Most Beautiful Live Wallpapers for Android
12 Mar
Mar 12, 2015

Most Beautiful Live Wallpapers for Android

One of the advantages of Android over other operating systems for mobile devices is the very capability of heavy customizations With the help of third-party home launchers, icon packs, widgets and live wallpapers, you can easily achieve an uniquely distinctive look on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Whether it be launchers, icon packs or widgets, you can find hundreds of apps to play with and live wallpapers are not an exception too. Now, when there are great number of choices, you are got to be confused. Not too long ago, we posted a list of some of the best live wallpapers for Android users and today we’re back again with a new LWP which, as it very name suggests, is really one of the most beautiful live wallpapers available today.

BLW Beautiful Live Wallpaper is a free app that offers unlimited combinations of customization through a range of custom shapes, sizes, color, pulsating effects and so on. While the app comes with a bunch of stunning presets, it also offers a range of premium elements that you can buy from the store.


BLW Beautiful Live Wallpaper has a very simple and beautiful interface for selecting, editing and creating custom live wallpapers out of the resources provided by the app author. If you love playing music on your phone, you can also choose to play pulsating equalizer effect on the screen.


As we mentioned above, BLW has an extensive set of options for customization, it not only lets you set color effects for left, middle and right part of the live wallpapers but also the saturation and color depth levels. You can show or hide digital clock, song info while playing a song and determine their position on the screen.

If you love customization and especially live wallpapers, BLW Beautiful Live Wallpaper can make you drool! You don’t believe this? Try it and find out yourself!