How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android Phone


How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android Phone

Yesterday I was in a hurry to call my friend! When I open contacts in my Lenovo P780 I found that my friend contact has been saved f**king four times. It’s not my fault that I save his number four times. This happens due to contact import and export sometime sync contacts from Facebook or blah blah. May be whatever the reason the problem was big as there were more duplicate contacts like this and my contacts was like a mess. The worst scenario is you may be frustrated to find a contact if failed to remember his/her proper name to put in the search option. I think I am not the only one who have faced this problem. So how to solve this problem.

Today I am going to tell you how to delete duplicate contacts in your Android phone? This is totally safe and most easy process. Just delete all those duplicate contacts with one click. Don’t worry as only those contacts will be deleted having same contact number or phone number keeping the original one. For example, if XYZ contact saved two times more like XYZ_1 and XYZ_2 then XYZ_1 and XYZ_2 both will be deleted keeping the original XYZ unaffected.

So how delete duplicate contacts on Android Phone? Just have a look this most easy how to guide.

How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On Android Phone

Step 1: Make a backup of your contacts using your default contact manager or any third-party apps

Step 2: Download and install “Duplicate Contacts” from Play Store here

Step 3: Just open the app, it will scan your whole contact and show you the number of duplicate contacts – See more at:
Step 4: Now just tap on Delete selected  to delete those duplicate contacts or make a review before deleting – See more at:

It will take a few seconds to delete depending upon your duplicate contact number. Now you can again run the app, it will show that 0 duplicate contacts found. If not, then delete the remaining ones

If you feel that anything goes wrong mean some important contacts deleted, then you can get by restoring the backup that you make in step 1.

But I am pretty sure that you will not face this awkward problem as Duplicate Contacts App works perfectly on my case.

So go and install Duplicate Contacts on your Android phone and delete duplicate or same contacts having same contact or phone number. For any kind of problem you can make comments here.


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