6 Best Tumblr Tricks and Tips for 2021


Tumblr is a fantastic platform for social networking and microblogging to showcase your ideas and thoughts. There are beautiful tricks for Tumbler like turning off the safe mode, etc. 2021 has brought all new Tumblr for the people. So, let’s take a look at some lesser-known facts about Tumbler! 

Tumblr Labs

Have you heard about the lab features on Tumblr? Then you are probably missing out something great this time. So, let’s take a look at how we can use it and what is its importance! So, go to the lab settings and enable them. What are the benefits? They are Themed Posts, Reblog graphs, Queue+, Inside Tumblrs. 

  1. Themed Posts

It helps you change the color of a post to the color of its Tumblr. It helps to turn your dashboard into an extravagant rainbow! Doesn’t that sound interesting?

  1. Reblog graphs

Oh! That’s a crazy thing. It helps you know all the details about where such ideas have come up with the help of a button on the post! 

  1. Queue+ 

You want to have fantastic and accurate scheduling options for your queue? Then this is precisely the perfect feature that you have been looking for! 

  1. Inside Tumblr

Must be wondering what is this? It’s a beautiful feature that helps you for group blogs. It’s going to help you have ‘Members Only’ posts for your public groups.


Designs On Tumblr

Do you know what attracts people more? Any idea? Let me share some with you. A fantastic layout, a catchy outlook attracts people. Tumblr allows you to use vivid plans and color schemes; it will enable you to use custom HTML in your Tumblr layout.


Always go for sleek and beautiful designs, not an overloaded one, because that may make your page look messy. Make sure you are making the +Follow button in an easily accessible place so that people can easily find that.


Appearance is what attracts them in the first place. Make a unique design for yourself that makes your page a wonderful one and can catch other people’s attention looking for content just like your page.


Links Or Full Posts And Reblogging

Confused? Well, let me tell you something then. People are usually more interested in reading the entire job on the platform than other pages through links. People have the habit of avoiding loops while scrolling through any medium. 


So, remember, even if you are reblogging, make sure you provide the entire post instead of redirecting the people through a link. Moreover, people are far more interested in viewing all the contents in a person’s dashboard instead of the URLs shared. 


Now let’s talk about the Reblogging section. Tumblr’s one of the key features is Reblogging. You can reblog other’s posts from your account if you find it useful for your brand or page. Reblogging allows you to gain followers, and also it makes the people happy from whom you have reblogged.


Tagging And Chatting

Some significant features of Tumblr. In 2016, Tumblr introduced a chatting or private message option. You can even queue messages. You can send links in the chat. You can make posts asking peoples questions where they can answer, and it can be public. 


Tagging is another feature of Tumblr! You can tag people to draw their attention in posts or any other place by writing @username. This helps you to even search for people with a unique username. Moreover, you can even add tags (example: #unique) to your posts, making your post searchable and making it reach more people.


Keyboard Shortcuts, Mass Post Editor, And Two-step Authentication

So, let’s know some keyboard shortcuts for Tumblr:

  1. Key: J

Action: Scroll Forward/ scroll down


  1. Key: K

Action: Scroll Backward/scroll up


  1. Key: Shift+?

Action: Helps to search in the search bar.


  1. Key: L

Action: Like a post


  1. Key: Shift+E

Action: The post will be added to your queue.


  1. Key: z+c

Action: We can compose a post.


  1. Key: Shift+R

Action: We can reblog faster.


Now, let’s know a little more about Mass post-editors. Now, you can select more than one post and re-tag them or delete them all at once. Now you have two-step or factor authentication for your account. Apart from the password, you will have one more passcode for your account.


In both the IOS and android, you can download videos from Tumblr. Here are some other interesting facts regarding the app:

  1. IOS

  • If you touch and hold a photo for long, then a share sheet will open, and then you can send that using anything.
  • You can now use the function Smash the cache from settings to make the app run faster.
  1. Android

  • This feature is terrific. If you open your app and go to the blog and touch your phone with someone else’s phone, then that blog will instantly open in their phone too. (This is applicable for the phone with NFC, and it is turned on in your phone)
  • If you search for something and find the Tumblr logo next to Google search, then the link will directly open in the Tumblr app.


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