15+ Landing Page Tips to Increase Conversion Rate

Landing Page Tips
Landing Page Tips

Every online or physical business essentially aims to make an attractive profit from its sales and increase its existing customer portfolio. Still, it is challenging to get your desired business results in a very competitive environment. It is mandatory to choose modern and practical marketing tools to get long-term business benefits. If your primary goal is to increase your sales or product promotion, you should pay attention to what the landing page offers to your existing or potential customers.

In this blog, I will discuss how you can optimize your landing pages for your targeted audience, how they can get benefits, and how to achieve your business goals.

In this digital marketing era, the landing page is a page where your potential clients land after clicking your promotional link from a social media post, email, or any ad. This page summarizes the most important and minimal information about what you are offering (product or service), keeping them engaged and taking a specific actionconversion, newsletter subscription, or SEO traffic.

To design websites as per our business goal, first of all, it is necessary to give answers to a few questions. Does your website need a landing page? What design, marketing tactics, and functional elements can convert new visitors into long-term customers or subscribers? List these questions and review the best landing page design tips for launching successful and effective campaigns to increase conversion rate.

Why Do You Need A Landing Page?

A landing page is not a home page of your website, but it has greater importance in the overall business success, and it is one of the most effective digital marketing tools. The primary reason for creating a landing page is to attract as many customers as possible who might be interested in buying or learning more about your products/services and getting them into your sales funnel.

Keep in mind and the landing page is not a replacement for an online store. Still, they are a marketing tool that speeds up the buying process and increases the overall conversion rate when promoting any specific product.

Unlike brand websites that overwhelm visitors with numerous options or filters for possible activities, the sole purpose of landing pages is to convert inbound traffic into leads.

Ask Visitors their Email Addresses

Landing pages are most commonly used to gather valuable information about the target audience of the business. They are not only proposed for the direct sale of products or services. Such landing pages are often intended at inspiring people who read your content for things like coupon codes, newsletter subscriptions, how-to guides, or free trials to be on your email list.

Inform Your Visitors

Landing pages can also be used to provide valuable information to the targeted audience. News or other portals and blogs mostly use these landing pages to inform their users about a specific topic. This information shows the site’s authority on a particular subject and builds trust with visitors.

Inspire Your Visitors About a Specific Event or Offer

Landing pages can also be used to promote an offer or event. Mainly, a countdown timer is used on this page to determine the event’s start or end time. A visitor should be asked to leave his contact information to get a free trial or detailed information about the event.

Best Landing Page Tips and Optimization Advice

When visitors land on your page, they lean towards achieving more goals than they usually do. A test shows that a website with 40 or more landing pages has been directed to perform on average 12 times better than a website with less than five landing pages.

A landing page is the first page a user interacts with, and it should have an eye-catching design that will attract visitors. Have you ever thought about the experience of landing pages and their effective positive behavior in the marketing campaign?

There are many tricks to consider, but I have tried to round up a few of the most important.

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#1: Increase Your Landing Page Loading Speed

#1: Increase Your Landing Page Loading Speed

Do you know how long does a visitor takes to decide whether to stay or leave?

3 seconds!

If you don’t have any well-performing and fully optimized web pages, you may lose your customers because they can’t see the content due to poor page loading speed. They will quit your website and maybe never come back!

To avoid this, you can:

  • Ensure your landing page doesn’t have too many heavy elements such as CSS, js, and images.
  • Keep checking the page loading speed and weight with the help of special services like webpagetest.org, Gtmetrix, Google PageSpeed insights, etc.).
  • Use proper height and width of the images and make sure that the files sizes are not significant.
  • Always upload your images by compressing, but if you’re using WordPress, you can install different plugins to compress your images.

A ready-made landing page template shown above is an excellent example of a powerful, fast-loading landing page for startups, events, and promotions.

#2: Pay Attention to Clarity

#2: Pay Attention to Clarity

A clear, easy-to-read, and understandable headline that reveals the structure of the entire page’s content is an essential part of a good landing page.

Avoid non-descriptive statements:

  • “Selling Successfully”
  • “We are working for you to rest.”
  • “Together we can touch the sky.”
  • “Everything is for you.”

Headlines given above don’t give visitors an idea of ​​what your company does and how it can be helpful to them. However, if you use headlines that will make your potential clients think about your content and why your business should be important to them, they will be more likely to leave your website and click on the headlines they believe will make more sense. He will go to your competitors and look for them in the title of their website.

For example, the landing page theme shown above allows users to quickly get a test or trial by entering their email and enjoy the content.

#3: Consider Responsive Designs for All Devices

#3: Consider Responsive Designs for All Devices

Before, it was enough to pay attention to design and functionality to create user interest, high-quality and effective web pages.

Nowadays, a fully responsive design is essential because most visitors access the internet on their mobile devices. So, a 100% responsive landing page should be viewable on all devices such as a computer or laptop screen and tablets and smartphones. This is very convenient for users, as they have no difficulty reading content on any type and screen size of their computing machine.

#4: Review SEO Compatible Website Designs

#4: Review SEO Compatible Website Designs

As I have discussed earlier, landing pages are an effective online marketing tool, but if you proactively use them. Don’t entirely focus on the eye-catching design but also improve their SEO.

Using a fast, simple, and clean design built with valid XHTML + CSS can help you make a high-speed and SEO-friendly design.

#5: Use Dark Backgrounds to Attract More Visitors

#5: Use Dark Backgrounds to Attract More Visitors

Readability is a must-have feature that directly affects product performance, and it is not just about text. It means all-important elements such as letters, numbers, symbols, and images should be easily seen and recognized in the interface.

When choosing your colors for your website, follow the given tips:

  • Choose and test different fonts, icons, and images on multiple devices.
  • Other colors can inspire other emotions and motivate people to take action.
  • Always balance the scales between the background and the text.

#6: Beware to Use with a Surprising and Engaging Headline

#6: Beware to Use with a Surprising and Engaging Headline

The title of your landing page is the first thing that a visitor reads that can either improve or worsen your landing page performance.

Headings and alt texts that make an excellent first impression help your visitors stay and perform different actions on the site. If you did not choose your title wisely, you might not satisfy your visitors, and you may lose traffic or conversion.  It is pretty simple.

Headlines should achieve the purpose of the Question in users’ minds and contact the visitor as soon as they reach the page.

#7: Control Your Visitors’ Attention and Perception

#7: Control Your Visitors' Attention and Perception

People pay attention to anything new and unusual, so you can personalize items in a distinctive style to highlight them in visitors’ eyes.

Activate the senses to attract attention:

  • bright colors
  • large fonts
  • sound notifications
  • attractive opportunity images

Potential clients can very quickly change from one page to another or what they are looking for. To prevent visitors from getting distracted and leaving your page, be sure to use active or attractive elements and moving parts to keep them engaged.

#8: Give Your Visitors a Choice Between Options

#8: Give Your Visitors a Choice Between Options

Ask visitors your questions as per your business niche. For example, you can ask them, “How would you like to create or develop your application?” If we go for choices of this question then here are few of the possible choices:

  • Build with the help of an application
  • Offering the visitor to create it himself

People want to have choices, but too many decisions can prevent them from making decisions, so it is recommended to keep your options limited.

#9: Configure Your Landing Page

#9: Configure Your Landing Page

The structure of your landing page is fundamental, so keep it well-structured. Putting page elements in a specific order allows visitors to navigate the page more accurately and take the right actions.

In addition to using bright photos, you should also use arrows to help users get the right direction you want the human eye to go.

Typically, landing pages are organized like this:

  • A catchy title
  • A relevant or interesting picture
  • A contact forms
  • Features of the product or service

A well-configured landing page increases the conversion rate meaningfully. However, if you don’t understand your target audience or are still confused about what you want visitors to do, then waiting for success is a waste of time.

#10: Use social media Effectively

#10: Use social media Effectively

In the age of the rapid development of social networks, billions of users are active daily, and everyone can agree that having a social media presence is essential. Adding your social media accounts to your landing pages is a great way to boost your business.

Social media integration includes:

  • Social media share buttons that allow users to share your landing page with their friends.
  • “Follow” buttons to increase your social media followers
  • Display Facebook comments from your company’s page.

#11: Keep the Design Intuitive and Simple

#11: Keep the Design Intuitive and Simple

Keep your design simple and intuitive by following these simple tips:

  • Focus on a broad audience after doing good research. The landing page is open to anyone who may need it, regardless of whether they are familiar with your product or not.
  • Make it easy to navigate: Please use only the necessary links and in a proper navigation placement.
  • Do not overload your page with too much information, images, and buttons.

#12: Use Video

#12: Use Video

The principle of “Show ” is essential in promoting any product, service, offer, or event. Sometimes, communicating with your audience in this way is more effective than text or listing features or benefits.

So, how willing are people to “Play” or read a text paragraph?

The answer is evident and straightforward. People want to reach the information they want to achieve with the least effort. They will prefer video rather than reading text or trying to find what they are looking for.

Therefore, include a video of your content on your landing page to more effectively present your content.

#13: Use the FAQ Section to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions

#13: Use the FAQ Section to Answer the Most Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re launching a new product or website, it’s essential to include a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, and in many cases, the FAQ will increase as the product and customer base grows.

Why is this section so important?

  • FAQs can increase conversions, loyalty, and trust.
  • This section allows visitors to find answers to their questions and can help you overcome objections.

#14: Increase Conversions Using Chats

#14: Increase Conversions Using Chats

A chatbot is an application that simulates a user’s correspondence with a natural person. It’s generally an excellent tool for attracting and retaining visitors.

For example, go to any online store, “If you have any questions, our specialist will be happy to answer them.” You may encounter a popup asking the Question. This is a way for visitors to interact, and if the visitor decides to start a chat, you can use plugins and chat programs that can be configured to talk to an actual employee, not a chatbot.

When a customer can ask a question and get a detailed answer right away, loyalty increases, and sales increase accordingly.

When using chats,   remember the rule that your site exists for people first. If you decide you need a chatbot on your landing page, make sure you have a good one.

#15: Generate More Traffic with an Email Subscription

#15: Generate More Traffic with an Email Subscription

Newsletter subscriptions are an option that allows visitors to receive updates from businesses via email. Any email marketing strategy starts with this tool and you can also follow this guide on how to increase email open rate.

The example above is an excellent example of a newsletter subscription form. The company aims to offer campaigns and opportunities to potential customers in exchange for their email addresses, phone numbers, or other contact information. These forms and campaign submissions you provide to newsletter members increase the value of interaction and are perceived as rewards by customers.

A registration form on your landing page is a great way to drive traffic to your website and increase leads.

#16: Adding a Countdown Timer to Your Landing Page

#16: Adding a Countdown Timer to Your Landing Page

Do you know that countdown timers increase people’s sense of urgency?

Offering opportunities to users for a limited time will fuel their willingness to seize the opportunity and enable them to engage more quickly.

This is called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that refers to feeling or perception that others experiencing better things than you’re. Theoretically, this approach to reaching an agreement solves the problem of a potential customer thinking too long about an offer and changing their mind.


A professional landing page is one of the most effective ways to sell a product or service quickly. It is a robust platform that combines marketing and psychological techniques, creating a strong motivation for action – you help them make a purchase, order, or perform other actions requested from the user.

Follow the most effective landing page tips and recommendations we’ve included here, and don’t forget to do A/B testing. These are the essentials to create successful landing pages.

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Were the tips above helpful to you? We would be glad if you leave your feedback and share your views in the comments section.


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