Android Lollipop is More Stable Than iOS 8 – Report


Android Lollipop is More Stable Than iOS 8 – Report

There’s always something to like with each new iteration of an operating system, be it Android or iOS. However, bugs and crashes often spoil the fun and make one want to tear their hair out. Minor and major hiccups in each revised variant of Android have encouraged a plethora of complaints.

Of course, iOS fans haven’t missed the bandwagon, eager to mention how stable the iOS fares in comparison to Android. Interestingly, a report by Crittercism suggests that Android 5.0 Lollipop is more stable than iOS 8.

A mobile application performance management specialist has reported 0.2 percent lower crash rate on devices running Android compared to those running iOS 8. This reflects in the fact that Android 5.0 Lollipop registered a crash rate of 2 percent whereas iOS 8 recorded 2.2 percent.

Lollipop has a crash rate of 2% while iOS 8 has a crash rate of 2.2%

This may seem like a rather insignificant figure but if you consider the amount of Apple devices running the latest iOS 8, this amounts to a much greater number.

The report goes on to state that iOS 8 experiences a higher crash rate than what is witnessed on the iOS 7. The former records a crash rate of 2.2 percent while the latter is at a significant advantage with 1.9 percent.

Conversely, the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop has shown significant improvement in terms of stability over the older KitKat and Ice Cream Sandwich variants that have registered crash rates of 2.6 percent each.

Android Lollipop has shown significant improvements in stability and crash rates

Evidently, Android has strived to sort issues of instability with the new iteration whereas iOS users have had to put up with an increased rate of crashes with the latest iOS 8. This makes for quite an interesting observation factoring in the tighter control that Apple has over its rather ‘enclosed’ operating system.

Do note that the results may vary depending on the apps one uses to test this since crashes can be associated with issues exclusive to apps themselves or device-related problems like low memory.


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