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DeepBlue Magento theme

Custom menu

Replaces the standard Magento menu with a multi-column drop down menu system. Allows you to display your product categories in a more intuitive manner.

Catalog page

1. The catalog page is now capable of showing different number of products per line. It is possible to display product images with the following sizes: 135px, 150px, and 160px.

2 column layout

5 products per line | 4 products per line | 3 products per line

1 column layout

6 products per line, 135px | 6 products per line, 150px | 5 products per line, 160px

3 column layout

3 products per line, 160px | 3 products per line, 150px | 3 products per line, 135px


1. A live chat icon has been added to the header (in the demo, it is linked to our live chat; do not be afraid to check it out!). 2. Changed top menu with rounded corners (except IE).

What’s New

November 6, 2011 – Support for

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