15 Best Ping Sites to Index Your Blog Very Fast


15 Best Ping Sites to Index Your Blog Very Fast

[dropcaps]T[/dropcaps]here is no doubt that ping sites can be fantastic when it comes to indexing your website or blogs into popular web directories and search engines within a short period of time. The best part of blogging is that you do not have to have any exclusive knowledge or skill for performing this.

All you have to do is simply use your websites URL and click on the ping tab and your job is done. Such websites are used in Blogosphere to notify the various search engines about the update or any changes implemented in the blog. The ping sites are also used as tools for SEO.


The advantages of Ping Sites

  • You can use these websites to submit and change the content to the various search engines.
  • You can build backlinks without any problems
  • You can enhance your visibility on the various search engines
  • Ping sites can help you to get your website or blog indexed with the different search engines really fast.

How to ping your blog to increase traffic?

There is no denying that you spend a lot of your precious time slaving away to write the perfect blog and obviously you would want people to go through them. However to get people to read your blog; you will have to attract a lot of traffic. Therefore you need to understand that the more number of readers you attract the bigger the profits will be. Once you have written the content for your blog and you wait for people to dig your blog out through the various search engines.

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You must keep in mind that most readers and internet users use the internet search engines when they look for information. Studies reveal that the internet users do not bother clicking on pages after the number two on the search engine results. Therefore it is important to find a ranking on the first page to get noticed.

If you depend on Google, the indexing process may stretch for weeks in regards to content writing. In order to speed up the process you can use the various ping websites to send a notification to the various search engines that your blog has been enhanced. This process will improve your ranking on the various search engines and it will increase traffic on your blogs.

Ping back is by far one of the best methods that you can utilize to get better rankings on the search engines. To cut things short, ping sends out a notification to the different search engines that you have added enhanced content to the websites. The various search engines will send traces to the blog that you have written and will index it.

What you must remember is that the pinging must be done only once and that too once the content is posted. If you ping the blog too often the search engines will treat it as spam. There are certain Search engines that will tend to ignore the update or even ban your website. If have new content on your site do not forget to ping it. You will come across websites such as Technocrati and WordPress that forward notifications to the different search engines once you update your website.

There are blogs systems or sites like Technorati and WordPress that automatically pings the search engines when your website is updated. You just have to look for the Ping Service facilities of these systems to automatically ping your site.

For example if you are using WordPress then this feature is built in and you have get into the writing mode and simply choose the tab that says setting. At the end you will be able to locate a box that will let you access or update the pinging website.

Sometimes these services are not noticed by professional bloggers. It is very important to take notice of these details if you want to generate more volumes of results. You will also come across many webmasters and blog owners that prefer to carry out the pinging process buy themselves. If you are really interested, then you can do some research on the various pinging websites in the market. However you will also be required to submit a title for your blog, the category and the URL.

You will have the option of choosing the website that you wish to use. The entire process will about 10minutes. To sum up things if you are really serious about promoting your blog to a wider audience then you should use the various ping websites.

Best Ping websites that will index your blog very effectively

  • Pingomatic.com – This is a website that helps to update various search engines on the new content that has been added to your website. The website conducts regular checks to make sure that all the downstream services are legal.
  • Twingly.com– Not only can you is your blog indexed but you can follow the other bloggers to see what they are writing about.
  • Auto-ping.comWith this website you can enjoy faster indexing on the various search engines.
  • Feedshark.brainbliss.comThis is a fee tool that you will find online.
  • Mypagerank.netThis is another fantastic ping website; that gives excellent results when it comes to indexing blogs on the search engines.
  • Icerocket.comDo not leave out this website if you are really keen on promoting your website to a very big audience.
  • Bitacoras.comThis website makes ping an effortless process and you will see quick results.
  • Totalping.comAs a user you will get full support during set up, 24/7 technical support and most importantly it is very secure and reliable.
  • Ping.inThis is a ping service that will notify or ping Weblog Services like the search engines that you have updated your blog. This enables the website to index your blog faster to make the content available for a bigger audience.
  • Pingler.comThis website gives you premium services so that you are able to store URLs on your account. These URL’s will be pinged on a regular basis.

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Therefore you have understood by now that how important it is to index your blogs if you are looking to gain a sizeable audience.

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