Install CyanogenMod Themes On Any Rooted Phone

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Install CyanogenMod Themes On Any Rooted Phone

This is basically a tutorial for how to use Winterboard app. I am not a developer, but I thought it would be gr8 to share this app with you.

XDA Portal article: Cydia Substrate

With this you can install and use themes made for CyanogenMod OS on any rooted Android phone with ease.
Works perfectly without any hassles


Rooted phone. (Google if you haven’t)

Download WinterBoard

Download Cydia Substrate


1. Install both the apps.

2. Run Substrate app.

3. Tap on “Link Substrate Files”

4. Grant Superuser permissions.

5. After linking tap on “Restart System (Soft)

6. You phone will reboot.

7. After it again open Substrate and tap “Restart System (Soft)

8. Install desired themes for Play Store.

9. Open WinterBoard.

10. Tap on the theme icons which you want to enable.

11. You can prioritize them by moving them up using check box.

12. After that tap on “Restart Zygote”

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