How to Fix Internal Server Error in WordPress


How to Fix Internal Server Error in WordPress

You might have spent a long time suffering internet, and interacted with HTTP 500 Internal Server Error at least few times. Internal Server Error is one of the common WordPress errors it is a headache for a beginner. When we moved to WordPress from Blogger about an half year back, we have faced this error many times but its not much difficult to resolve this issue, so don’t be panic we will teach you how to fix the Internal server error in WordPress in this article but first we have to learn why it occurs.

Why do we get Internal Server Error in WordPress?

Internal server error is not specified for WordPress only, it may happen with other CMS or Scripts running on server. In WordPress is may cause by plugin or theme functions, there are other causes of internal server error in WordPress such as corrupted .htaccess and PHP memory limit. Some time internal server error occur when we try to access the administrator area but the rest of our site work fine.

So let’s start to learn how to troubleshoot the internal server error in WordPress.

Corrupt .htaccess File:

First rename your .htaccess file with anything you assume for example (.htacsess_prev). You can access .htaccess file through FTP or Internal Filemanager provided by your Hosting Provider.

After renaming the .htaccess file reload your website, if it work fine that’s good but if it isn’t than don’t worry go to Settings » Permalinks and click the save button and again reload the page.

If it doesn’t work then move to the next option.

Increase the PHP Memory Limit:

It is not so hard you just need to follow the simple four step mentioned below to increase the PHP Memory Limit and to resolve the internal server error in WordPress.

  1. Create a blank text file called php.ini
  2. Paste this code in there: memory=64MB
  3. Save the file
  4. Upload it into your /wp-admin/ folder using FTP

Several users have said that doing the above fixed the admin side problem for them. if it is fixed it is temporary, then ping your web hosting company and ask them to find which plugin or theme function is exhausting your Memory Limit and than remove to solve this issue permanently.

If it doesn’t work for you move to the next step.

Deactivate all Plugins:

You are here because above mentioned fixes didn’t worked for you so internet server error in wordpress you are facing might be because of a plugin which is interrupting server functions. You need to deactivate all plugins to fix this issue by following these methods.

Using FTP:

Access your “/wp-content/” folder and you will find there is subfolder named as “plugins” rename the folder name for example to “plugins.dct” once you done this all of your Plugins will be deactivated.

Using phpMyAdmin:

Go to your WordPress database and select wp_options table. Locate the option name “active_plugins“, press edit value of that option and change it to “a:0:{}“.

If you are not much aware of phpMyAdmin than we suggest to go for FTP method to deactivate your plugins.

Hope that you’ve deactivated your plugins, now reload your web if it works, then it is confirmed that the error is caused by a plugin. Now all you have to do is simply go through the same steps and check all plugins. but first rename your “plugins.dct” folder or whatever name your choose back to the normal “plugins“.

If this option doesn’t work for you move to the next step which is quite simple.

Re-Upload all core files:

It seems to be that you are still unable to fix the internet server error in your WordPress site follow the steps, Download a fresh copy of WordPress from WordPress and re-upload all core files from wp-admin and wp-includes folder don’t upload anything els. Uploading these two folder doesn’t hurt your web it will refresh all those file include the one which is infected.

If all this didn’t worked for your your better ask your Hosting provider to fix the issue provide them the details they ask for and they will fix the issue


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