Best CM11 Themes For Android Devices


Best CM11 Themes For Android Devices

CyanogenMod supports system-wide themes, and these themes won’t just change your wallpaper and sounds — they’ll change the look of the entire operating system, allowing you to replace Holo with something more new. You’ll need to Download and Install CyanogenMod 11 before using these themes unless you have a device that came with CyanogenMod, like the Oppo N1 or OnePlus One.

Many of these themes cost money on the Play Store, but can be downloaded for free from the XDA-Developers forum. If you love a theme and plan on using it for a while, consider buying the paid version to support the developer!

Lollipop Theme

These Lollipop themes were inspired by the new Android L interface. They’re not designed to mimic the Android L preview exactly, but they definitely are inspired by the next version of Android. This theme will hold you over until you can get an Android L version of CyanogenMod on your device. Both orange and lime-flavored lollipops are available!

Lollipop Themes











Gem Flat

Gem Flat provides a modern, flat-style look. It’s an attempt to mix Android’s Holo style with the flat design that’s so popular these days. Flat design has taken over other operating systems, like Apple’s iOS 7 and Microsoft’s Windows 8.

Gem Flat theme
















Neon Colors

Neon Colors is a great demonstration of what user-created themes make possible. No operating system developer will release a crazy-looking multicolored theme like this one as their default theme. This is the kind of thing that you can only get with user-created themes.

Neon Colors theme












Forget all the colors — BlackedOut offers a dark theme. All the interface elements are white on a dark black background. If you use a dark theme on your PC and want something similar on your phone, this is the theme for you.

BlackedOut theme











iOS 7

This iOS 7-style flat theme is the closest thing you’ll get to Apple’s iOS 7 on your Android phone. Many toggles and buttons look almost identical to their iOS 7 counterparts. Your friends probably won’t think this is iOS 8, though — Android still looks like Android.

iOS 7 theme












Simplex is a well-put-together theme. It isn’t completely flat, incorporating transparencies and light textures. Where Android’s standard Holo theme incorporates blue as an accent color, Simplex incorporates red. It may not be as eye-catching as Neon Colors or as gimmicky as an iOS 7 theme, but this is a polished theme you could actually use for an extended period of time and be happy with.

Simplex theme













HoloSense is an attempt to mix Android’s Holo look with HTC’s Sense theme. This theme provides Sense-style icons and offers both light and dark styles. Fans of HTC’s Sense look will like this one — it even installs and uses the same font used in the real HTC Sense theme.

HoloSense theme












Flats is another attempt to mix Holo and flat design. There’s not a lot to explain here — it’s  just another good attempt at providing a trendy, flat-style theme for Android. If you like Holo but wished it looked a bit more modern, Flats and Gem Flat are both great options.

Flats theme












There are many more CyanogenMod 11 themes out there. You can find them by searching Google Play for CyanogenMod themes, digging through the Android Themes section at XDA-Developers, or just by searching Google for CyanogenMod 11 themes. If you’ve got a new OnePlus One, try looking through the Themes Showcase app preloaded on your device.

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