6 Tips to Consider Before Buying a Router in 2021


If anything is to be learned from these past years, the internet is an essential commodity like food and water for survival. And as the Shift towards E-learning and Work from home culture continues, Routers are selling like hotcakes.


The Entirety of the World is on the internet, from the Majority of Global Institutions to Cute Cats. Everything is on the internet, and I don’t think I have to exert its importance.


But Internet usage has skyrocketed during the Pandemic; our relationship with the internet has strengthened due to hours of online meetings for professionals and school students. Taking care of your network is as important as maintaining it. As per Router Login, this is how you can login to your IP router’s private address of The Binge culture of Netflix and Amazon has increased screen hours of nearly full days, and tik-tok and reels have taken screen times upto 10+ hours as normal.


Due to speed and size, regular mobile data is insufficient to keep pace with this demand. And As Wi-Fi is a clear Savior here, it needs the help of a Router to establish a good connection. This article will tell you six tips to help you buy the best router for your needs in 2021.


Here are the six tips to consider:-


  1. Freebies aren’t Good (always):


The ISP would likely offer you a free or discounted router when you get a Wi-Fi connection, but you should avoid buying a router from an ISP. It seems tempting to use a router for free, but then you don’t get what it’s worth. It would be best if you always chose a router with all the features in mind, such as the standard, single, or dual-band, security, better range, and speed.


  1. Don’t be a Miser

High-quality routers have a good lifespan and don’t need to be changed in a short period. It’s worth the one-time investment in a quality router, even if they’re expensive. Changing routers often can lead to greater financial loss than choosing the right router for the first time.


  1. Importance of Placement –


The location of a router is extremely important for a better connection. It should be kept in a central position without any obstructions. 


Keeping it in a central location is also important for security reasons. If it’s near a window or corner of the house, there is a good chance that the signal is leaking. Heat mapping software can help you maximize your wireless connection and coverage. 


Even if you buy a high-priced router, but the router location is not right, you will not get a suitable signal nonetheless of the quality. If you’re working from home, you must look for regular connectivity that means minimum leakages.


  1.  Basic Specifications –


In all cases, a router that supports the 802.11ac standard is preferable. The “ac” standard is the new standard, and it transmits data rates three times faster than 802.11n. If you have an Internet service provider that promises speeds of 100 Mbps, but that provider does not support this standard, you will experience wireless issues. Therefore, you should use a router that supports 802.11ac every time you purchase or upgrade an existing router.


  1. The Band for You


The wireless router operates on two different frequencies, 2.4 GHz and GHz. The single frequency band supports new versions of the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency bands. DualBand supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz.


 Take into consideration the area where you live. It would be best if you chose a single frequency or double frequency. If you live in a densely populated area, it is best to select a dual-band router. 

If there is no nearby network that cannot affect your network, a single frequency band can also work. If high speed is not required, a single frequency band can also be used.


  1. Ports (Last but not least)

Another fashionable add-on feature of routers is the presence of extra ports. You can connect pen drives and printers to ensure a better network connection. Even better, some routers can even connect to data dongles if the Ethernet connection doesn’t work. USB ports are very useful in a compact office space because they can be used on a wireless network even if there is no Internet.


BONUS: Security Is Most Important –


A secure router connection makes it easier for the user to perform the task, not cause stress and ensures that it is not easily hacked. Before buying a router, make sure that you have the freedom to change the Wi-FiWi-Fi admin password and have full control over the security.

 TKIP (Temporary Key Integrity Protocol) and AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) are the primary encryptions available on the WPA and WPA2 standards.




  • Depending on your internet usage, choose the appropriate speed. 


  • If you host online courses or business meetings, you will need an internet connection with better speed and connectivity. If you wish to watch videos on your mobile phone or laptop, you don’t need to use higher bandwidth. 


  • If you have a smart TV or gadgets like Amazon Alexa, you’ll need good bandwidth and coverage. 


  • Always check your router’s actual speed over the internet. Many websites give specific numbers about the speed of your Internet connection. Verifying from another source is always better.


In Conclusion:

In parting words, We are pretty sure these suggestions will help you buy the router of your dreams and serve your goals better.



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