5 Best Android Apps for Christmas Celebrations


5 Best Android Apps for Christmas Celebrations

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, the great time when happiness is aplenty and joy is in the air. It’s Christmas and it is almost here! I know you are in the festive mood but why stop just at yourself? Make Android a part of celebrations with the 5 best apps for Christmas celebrations.

These apps are made especially for the holiday season and they sure make your Android feel “Chirstmasy”. So have a go at the 5 best apps for Christmas celebrations and give your device a jolly makeover.

Note: The apps were tested on a Samsung Galaxy Note III smartphone. No problems were faced during testing. The apps are in random order due to their different natures.

1. Christmas Live Wallpaper – Free and Paid

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1.A Free Version

Nothing looks as amazing as a well-lit Christmas tree. This interactive and beautiful looking Live Wallpaper brings Christmas to your phone. The warm glow of the lights and the red background really livens up the home screen.

The tree rotates as you swipe through your multiple home screens. Despite being bright and well-lit, the Christmas Live Wallpaper doesn’t become a hindrance in other smartphone functions.


  • Suits any icon set well.
  • There is also a great time feature.
  • The 3D snow comes in either day or night scenes.

Notable Feature:

If you are excited about Christmas and can’t wait for the magical day to come, this app comes with a countdown timer too. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing only 6 days to go till Christmas on your home screen.

1.B Paid Version

The paid version of the app comes with more customization options as well as a few new scenes. You can even set custom dates for the countdowns so the live wallpaper can stay on even after Christmas. The biggest upgrade I can spot was the personalized color of the wallpaper.

2. Christmas Ringtones – Free

5 Best Android Apps for Christmas Celebrations preview 2

As the only ringtone app in the 5 best apps for Christmas Celebrations list, Christmas Ringtones looks horrible. That’s right; the app’s interface is outdated and downright jarring on the eyes.

But the app does provide all the best Christmas hits. The ringtones are easy to preview, and after that download the app works really well in what it is meant to do and that’s all what matters.


  • Some really catchy tunes.
  • Downloading is very fast.
  • Tones can easily be set.

Notable Feature:

The app has multicultural ringtones, which means various languages are supported. Sure English has its charm, but I’m sure the Spanish folks will want to hear some local tones as well.

3. Christmas Photo Frames – Free with In-app Purchases

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Just as the name suggests, Christmas Photo Frames provide you with a wide array of photo frames all centered on the festive season. The app is well designed and all the elements really gel well together.

The main interface shows all the frames at your disposal with a sample photo. Once you have selected the frame you can either take a new photo or use an already taken one. The app does the rest automatically.

In-app Purchase range: $0.99 per item


  • Very easy to use interface with big icons.
  • Some frames are really amazing.
  • Processing is done in remarkably short time.

Notable Feature:

The app comes with some complex frames which to be honest are not just frames. As you can see in the screenshot above, the frozen in ice frame actually freezes you in ice.

4. Christmas RADIO – Free

5 Best Android Apps for Christmas Celebrations preview 4

Do you miss the good old days when you gathered around the fireplace and simply listened to Christmas songs being played? Well you can capture the same feeling with this great Christmas Radio app.

The only radio in the 5 best apps for Christmas Celebrations list, the app delivers on all accounts.


  • Extremely easy to use interface.
  • Multiple channels to choose from.
  • Nostalgia is almost guaranteed.

Notable Feature:

The buffering speed is amazing; the radio loads up the tunes in almost no time. The sound quality is crisp and clear too.

5. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles – Free with In-app Purchases

5 Best Android Apps for Christmas Celebrations preview 5

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles allows you to enjoy some quality family time. After all this is what Christmas is all about, having fun with your family and kids.

The app is a simple puzzle app which is best played with multiple viewers/helpers just like a real puzzle. The app itself is OK but the experience it provides is top-notch. If you have kids or some are coming over for Christmas, you will have a great time with this app.

In-app Purchase range: $0.99 per item


  • Many exciting Christmas themed puzzles.
  • A handy timer is available.
  • Move counter is clearly visible for added strategy.

Notable Feature:

The app is good on smartphones but I personally recommend a multi-touch large tablet. My phone is not meant to be a playing field for little kids however my 10 inch tablet is a very suitable candidate.


These are some of the best apps for Christmas celebrations. I’m sure there are many wonderful Christmas apps available on the Play Store but these are the ones which caught my eyes.

The apps are stable and will provide you with a unique way to enhance your holiday experience. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them with us, I do love app recommendations.

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