GTA 5 For PC is out now


GTA 5 For PC is out now

Cue the fireworks, confetti, and all other celebratory sky litter: Grand Theft Auto 5 is finally out on PC! We think it’s a game about stealing cars or something, but who can be sure? We haven’t played it yet, which is why we don’t have a review for you, but as of right now our reviewer can get to work beating up trucks (or whatever it is you do).

We’ll have an in-progress review later this week with a final review to come after that. But let’s be honest, a lot of you aren’t waiting for criticism of the port. You’re unpacking the Steam pre-load right now, like we are. And that’s OK, because we get to experience the discovery together. Let’s do that!

There are two important questions you can help us answer. The first is asked by approximately 6,000 people per second, and it is: “Can I run GTA 5?” In many cases, we bet the answer is yes (check out the system requirements), but you can help put minds at ease by sharing your specs and benchmark results in the comments (hit Tab in the ‘Advanced Graphics’ menu).

We’ll be experimenting with the port lots over the course of the week, but all of you with your many wonderful and unique PC builds can help amass a diverse selection of results. Remember to update your drivers before hopping in—Nvidia’s got a new update out, and so does AMD.

The second question we’d like to answer is: “Hey, is GTA 5 the kind of game where I can take ridiculous screenshots and videos, like say, me jumping a bicycle off a jet and into an aircraft carrier, and then share them?” We have a strong suspicion that it’s exactly that kind of game, but let’s prove it together. Show us your screenshots (Imgur is a good way to share) and your gifs (GifCam is an easy way to make them from a video, and Gfycat to share) of whatever nonsense you get up to in San Andreas. The in-game video editor should help!

If the time Chris Livingston tried to play Pillars of Eternity as a bunch of bears isn’t enough of an indication, we’ll also be trying to do the stupidest things we can think of. Have fun!

Update: So far, GTA 5 is a string of anxious ‘still unpacking’ tweets. We’re still unpacking it too, and we’ll see how it runs on the LPC when it launches.

Update 2: We’re in. God, these menus are a pain to navigate, aren’t they? Anyway, we tried using the benchmarking tool in the Advanced Graphics menu, but for some reason it ends with a “Mission Failed” screen instead of the expected min, max, and average framerate. Huh. I can’t find a log anywhere, but looking at the framerate readout during the benchmark I can tell you that we’re getting good results (69-120 fps) at max settings, 1440p. That’s expected of the LPC (we’re currently using two of its four GTX Titans), but not every game runs as well at that resolution. I’m seeing some reports of crashes, while others seem pleased and are reporting high framerates. It’ll probably take a day for the furor to settle down and we know just what the biggest issues are, and how many are experiencing them.

Source: PCGamer