Best Alternatives that pays high


Best Alternatives that pays high allows users to shorten URLs, so they take up less character space on messaging services like Twitter. Shortened URLs also make it possible to track clicks and earn revenue for directing web traffic. is not the only website providing this service. Here are the pros and cons of several alternatives.

1) LinkBucks

 LinkBucks pays users each time someone clicks on the links placed within their website, blog, or forum post. There are several advantages to using LinkBucks. Pay rates are high compared to other services – top earners consistently bring in more than $1,000 per month. Users can demand immediate payment anytime their earnings reach $10 or more. The service was launched in 2005, so it is well established, and support forums are available. As far as drawbacks, the LinkBucks homepage does not offer a quick URL shortening tool like many competing services.

2) CashFly

 CashFly offers valuable tools that make it a great alternative. CashFly advertises itself as a way to make money by “sharing” links, and that is basically what it is. Users are encouraged to share links through social media, email, and any other place on the web. Each time a shared link is clicked, the user makes money. Installing CashFly takes less than 1 minute. A web browser tool is also available, making the service fast and convenient to use. On the other hand, CashFly has experienced problems with pop up ads due to spyware/adware issues.

3) Adfoc

Like its competitors, Adfoc is a URL shortening service that pays when links are clicked. The most attractive feature of is its generous referral program. Users receive 20% of the revenue earned by members who are referred by the user, and this benefit never expires. The service is also unique because pay rates are featured prominently on the website, not buried in the fine print of the site’s terms and conditions. However, takes an aggressive stance on potentially fraudulent clicks, which may inadvertently punish some innocent users.

4) CoinURL

Among the services discussed here, CoinURL is clearly the most dedicated to protecting the privacy of its users. In fact, its emphasis on privacy represents the strongest reason for and against using CoinURL, depending on the perspective of the potential user. First of all, payments are made in Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows for anonymous financial transactions. CoinURL also allows users to remove their logs and sensitive information from the CoinURL servers at any time.


Ity offers a URL shortening and monetization service similar to The shortening tool itself is fast and easy to use, and the system offers a variety of ways to implement click-based advertising. even gives users the ability to add voice and audio to their shortened URLs. None of the competing services appear to offer this feature. The primary drawback of using is the cluttered appearance of their website. The homepage is packed with banner ad style graphics, and is sure to turn off many potential users.

Shortened URLs are convenient, and they offer the potential for significant passive income. Before selecting a service other than, users should research the service’s features and pay rates, to make sure the service will meet their needs.


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