication. The error code is 0x800CCC0B indicates that your email provider requires authentication for both incoming and outgoing emails. Authentication in Windows Live Mail can be turned on or off on an account-by-account basis. 0x800CCC0B 

Follow the steps outlined below to activate authentication:

  1. In Windows Live Mail, go to the Accounts tab.
  2. Click Properties after selecting the email account from which the authentication error is being received.
  3. The properties of the email account are shown. Open the Server tab under the Outgoing Mail Server section and check the box “My server requires authentication,” then click OK.

This will enable incoming and outgoing email authentication, and you will no longer receive the error. The email service provider uses the incoming mail login and password to authenticate outgoing emails in most cases. 

If this is not the case, continue with the following steps:

  1. Then select the Settings option.
  2. On the screen, the Outgoing email server properties section will appear. Select the ‘Log on using’ option and enter your outgoing mail account name and password (don’t forget to check the box Remember password. ), then click OK.
  3. Try sending an email after configuring the outgoing email settings to see whether the error persists.

Support for Windows Live Mail is coming to an end. If you use Windows Live Mail, you should be informed that Microsoft stopped supporting it on June 30, 2016. While most people still use WLM with a few tweaks, it won’t last long, especially if you’re on Windows 10 or a future Windows version. People, on the other hand, always choose to stick with WLM. WLM users, on the other hand, will have to switch to another email client, either immediately or later because they won’t be able to use WLM indefinitely.

Dealing With WLM Support’s End

There is currently no way to deal with WLM’s End of Support. You can either use.

Windows Live Mail until it stops operating or switch to another email client like Outlook. You can, for example, import EML files. To PST, and then use Outlook to view it. Troubleshooting any application that relies on a connection now necessitates a Firewall checkup.

Because Windows Live Issue Mail must connect to a dedicated server to view and sync your inbox, ensure sure it has permission to do so. This necessary procedure is contingent on the Firewall not blocking Windows Live Mail. So, to allow Windows Live Mail across Windows Firewall, follow the instructions above. Because the approach varies depending on the third-party application, we recommend you google your own, briefly disable its Firewall, and check for changes. Furthermore, if you’re unclear how to do it, you should uninstall any third-party software from your computer entirely.

Problems With Windows Live Mail

Microsoft no longer supports services like Live Mail. Therefore the issues you’re having are for a cause. These dependable email applications and apps for Windows 10 are excellent solutions to consider. Repair Windows Live Issue Mail – Users no longer find Windows Live Mail very convenient. We looked at various possible causes and came up with the following list of solutions. Check out the recommended fixes if you’re having trouble with your favorite vintage email client. Use the remedies mentioned above whenever you’re plagued with severe problems.


Because of its ease, many individuals continue to use Windows Live Mail. However, WLM’s frequent flaws make it difficult for users to utilize. We’ve gone over some of the most ordinary WLM issues and provided a unique remedy for each one. We’ve also discussed a rapid option for quickly converting EML files to PST, Kernel EML to PST.



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