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CM10 Elegant Theme APK

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CM10 Elegant Theme APK

**********Please Red First!**********
*** Guys, noting is wrong with Text Messages. Just ask your ROM developer to update his Mms application to the latest CM10 release. It’s not broken and nothing need to be fixed from my side ***
*** If you have any problem installing this theme use web ( ) Until we solve this issue with Google. ***

Hello everyone, I’m Vicino one of XDA Recognized Themers.

This is CM10 Theme Chooser and should work with XHDPI and HDPI devices including PA / AOKP / CNA and XenonHD.
Please please if you have any problem / something is missing / error, contact me no need to post a bad review .. it’s really frustrating.

* If you get any error just switch to system theme / reboot and apply again.
* Kindly note that some ROM’s use default Toggle and some uses On/Off switcher as Toggle.

** If anyone getting this “could not be downloaded due to an error. (error retrieving information from server. [RPC:AEC:0])”
** Try to install it from the web ( ) Until we solve this issue.

Will theme more stuff with time .. this will be my main project for now.

I added Hdpi folder and re-sized all png’s and .9 patch images so whoever is using HDPI device please tell me if i missed something.

Thank you all for your support 🙂

What’s New
– APK clean-up
– Rebuild APK from scratch
– Re-theme Battery / Signal and WiFi
– Re-theme notification icons
– Re-theme search bar
– Instagram themed
– Fix minor bug in AOKP lockscreen
– Fix Twitter landscape crash bug
* If you getting dark text messages, ask your ROM developer to update to the latest CM10 Mms application release.

Additional Information at Google Play


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