Ahsan Khan Faces Embarrassment in Live Show


Ahsan Khan Faces Embarrassment in Live Show

Famous Pakistani drama actor and television host Ahsan Khan faced embarrassment in a live show during Islamic Holy month Ramadan in 2014. The actor was hosting the show and distributing the prizes among women, children and men. When Ahsan Khan went to women’s enclosure, he faced problems in distributing the prizes.

Women in the show were creating huge trouble for actor Ahsan Khan and he didn’t know how to deal it without insulting anyone. Few women grabbed the Shalwar of host and were pushing him towards them. The host looked helpless and the situation was getting worse for him and only a miracle could save him.

The program was telecasted live and millions of people were watching it at homes. Before the situation turned worse for the host, the producer of the show came to help Ahsan Khan and went onto break. Once the host was off air, he requested women to leave him and told them they were creating embarrassing situation in live show.

Women realized the whole situation very soon and left Ahsan Khan and then the producer asked the audience to behave well once they came on air again. It was one the worst moment for the host which embarrassed him a lot in front of public. However, he remained cool all the time and didn’t say any harsh word.

Once the Holy month of Ramadan was over, the host was invited in a live morning show and there he shared the moment with his fans. He was enjoying sharing his embarrassing moment of life and it was his greatness that he didn’t mind the ill-mannered behavior of public during the Ramadan show.

Ahsan Khan is a prominent personality of television of Pakistan who started his career in 1998 with movie Nikkah. It was super hit debut movie for the actor but he moved on to television later. Recently Khan has an offer working in Bollywood movie and probably he will opt this opportunity.