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ALL You Need to Know About Google Nest Wi-Fi

ALL You Need to Know About Google Nest Wi-Fi

Google Nest Wi-Fi is a series of mesh-capable Wi-Fi routers and add-on points part of Google’s Nest family of products. It is the successor of Google Wi-Fi. The first generation was announced on October 4, 2016, and launched on December 5, 2016, in the United States. 


802.11ac connection with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels, 2×2 antennas, and beamforming capability is included in the first version of Google Wi-Fi. The second version was unveiled on October 15, 2019, during the Pixel 4 hardware launch, and sold in the United States on November 4, 2019. It features a quad-core processor, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB flash memory, and two gigabit Ethernet interfaces. A companion mobile app can control access to Wi-Fi. If you’re facing issues with this certain address , we suggest you check out this article.

ALL You Need to Know About Google Nest Wi-Fi

Software Features

When the system is registered, a new “Wi-Fi” button appears at the top of the Home app, which, when tapped, takes you to the Nest Wi-Fi dashboard page. This is lovely and simple: you can check your internet status at a glance, see how many mesh points and clients are connected, and choose to give one device priority access.


You may also experiment with previously only available features in the Google Wi-Fi app, such as setting up parental controls. You may assign devices to custom groups and enforce timetables and SafeSearch on a per-group basis, as well as halt internet access for chosen groups with a single swipe.

The option to enable you may find the guest network towards the bottom of the dashboard. It’s turned off by default, but you can give it a name and password, as well as choose which particular devices will be visible from the guest network, allowing you to let visitors connect to your printer but not your desktop PC, for example.


The Nest Wi-Fi router may handle up to 100 connected devices, and you can link up to 100 devices to the Nest Wi-Fi point. It’s also fast enough to stream several 4K videos (dependent on your ISP broadband connection).


Coverage For The Whole House

The Nest Wi-Fi router connects to your modem and produces a robust, dependable Wi-Fi network. The Nest Wi-Fi hotspots that come with the device are used to extend Wi-Fi coverage. You’ll be linked to the quickest Wi-Fi hotspot as you go from room to room. The Nest Wi-Fi point also has a smart speaker with music capabilities and Google Assistant compatibility.


Google Wi-Fi v/s Nest Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi has its control program that leads you through the setup process and gives you basic controls. It doesn’t have as many complex functions as a gaming router, so it’s not suitable for those who want a lot of advanced network options at their fingertips.


Nest Wi-Fi’s controls have been moved to the Google Home app, allowing you to operate your network alongside Google Assistant smart speakers and other compatible smart home devices. Although it’s more streamlined and more straightforward than the old Google Wi-Fi app options, you can still use those controls with Nest Wi-Fi if you like. You can conduct a fast speed test from the app, and you can group devices to rapidly turn their Wi-Fi connectivity on and off, in addition to parental controls and other user-friendly features.



With its Nest Wi-Fi mesh routers ($269 for the 2-pack we evaluated), Google proved that beautiful things could come in small packaging. The small mesh units can provide a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout a home, and they even include a built-in Google Home speaker for voice commands and music playback, giving owners the same intelligent speaker control as the Netgear Orbi Voice, an expensive add-on to our previous best mesh Wi-Fi system, the Netgear Orbi. 


People want more personalized options and a more excellent range from single devices. The Nest Wi-Fi kit is not perfect, and it is smaller and less expensive than Netgear Orbi with Orbi Voice extension and more potent than the current Eero mesh system compared to rival mesh systems. In other words, when it comes to transmitting Wi-Fi data and music, the two-piece package has the upper hand.  

What is an IP Address, Types, And How to Find it?

What is an IP Address

\IP denotes internet protocol. There are numerous gadgets such as mobile phones, tabs, laptops, computers, PCs, desktops, routers, etc. There are billions of people all around the globe who use these devices. Therefore, it’s significant to maintain/keep a record of each device used. An IP address practically works as an identifier that helps recognize a particular device on the internet and transmit information among devices that consist of details of a specific location; it also facilitates devices to communicate with each other. Having problems with D-link router is quite a common problem, if you’re facing this issue then you can go through this content.


Different Types of IP Addresses

1. Public IP address 🡪

A public IP address technically is a primary address provided by the Internet Service Protocol(ISP) associated with the whole network. Each connected device in this has the same IP. Other devices outside the internet network can identify/notice a particular device by the public IP address. A Public IP address has two forms:-

2. Dynamic 🡪 

A dynamic IP address keeps changing regularly and automatically as the Internet Service Providers purchase a vast pool of IP addresses and keep shuffling and re-assigning them. This way, the old IP addresses are reused when they are not used anywhere else, and it will not lead to a scarcity of new IP addresses. Being less expensive, it has no potential threat of hacking because the IP address keeps changing with time without any notice, making it harder for hackers to track or steal data.

3. Static 🡪 

On the contrary static IP address stays fixed or unchanged. Once the IP address gets allotted, it doesn’t change until the business head or the whole unit decides to alter it to suit their convenience. Businesses that intend on hosting their server require a static IP address as it facilitates a company to keep their messages, emails, and other data only accessible to company members. Static IP costs more than dynamic IP, and anyone can trace the accurate location. This has a higher chance of hacking as the hackers have enough time to crack the code or steal the data, as it never changes until someone decides to change it.

4. Private IP address 🡪 

Such IP addresses do not have a broad range/source of connection; hence, they will not be routed on the internet. The internet cannot send traffic to them as they operate with local networks only. A network router allocates/assigns a distinctive/unique IP address to a specific device, allowing all other devices to connect to the same network without even connecting to the whole internet. In other words, it has a restricted limited or local reach only.


Find a Device’s IP Address

There are numerous different techniques to find this, although it requires a person to follow common steps. It depends on how many networks the device is connected to and whether it’s private or public. If a device is connected to several networks like an internet network and a wifi router simultaneously, the device will reveal/indicate two IP addresses. 

Consequently, every machine requires a different process to discover the IP address. For example: If a person has windows, they need to click start from the windows icon, find settings then find network and internet, click on wifi, choose the wifi network the device is connected to, see the properties written on the screen, click that and then the IP address will appear.


If a person wants to find and fix all the Possible IP addresses on Android, they can search what my IP address on Google chrome is, and it will provide a link or site. By clicking that site, anyone can find their IP address. Similarly, if a person has an iPhone, they can go and look for system preferences in the settings icon, click wifi, finally click the ‘i’ next to the network the device is connected to, and the IP address is shown on the screen.



An IP address has become a crucial aspect in today’s world as technology has almost reached the pinnacle. Just like any other technology, this also has both pros and consequences. Hackers have been all around the world trying to steal data and critical private data from devices. The facility/convenience of an IP address has made it simpler or more accessible for them to hack into a particular machine. An IP address also has some advantages, like a criminal can be caught or traced immediately with the help of cyber experts, or you can trace a lost/kidnapped person’s phone location with the help of an IP address. If it has a negative aspect, it has a positive aspect to offer/contribute to the world. 


5 Tricks to Enhance Your TV’s Performance

5 Tricks to Enhance Your TV's Performance

The Indian Smart TV market is in the nascent stage and is growing at a healthy rate. In Q2 2021, the Indian smart TV market grew by an astounding 65 percent year on year. TV tech is trying to be sustainable now—19 inches to 88 inches in size and 325 MONSTER SCREEN by LG.

5 Tricks to Enhance Your TV's Performance

One might notice a difference in picture quality between TVs of the same model in a showroom and at home. Problems such as dead pixels, color distortion, bars and lines, image retention, fuzzy screens, and fading screens may occur depending on usage. You can even troubleshoot Amazon fire TV sticks via AMTricks. The internet is filled with tips that work for one TV or another, but here are some that work for nearly all TVs.

  1. Use a wired connection:

Wireless connection is used via Wifi; its signal transmission becomes more complicated when factors such as physical obstructions, network range and distance between devices, wireless network interference, and signal sharing. Using an ethernet cable to connect to TV and Wifi eliminates these issues. However, the length of the Ethernet cable can affect the speed of Wifi due to interference from external factors. Choose your cable based on the speed of your Wifi; if the connection is slower — 10 or 20 megabits per second — anything Cat 5 or newer will suffice.

  1. Uninstall Extra and Unnecessary apps and settings:

The TV should be free of unnecessary apps, which can cause it to be slow and laggy over a period of time. There are pre-installed apps that one might never use in the TV’s lifetime, and Some apps eat up the processing power since they run in the background going unnoticed. If the TV does not show the apps running in the background, installing apps such as ‘Background apps and Process list’ can solve this issue. The apps that are compatible with your device should only be installed. Removing cache and data that stores non-essential files that are not 100% because they are required for the app to function correctly, deleting them should not harm its functionality.

  1. Disable location services and usage diagnostics:

Usage Diagnostic mainly keeps a check on what is working/not working; disabling things like location services and usage diagnostics, which require a constant flow of data, would help to increase performance more, which is quite significant.

  1. Keep apps up to date and disable automatic updates:

Background updates can significantly reduce the performance of the TV; however, the apps should be manually updated regularly, too, for the most part, to avoid lags. Android TV explicitly makes an effort to always literally have something new for people to watch, which necessitates regular updates, contrary to popular belief. This can kind of be both a blessing and a curse. Enabling data saver mode may also specifically assist in keeping track of what needs to generally be updated and viewing 3x content with the same amount of data, which is quite significant.

  1. Using Tech and exploring:

Apps like Phone Remotes help you navigate to the most complex settings quickly by taking shortcuts and requiring the fewest number of clicks, or so they thought. Changing the sound and picture quality settings is also beneficial; pre-set settings are best, but changing the viewing angle and distance would be an excellent option. Cinema mode may feel much better when viewing from a distance. For the tech-geeks, enabling ADB is a must to tweak your Android TV. One can sideload apps without APK transfer, uninstall bloatware, enable hidden features, etc. Apps such as Sideload launcher can help this too.


How to Fix Windows Live Issue

windows live issue

Windows Live Issue Mail was a Microsoft freeware email client that allowed users to set up their email accounts and take advantage of the features for quick email communication. It’s simple to keep track of emails and send and receive messages.  However, Windows Live Like any other software program, Mail is prone to various faults. Errors frequently target it and display a variety of error messages.  One of the common problems with Windows is its Live mail not opening, solve the Windows Live Mail not opening error here. Even though Microsoft no longer supports Windows Live Mail, consumers continue to use it because it is still available. You will be unable to contact the Microsoft support staff if the application displays an error. windows live issue

When using Windows Live Mail, many customers have reported receiving repeated errors. In this article, we’ve outlined the most common Windows Live Mail issues, as well as a practical approach for resolving them.

ERROR 3219:How to Resolve

A suitable way to fix this problem is to use Windows Live Mail to reconfigure the email servers.  Go to Accounts in Windows Live Mail. With the @ sign, click the ‘+’ icon. 

Following the instructions below, you may quickly remove and reconfigure the accounts:

  1. Fill in the user name and password fields with the correct information.
  2. Manually Configure Server Settings’ should be checked.
  3. Under Incoming Server Information, choose the server types.
  4. Type the server address and port number in Server Address.
  5. Check the box next to ‘Requires a secure connection SSL.’
  6. In the Outgoing Server Information section, type the server address, and in the Port Type area, type the port number.

Error  OX8007007A: Fixing Method

  1. Delete the message causing the problem, then send another message.
  2. Remove your Windows Live Mail account and reconfigure it.
  3. Send the photos/images as attachments.
  4. ‘Create photo email from photo attachments’ should be unchecked.
  5. You might resolve this issue if you examine these solutions.

0x800CCC0B Error in Authentication

Even though many email service providers do not require authentication for outgoing emails, Windows Live Mail may require additional authentication. The error code is 0x800CCC0B indicates that your email provider requires authentication for both incoming and outgoing emails. Authentication in Windows Live Mail can be turned on or off on an account-by-account basis. 0x800CCC0B 

Follow the steps outlined below to activate authentication:

  1. In Windows Live Mail, go to the Accounts tab.
  2. Click Properties after selecting the email account from which the authentication error is being received.
  3. The properties of the email account are shown. Open the Server tab under the Outgoing Mail Server section and check the box “My server requires authentication,” then click OK.

This will enable incoming and outgoing email authentication, and you will no longer receive the error. The email service provider uses the incoming mail login and password to authenticate outgoing emails in most cases. 

If this is not the case, continue with the following steps:

  1. Then select the Settings option.
  2. On the screen, the Outgoing email server properties section will appear. Select the ‘Log on using’ option and enter your outgoing mail account name and password (don’t forget to check the box Remember password. ), then click OK.
  3. Try sending an email after configuring the outgoing email settings to see whether the error persists.

Support for Windows Live Mail is coming to an end. If you use Windows Live Mail, you should be informed that Microsoft stopped supporting it on June 30, 2016. While most people still use WLM with a few tweaks, it won’t last long, especially if you’re on Windows 10 or a future Windows version. People, on the other hand, always choose to stick with WLM. WLM users, on the other hand, will have to switch to another email client, either immediately or later because they won’t be able to use WLM indefinitely.

Dealing With WLM Support’s End

There is currently no way to deal with WLM’s End of Support. You can either use.

Windows Live Mail until it stops operating or switch to another email client like Outlook. You can, for example, import EML files. To PST, and then use Outlook to view it. Troubleshooting any application that relies on a connection now necessitates a Firewall checkup.

Because Windows Live Issue Mail must connect to a dedicated server to view and sync your inbox, ensure sure it has permission to do so. This necessary procedure is contingent on the Firewall not blocking Windows Live Mail. So, to allow Windows Live Mail across Windows Firewall, follow the instructions above. Because the approach varies depending on the third-party application, we recommend you google your own, briefly disable its Firewall, and check for changes. Furthermore, if you’re unclear how to do it, you should uninstall any third-party software from your computer entirely.

Problems With Windows Live Mail

Microsoft no longer supports services like Live Mail. Therefore the issues you’re having are for a cause. These dependable email applications and apps for Windows 10 are excellent solutions to consider. Repair Windows Live Issue Mail – Users no longer find Windows Live Mail very convenient. We looked at various possible causes and came up with the following list of solutions. Check out the recommended fixes if you’re having trouble with your favorite vintage email client. Use the remedies mentioned above whenever you’re plagued with severe problems.


Because of its ease, many individuals continue to use Windows Live Mail. However, WLM’s frequent flaws make it difficult for users to utilize. We’ve gone over some of the most ordinary WLM issues and provided a unique remedy for each one. We’ve also discussed a rapid option for quickly converting EML files to PST, Kernel EML to PST.


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5 Easy Ways To Get Your Wi-Fi Password

Wi-fi password

Howdy, fellow tech buzz. So you forgot your Wi-Fi password? It is not surprising that a person who has two or three passwords to deal with is gone. In today’s E-World, many people have different login credentials for more than hundreds of other accounts and subscriptions. With this sea of ​​IDs, it’s easy to lose track of your Wi-Fi password as it is set permanently without being remembered. Fortunately, we have some quick and easy ways to ease your pain to find forgotten passwords easily. Let’s take a look at five problem-solving solutions for your Wi-Fi password.

Method 1: Getting a Windows password

Users can use this method on a device that is already connected to a Wi-Fi network. It will operate on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 without fail.

  • Click on the Wi-Fi icon in the lower right corner of the taskbar.


  • Right-click on the Wi-Fi network and select the “Status” option.


  • Now, in the dialog box, click on “Properties Properties.”


  • Go to the “Security” tab, and you will find Wi-Fi details. You can click on “Show characters” to make your current Wi-Fi password visible.


Method 2: Retrieve password via router

If you have a default Wi-Fi password, there is a good chance that the router company will print the data on the back of your router.

  • Most Wi-Fi hotspots have the default IP address and password mentioned. If you have not toyed around with the default IP Address yourself, you can easily find your details. Just type in the default password specified to sign in to your Wi-Fi. You can then change the password after that as per your choice.


Method 3: Retrieve Wi-Fi Password using Command Prompt

If you can do this job, this method is one of the fastest and easiest. Works on all types of Windows. However, it requires specific computer knowledge to be used.

  •  To open the “Run” program, Press Windows Key + R
  • Type cmd and tap enter.


  • Users need to type the following Command in Command Prompt and hit Enter. 

netsh wlan show profile.”


  • The Command above will list all the Wi-Fi networks to which you connected your device. Now, find the name of your Wi-Fi network and replace it with “Network_Name” in the following code: netsh WLAN show profile “Network_Name” key = clear.


  • Type the code above in Command Prompt and hit Enter. This will show various details about your network. Following this, scroll down to “Security settings,” and you can find the password for your Wi-Fi network.


Method 4: Receive a Wi-Fi Password with an IP address

This method requires your default IP address. If you have changed your IP manually, you need to enter a new IP instead.

  • Connect your PC to your router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet Cable.
  • Now, find the IP address of your route. To access your router control page, you need a default IP address and password. The IP addresses of some common manufacturers are provided below: 
  • (Netgear, D-Link, Belkin, and more)
  • (Netgear, D-Link, Linksys, Actiontec, and more)
  • (Linksys and more)

If you can’t find your IP, open Command Prompt in Windows (press Windows Key + R and type in cmd). In Command Prompt, type the config code and press Enter. This will reflect your Wi-Fi IP configuration. You can view your IP in the list and proceed with the following steps.


  • Now, type your IP address in your browser to open your router control page. Here, it will ask for the default IP and password. The password is usually the administrator or password, but if this does not work, you can easily find the default password on the back of your router.


  • Now, log in with your details and navigate to the wireless security tab. Here you can change your Wi-Fi password. Your router can restart after making the change. If not, you can continue your router, and the device will apply the changes.


Method 5: Reset your Wi-Fi Password

This method to reset the router device is quick and easy but should be used as a last resort where no seemingly viable methods work. Having your Wi-Fi router user manual will help you.

  • Find the factory reset button on the back or bottom of your router. You can look in the user manual or search online for the reset button for your router model. Don’t forget to make sure the router is turned on.


  • Use a safety pin or paperclip to press the reset button for about 30 sec. After that, release the button.
  • The router will be reset and will restart. You can now configure the router and set a new password.

And that’s all. You’ve done it and successfully changed your forgotten Wi-Fi password using the steps above on your own.

Now, to ensure that abuse like this never happens again, you can take some precautionary measures and try other password management apps like Lastpass, DashLane, etc.This post will help you learn more about this topic as well. You can sign up for free with many services. These apps will ensure you don’t forget your passwords while keeping your data safe from attackers and data breaches. You can also use their built-in generators to make sure you have strong passwords that protect your accounts.

Also, keeping your Wi-Fi router user manual safe can get in the clutch while troubleshooting common issues such as changing your password, resetting your router, or resetting it completely.