How can tech help people improve their writing skills?


Today’s generation clearly shows us a clear picture of how important technology is and how each of us depends on it for our work to be done. Technology plays a vital role in every aspect ranging from online shopping to online food delivery to online classes and whatnot; it has its job played everywhere. Technology gives us access to many tools that we can use to improve our skills in different fields. People have started adopting technology in their organizations such as schools and offices for better and faster work, functioning less time and with perfection. 


Writing has been a critical and highly used skill in today’s generation. People enjoy writing and are taking up more jobs in content creation. Writing digitally has changed how we work, socialize, convey, read, and offer information; however, while the medium has changed, the fundamental skills required to write well have not. Tools like  can help make our process more smooth, yet they don’t replace great feedback and teaching. Below are a few tools that will help you understand how technology has improved writing skills.

  • Fundamentals: 

The procedural part of writing that has changed most essentially in recent years has been software detection to detect errors. Spell checking, language structure checking have all gotten altogether quicker and more precise in the digital era. Of course, no spell checker is perfect, but with time they all are getting better. E.g., Grammarly, Quetext, etc.

  • Rubrics and Prompts: 

It’s essential to set and make rubrics for every write-up that one will write as it makes it easy to go further with the writing and hence provides a proper framework of how to go about it. E.g., CommonLit, Rubric creator, etc.

  • Writing and Collaboration: 

With the increased advancement in technology, writing has been easy with new methods. As earlier, we only had a word processor for writing; now, technology offers us many other platforms to collaborate with others to revise and cross-check for mistakes. Teams work on presentations and sales emails together too. E.g., Google docs, Evernote, etc.

  • Grading and Feedback: 

Feedback is an essential aspect of writing as it helps prevent mistakes in the future and learn from past experiences, and the same goes for grading. However, it is not important to get it from the teacher or any person; technology tools have enabled peer feedback and remote grading patterns viable for us. E.g., Peer grade, The Grading Network.

  • Learning Resources: 

A good write-up is properly researched and then written so that no important piece of information is left behind. The Internet is one big library where you will get whatever you search for, which makes the writing resourceful with more substance and

  • Plagiarism Checker: 

Plagiarism is a serious offense in writing. It refers to replicating another person’s work for your use. If your write-up is found containing any plagiarized content, it would not be taken into consideration and would be rejected straightaway. Many plagiarism checker software can be used to check the content before sending it for final approval. E.g., Turnitin, Plagiarism Checker, etc.

  • Audio Books: 

Audio Books are for the ones who face difficulty in placing punctuation marks during writing. Audiobooks with high-quality recording, correctly delivered speech, and beautiful pronunciation help to improve punctuation.

  • Improved gadgets for writing: 

Nowadays, a lot of devices are available for writing and working on. Gadgets such as laptops, desktop computers have made it simple for people to type, edit, and have a good write-up ready with them at the end.

  • Blogging: 

It is often said and reinforced through the positive outcomes we have seen throughout that practice makes a man perfect. Writing blogs is one of the best platforms to share your ideas on social issues and others by impacting society by your writing. Moreover, one can share it worldwide for others to read and comment on.


The above-mentioned tools and softwares were some of the tools that will make writing easy with the help of technology. Writing efficiently in terms of time and other factors but is also effective in many ways.

  • Students with learning disabilities have easier access to assistive technology as many apps allow people to speak the word and have the computer type them on the word processing program.


  • Technology helps people to get immediate feedback for their work done in many ways. For example, it helps to find grammatical errors, plagiarism and also proofread the entire work.


  • Using technology offers people free access to other resources such as online dictionaries and thesauruses for better writing.




Technology must be at the forefront and center to prepare the next generation for an increasingly competitive global workforce. The above-listed tech offers endless opportunities for perfecting your skills with some of the software that does not charge anything for it. Technology has made its place in the writing industry. It has continued to ease things for writers and those that are aspiring to write. 


We conclude that technology can surely help people improve their writing skills through the various tools it offers. However, if one wants to make full use of it, they should know about such apps and how to improve their writing. There are advancements in technology; it depends on how they use such opportunities to increase and master different fields and skills.


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