18 Signs You Were A Backbencher In Your School


18 Signs You Were A Backbencher In Your School

Were you those studious wearing thick black glasses sitting in the front bench or were you the ones who always loved to sit at the last bench of the classroom? If you were fortunate enough to be the owner of the last bench, I am sure you must certainly have had the best moments ever with your school buddies.

If you were a back bencher, you would have definitely come across all these.

1. You are always in the teacher’s hit list.

You will be the most observed ones in the class. They will look at you as if you have committed a crime. Oh! Am I so bad?


2. You are considered to be the naughtiest students because you sit at the back.


3.  You will always be in a group of five to six people. If you walk in a group, you surely will be called a ‘gang’.


4. You would love to talk the most only when the teacher is taking your class.

Your class notebook is the rescue in this case. You will do all kind of conversation by writing down. That was also a fun… huh?


5. Your teacher almost giving you heartache by asking you question all of a sudden when you are in the middle of some interesting topics with your friends.

And, you are left with no option but to stand like a fool in front of everybody in pin drop silent mode. Pretty embarrassing!


6. And the funniest moment is when all the last bencher friends have to stand in line making same faces. Birds of the same feather indeed flock together.


7. You will be the last person to enter the classroom after the lunch break.

And you surely will plead the class teacher to mark your presence. I am sure you did it.


8. There will not be a single day when you don’t have to share the books because someone or the other surely forgets to bring it.


9. Your bench will be marked with the names of your crushes.


10. When you are hungry, you can anytime hog some food from your tiffin boxes but you make sure you don’t make any sound.


11. You will surely have at least one good friend from the front bench because you need to copy their assignments.


12. Hiding your poor face from the teachers just to avoid being a target in the question answer round.


13. Your teacher saying “Ye to hona hi tha” when you get poor marks in the exam, as if she/he was waiting for so long to see that.


14. There will be at least one person in the class whom you always love to make fun of.


15. You love your bench and it is a “Sinhasan” for you. And no one dares to take it from you.


16. You can enjoy a nice five minutes nap in your history class as long as your teacher doesn’t shoot that missile chalk at you.


17. Every time you and your loving friends will be standing outside the classroom. But, you hardly care. You are together!


18. At last, you will be remembered in school throughout as ‘back benchers’ and you will enjoy this honorable title.


Back benchers always rock!