5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices


5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices

I remember sending songs through Bluetooth to my friends–little funny videos and pictures of events. That slow data sharing was great but today we can achieve more with that very same (yet very improved) technology.

The 5 best Bluetooth apps for Android are aimed to enhance the way you use the age-old technology and provide you with fun and utility.

Note: The 5 best Bluetooth apps for Android Devices were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola Droid Ultra smartphones. The apps are in no specific order.

1. Bluetooth File Transfer – Free and Paid
5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices 1

1.A Free Version

As the name says, the app is Bluetooth based File Transfer tool. This may sound like a basic app but it is so much more if you invest the time and energy to learn its super powers. The app allows you to explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device, that’s right I said manage too.

This app has countless applications if you have a little know-how about File Transfer Profile or Object Push Profile. Both of them are used to send and receive data painlessly. Enough tech talk. The app can send contacts in a jiffy too. The only thing I don’t like is the grayish interface.


Advances security features.
3rd party app support.
The included file browser is amazingly fast.

Notable Feature:

The best thing about this app is that it can easily connect with an old, simple phone. I used this feature with sending contacts from my mom’s old Nokia to her new Android smartphone.


1.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app doesn’t have the same name but is called medieval Licensing System. At first I thought it is an app about licensing horses or something in the iron age.

Anyways, it only removes advertisements from a couple of apps published by the developer including Bluetooth File Transfer.



2. Warlings – Free
5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices 2

I get bored during class, in office meetings and even at some weddings. I usually kill time by playing a nifty puzzle game on my phone, but now I can get some multiplayer action too.

Warlings is a great turn-based game which can be played flawlessly with another player via Bluetooth. The game is simple and easy to learn but there is a lot of depth in it. It starts a bit slow but becomes quite hectic after a few rounds.


A great game with deep mechanics.
The aiming system rocks.
Large arsenal of weapons.

Notable Feature:

The connectivity is surprisingly great on this app. The game stayed connected even though my friend was sent outside the class for playing with his phone. We ended the round with ease, and then I was caught too.


3. Share Apps – Free
5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices 3

This app allows you to share free apps which are installed on your phone directly. Yes, this means even if your friend doesn’t have any of the free games, you can share them directly without the need of an internet connection.

I find this app amazing because I can instantly send apps to my friends and we can start playing. Sure, in this day and age when everyone has 4G LTE access the app is not that important. But if you factor in bad coverage or no coverage, this app suddenly becomes a must-have.


A solid interface with no fuss.
Bluetooth sharing is painless.
Can share with other methods too.

Notable Feature:

The other phone doesn’t even need to have this app installed to receive the apps you are sending. They however will need to install the game after getting the .APK file.



4. Bluetooth Auto Connect – Free
5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices 4

This is the app you need if you connect your phone to a dock either in your car or your bedroom. The app automatically connects the Bluetooth to selected devices without you having to worry about anything.

The app is clean and simple which does the job quite well. However I noticed an extra 10% battery drain overnight. This is probably because I didn’t specify the automatic turn off time in the settings. However I suggest you only turn the app on when you need to connect.


Simple and easy to use.
Robust options and customization.
Turn Bluetooth off after a period of inactivity.

Notable Feature:

The app integrates well with Tasker, an app that we highly recommended in our 10 best battery saver apps for Android list.



5. Bluetooth Remote PC – Free and Paid
5 Best Bluetooth Apps for Android Devices 5

5.A Free Version

This is one of the best Bluetooth apps for Android and that is thanks to its ability to connect with PCs. Does your laptop come with Bluetooth? If yes then you are in luck. By using this app you will be able to use your phone as a keyboard and even as a mouse.

You will also be able to control media players with ease. Now you can sit back and enjoy using your PC from a couch. Sure there are other Remote PC apps on the Play Store but this one comes with direct Bluetooth connectivity.

The down side is that you will need to download and install software on your personal computer too. This is the only reason I am rating this app low. Although the developer gives a great tutorial to get this app running, I fear it will be hard for casual/new users.


A serviceable user interface.
System power controls are available.
The mouse is surprisingly responsive.

Notable Feature:

The app can control almost every major media player. I was pleasantly surprised to see support for Real Player and VLC Media Player.


5.B Paid Version

The paid version adds support of controlling the media player even if it is not in the foreground. This means someone else can use the PC while you listen to some music. It’s a small but fairly substantial feature.



Connecting your phone with Bluetooth Speakers is a great way to use the technology. The 5 best Bluetooth apps for Android expand the scope and reach of the tech. I’m certain at least one of the apps will please you down the road. If you have any suggestions or need assistance, feel free to comment below. Happy connecting!

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