5 Most Fun Games to Welcoming New Year’s Eve


Fun Games to Welcoming the New Year

Forget for a moment your smartphone. You can enjoy a fresh New Year’s Eve night if you play board games or card games . Because this game will involve more than 2 people, safe for all ages, and easily obtainable.

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In order not to be confused, you can try the following exciting game options to welcome the new year’s eve with the family:

1. Monopoly

monopoly 2018

Monopoly games have not been timed. Exclaimed, in addition to needing luck, you also need a strategy to win this adventure game . For those of you who have long forgotten this game, try to play again with family on New Year’s Eve. Guaranteed exciting!

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uno spin game

If you are used to playing UNO or UNO STACKO card , UNO SPIN could be a new choice to be your new year game. UNO SPIN has an action board that can be played in accordance with the provisions arising from the card. Each player gets the initial card as much as 7. He exclaimed, UNO SPIN can be played 2-10 people.

3. Codenames

This game invites you to be able to think sharply and guess who the top secret agent in accordance with cluegiven by Spymaster . It’s a shame, is not it? Especially if played with family.

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In this game, participants will be divided into 2 groups consisting of 2-3 people. The winner is the team who can guess the entire secret agent without mistaking the “hit man”.

4. Pie Face

pie face new year games

This game has recently been discussed since a scene in one of the Korean TV Show, Running Man. This game provoke laughter , because if you are less fortunate you may be affected by whipped cream right in the face.

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5. Werewolf

new year andoid games

This game can be played more than 10 players. The goal is to guess who the player holds the Werewolf card . You can laugh at the unique signs of players who want to hide their identity or even deliberately give wrong signs.

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