5 Netflix Features You Didn’t Know About


In a life enslaved by our constant workload, Netflix has come as a beam of light. Give us our favourite shows in just a few clicks. Honestly, now we can’t imagine a life without this streaming service. Netflix has made us grateful to be alive in this timeline.

In 2021, Most of us already have a Netflix account or at least a darling friend who let us leech on theirs. But how many of us are making the best of our subscription? If you have a SonyLiv subscription and want to download its videos then you can visit this link(https://4hub.info/sonyliv-video-downloader/ ) You might not believe it, but there are still multiple tricks and hacks that might surprise even the years old subscribers. These features mentioned below are sure to make your viewing experience at least five times better.

  1. Netflix Can Turn Into an Audiobook

We all have a busy schedule; in this day-to-day chaos, you might not get a chance to sit down and relax while watching your favourite TV show. If only you could turn your viewing experience into a listening experience. Now you can. 

Those of you who don’t know this, Netflix has a feature that, if you click on the subtitle option on your screen, you will see the audio section, inside that click on the English Audio description option, it will allow you to listen to audio and tells you a description of the scene going on. So you don’t have to see the screen to know what’s going on. This way, you can make your dinner go for a walk while simultaneously enjoying your movie.


2. Get Access to a Fresh Collection From All Around The World

Are you also tired of opening Netflix every 5 minutes to find that same suggestion of Haunting of the Hill House staring at you innocently? The office is still open in the UK, so is it fair for us to be stuck with Grey’s anatomy? It would be nice to access multiple new TV shows or movies that might not be available in your country. 

One thing you can do now downloads any VPN or unblocker of your choice. Open Netflix to see the Brand new queue of recommendations that are much more interesting and Binge Away. There are multiple available options, from free to premium, that you can choose. Some of those that work best for Netflix can be CyberGhost VPN, a premium VPN but with the highest reviews, or you can go for the free versions of ProtonVPN or HotspotShield. As Netflix cannot identify these, You can use them to widen your horizon of available choices. Just change your location to any country that has your desired content available.


3. Watch Netflix When No One Else Does

I know it might be a little inconvenient for the day workers, but this trick will be an excellent option for people who have a terrible schedule of being up in those late hours when most people are dead asleep. 

According to the reports, your streaming quality and speed will improve significantly if you watch during hours of less online traffic. (Like before 9 Am and after midnight) these are the peak hours of Netflix when most people are using the site hence reducing the speed and streaming service of the site. So any time before or after that is great to watch some high-quality Bridgerton, with no annoying buffering.


4. Use Netflix Roulette

One of the main problems for binge-watchers is that we can never find any new to stick our teeth. We can scroll for hours and hours only to settle watching Friends for the millionth time. 

However, there is no problem in enjoying our comfort show. But once in a while, we want to indulge in something new. Go to this site to get recommendations by putting in your desired genre, IMDb, and fresh, rotten tomatoes rating, and keep spinning till you find something you like. This lowers the selection criteria and increases the quality of the content. You could use Netflix Roulette to be our pal in hard times like these.


5. Customize Your Subtitles

There are always two kinds of people, one who likes to watch with subtitles and the others who don’t. The war between the two types has been going on for years with no end in sight. But if you are one of the subs on the category, or you are just stuck watching a movie with someone who is, I have another trick for you. Go to the subtitles menu; it alters your subs option. You can adjust the size, font, colour of the heroes, background and drop shadows, etc., to get the optimum viewing experience without distracting the sentence.


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