How CV Building is Playing An Important Role To Beat Unemployment

CV Builder and Jobs in Pakistan

Unemployment has been a big issue in Pakistan that not only frustrates unemployed people but also disappoints them. If we look at its ratio, it has been high in the past years. From the past until now we see that people look for an opportunity in newspapers. In this modern age, people are trying to find a job online or through a newspaper. Noticing this unemployment frustration, started working in 2016 to bring an easy way of finding job opportunities at their platform.

Fareeha Sufdar, CEO of started this job search engine with a vision not only to bring the best opportunities for job seekers but also to allow employers to hunt the best-talented professionals for their companies. This idea clicked and now top organizations in Pakistan are associated with and also hired the most talented ones.

Power of A Resume

It’s a resume or CV that brings confidence in a candidate before applying for a job. If a CV is not professionally created, it leaves a bad impression and moves far back from employers. That’s why many resumes are not considered and thrown in the basket. The competition in the market in every industry is already tough so if a candidate wants to get hired sooner, he must have a powerful CV designed. understands the value of resume and employers’ needs that’s why they created an easy process to forward a professional resume to employers. On the other side, employers also feel convenient to choose the right candidate through a quicker and faster process using platform. It was who presented the worth of a resume or CV at a standard level that helps job seekers using CV building features. Employers feel easy to see the whole career history of a candidate before shortlisting. CV building facility at saves much time of job seekers and they can create their resume by spending some time at their platform.

A Faster Hiring Process:

Whether it is job seeker or employer, both want to find a quick way through. A job seeker wants to get hired to end unemployment frustration and start working to earn his bread and butter. Employers also want the whole hiring process faster so that they could be able to hire talented resources for the available seats in their companies.

The way is making this whole process simpler and faster, it does not take much time for employers to choose a candidate for available positions in their companies. Since top professional organizations have joined and their number is continuing. Many job seekers are getting hired by professional organizations in a minimum time. It is the trust of job seekers and employers that do not only encourage but also gives them the energy to work more with passion.

CV Builder and Jobs in Pakistan

When we talk about the process of forwarding a resume to an employer, it’s pretty simple!

If a job seeker does not have any idea to create a standard resume, he can simply sign up. Standard CV templates make job seekers convenient. He needs to create his profile at, once a profile is created, he can see different templates to build his resume or CV. “Create a buzz” is quite helpful so he needs to choose a template according to his choice then put educational, experiences and skills information to finalize his resume then after a qucik search for the latest jobs in Pakistan he can apply. As soon as he completes everything, his CV looks up to the mark.

Social Events Activity:

Working for employers and job seekers is great however being a part of social events is a blessing. Recently launched a social campaign as Jobee Cares with this objective to support and care for special people. Spreading happiness and smile on the faces of those who need care a lot is a pious deed. Staff bees at are standing by such special people and feeling happy to care for them.

Looking To Future

From 2016 till now, what has achieved is because of a dedicated team effort. This is not over, still is looking ahead to bring solutions of unemployment and have all companies found talented people for their companies. Their teamwork is an example to bring the best results for job seekers as well as for employers.