7 reasons Why Pakistanis should be happy about India’s defeat


7 reasons Why Pakistanis should be happy about India’s defeat

KARACHI: Defending champions India lost to Australia at the World Cup semi-final in Sydney on Thursday after an impressive campaign earlier in the tournament.

As M S Dhoni’s team walked off the field for the last time this tournament, some Pakistanis couldn’t help but rejoice. After all, a little friendly rivalry on the field doesn’t hurt.

Here are seven reasons you should not feel guilty about celebrating our neighbour’s crushing defeat:

1. This was ‘revenge’ for Pakistan’s first loss:


We had to sit through our team’s first loss in its first World Cup match at the hands of India. And honestly, their loss today makes up, if only slightly, for it.

2. This was also ‘revenge’ for all those years IPL deliberately ignored Pakistani players


The Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen a trend of not hiring Pakistani cricket players to play for their teams. India has gone on to hire players from various other countries and has always neglected our talented cricketers, on purpose. And given the immense talent of our players, that move was just uncalled for.

3. We will be spared from having to listen to biased Indian commentators 


Lets face it, we are forced to listen to biased Indian commentators during the final almost every World Cup. Hopefully, this year, that won’t be the case.

4. The annoying ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad can finally stop now – for good

On 15th February, India will play arch rivals Pakistan for the 6th time in World Cup history! Can they win again? #WontGiveItBack

Posted by Star Sports on Saturday, February 7, 2015

Brilliant as it may be, a series of ad campaigns initiated by Star Sports India, starring ‘Mr Mauka Mauka’, hit a nerve with all Pakistanis. Enough is enough. Good riddance.

5. This was ‘revenge’ — yet again — for the Indian Cricket Board shutting out the Pakistan Cricket Board in ICC’s revamping


What goes around comes around?

6. India made us look good today


During Pakistan’s quarter-final match with Australia, at one time it seemed as if we had a chance.  We fought back and created a moment that stunned the entire cricketing world — thanks to none other than Wahab Riaz. That seemed to be never the case in today’s one-sided, rather boring match

7. Finally, it’s India – and we have to prove our Hubbul Watni (patriotism)


At the end of the day, we are Pakistanis and since 1947, India has been our rival, and on the field, our sworn enemy. We will continue to troll them (in good faith) and prove our loyalty and patriotism to our beloved country.

While we recognise that India played a spectacular campaign, Australia came out as the better team in today’s decisive match.  So, even if just for today, let’s cheer!

Source: Express Tribune